Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream Horse circa 1998

I'd like to meet Kitty....

This mare may look a little old and shaggy right now....

But let me tell you.... back in 1998.... this mare was my dream horse.
Whenever I visit my home town I drive by the field where her and her brother are kept and every year I watch her get a little older and a little older....
(which kinda makes me feel older.... )
Today I was able to get a few pictures of her.
Back in 1998 (when I was 16), I coveted this mare.
Did you have a "Kitty" (dream horse) when you were a teen?


  1. Back in 1998 (when I was 46!) I coveted ANY horse LOL!

  2. We didn't have horses around where I lived when I was a teen, but I did get my dream horse when I was 42.

  3. I'd also say that I'd have loved to have had ANY horse. When I went to girl scout camp three summers in a row for horse programs (of course), there was a gray horse, I don't know what kind, there that was named Feather. Every little girl in camp wanted to have Feather. Well, Feather was a pretty tall horse and whoever could get up on her bareback could ride her that day. We all fought every day to scramble up on her, but I think only like two girls were able to make it. They were amazons though compared to the rest of us. lol!!

    ~sigh~ those were the days :))

  4. You know I do this weird thing where I kind of get to know the horses in the fields I drive by. I know where each one is where to spot them at certain times a day - which ones actually get ridden and which ones are pasture pets, also which ones are brood mares - and what time a year to expect them to have a baby by their side. Then when their owners sell them I feel betrayed - like they sold my horse! How dare they sell that pretty grey I used to look at everyday. Don't they know that was their best looking horse!

    Yeah, I know I'm a headcase. So I don't have one - I have like 50 head.

  5. You know that stallion you liked in the WP post?

    I found some new and disappointing information about him - I posted it yesterday. I feel so let down about him...

  6. I had two dream horses at the same time. I actually got to work with both.

    The first was a qh palomino gelding named Sunny. Not only did I clean stalls at the barn where he lived (and was bred), but I got to groom him. I first learned to longe a horse with him. And I fell in love. Sunny was perfection to me. On the day my mom and I were to talk to my boss, Sunny's owner, I was working him. The boss was showing another gelding to a couple of customers. They saw Sunny and I, and bought him on the spot. I was heartbroken.

    The next was Bingo's Gamepoint. He's the first stallion I ever fell in love with. Sweet and kind, even during breeding season. Always a gentleman. He passed away at the ripe old age of 28 a couple years ago.

    There have been others since, but those were my first loves and my idolized horses from when I was 16.

  7. Windchester, and chestnut TB gelding. I loved him. He was 16 hands and an awesome jumper. I loved him. An older girl leased him, and they were awesome together. I dreamed of riding him, and never did. He was beautiful!!

  8. Oh you bet I had dream horses that I coveted!!! Like Stephanie, I have had several of them, but two TB mares (I know, I am shocked that they were mares!!), one named Crazy Jane, and one named Rima's Mark, were my dream horses for years.

    They were broodmares at a farm I worked at when I was 11-14 years old(they had also both had off-track careers as well). When I was 17, I finally had the cahnce to ride Rima, and I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. I will never forget that day. :)

  9. I am one of the very lucky ones, I broke my dream horse to ride when I was 15 and bought her the next spring. I was 16, she was 3. We have spend the last 22 years together. I give that mare a lot of credit for me learning what I have about horses all these years.