Saturday, January 24, 2009



What is wrong with the word 'shrinkage' !?!

I dont know what you are talking about!! ......

I am talking about weight loss, of course!!

What could be dirty about that!

Geeze Louise! You thought I was talking about what??!!!

*tisk tisk* What a dirty mind, you have! *grin*

For the past few months I haven't been out of the house much..... I have been fighting the winter willies (oh come on people!) and have been cooped up in front of this darn computer for way too long now!!!

I suspect my ass has doubled in size.....

Its either that or all this cold weather has given my computer chair a bad case of shrinkage.

You may remember that my chair was similarly effected back in November -

My Computer Chair Is Shrinking November 10/08


The past few months have not been good ones for me.... or they have been great ones.... depending on how you want to look at it.

I have been working through some personal challenges and have been making some very weighty life decisions.... one of which is that I am not buying a horse or riding at the moment... which has weighed heavily on me.... and on my ass. Actually, on my ass, thighs, calves, arms, etc. etc. etc. ......I have been in a pretty serious funk for the past 4 months and my health has suffered for it. I know that I need to get out and exercise, to eat better, to sleep better, to take my vitamins, eat my blueberries and get to a riding lesson at least once a week.... !!! I KNOW I need to do those things.... but every morning I wake up and say to myself.... "I have to do it today!! I will do it!!!...."

And every afternoon I look out the window and think... "Ugh! I'd rather have a cup of tea, read some blogs and make some marshmallows..... I dont really have to go out, do I? Oh ...screw it... I'll start tomorrow!

And tomorrow... and tomorrow.... has come and gone and yet still.... here I sit.

So, is today "tomorrow"? I think it needs to be. Because I turned on the TV last night and watched the story of the "Half Ton Mom" and realized that "tomorrow" hasn't come for her yet either.

I know I am not alone.... Over half of America is obese.

But I hate sitting in front of the computer. I hate the crappy feeling eating crap food gives you. I hate feeling heavy. I hate looking fat. I hate being tired all the time. I hate stressing about all the things I should be doing. I hate...


I love to hike. I love to walk my dog. I love to ride. I love being outside. I love exploring new places. I love to go for road trips. I love the feeling of knowing that I have nurtured my body with healthy foods. I love yoga. I love feeling energetic, balanced, and clear headed. I love...


It seems a little crazy that I choose to do all the things I hate and none of the things I love, doesn't it?

So... maybe I should stand up!! *I stand up*

Only it is hard to type standing up like that so I will sit back down for a minute, k?

*sits back down*

In a minute I am going to stand up! I am going to hit "publish post" and I am going to go for a freakin' walk!!!

Actually, I am going to go and get dressed first. 'Cause People might.... just maybe.... think it odd if I walk around in my bath robe.... though in this neighborhood that is a serious maybe!

I just had an idea (really, I am not stalling... I will go just as soon as I am done this post!)

I am going to add a little "health update" to the bottom of my post every day for the rest of the month...... I will tell you all what I did to make myself a little healthier that day.....

So ..... are you in?

Just got in from my walk. Feels goods to have it done! It was freakin' cold!!! Good thing I have extra insulation! :)


  1. I am in. I'm grateful to Nuz Muz & Lisa (Laughing Orca) for allowing me to join them on their Healthy As A Horse blog. Check it out.

  2. I hear ya girl...the days can just fly by and there is always "tomorrow". I swear, if I didn't HAVE to get out and do chores twice a day, I think I could sit in the house all winter.

    You know that they say, clinically winter depression is caused from the shortened daylight hours and lack of sunlight. If you can, go buy yourself a couple of tanning sessions-they do say that those help. Chin up girl-the issue isn't that you are a slacker, it is just a natural occurance that happens and can be especially hard on those of us that are used to being active and outdoors. Getting started again is the hardest part, but once you do, it will be easier to stay consistant.
    I always go through a winter funk, sometimes it hits hard and sometimes it creeps up on me.

  3. I have to agree about the tanning session idea from BECG. I did just that about half way through January because I got so tired of, well, being tired! And I must admit within a week or so I started feeling alot better. And I don't look sickeningly pale anymore either! well, atleast not as sickeningly pale as I was....

  4. Glad you got out for a walk! You know, winter is a hard season for everyone. If you have a horse, you stay fit just hauling water, breaking ice.... ;)

    But if you don't, or your horse is a long ways away like mine, you do spend more time inside and less active. I definitely read more blogs and watch more movies than the average person should in the winter!

    Oh and I miss yoga! I used to do it to a DVD in my own home, and loved it! I'm lucky if I get out for a walk these days. Like you, I'm going to set some goals.

  5. I get into funks during all seasons, and my health suffers too. I tend to not take care of myself by not eating, so I lose weight that I can't afford to lose. Either way, it comes down to not treating ourselves well enough! I'm glad you got outside for your walk, it must make it that much more difficult when it is so cold outside.

  6. You made me giggle at your last sentence! lol! See a little fat is good in the winter. You're like a little eskimo trying to build up reserves to get you through the winter...except we don't typically starve in the winter, do we?

    I'm very concerned with gaining weight and losing muscle tone and mass due to my being laid up for 6 months.

    It took me a year of riding, hiking and being active doing barn chores to lose weight and get fit and be strong. And I lost it ALL in just 4 weeks!

    It just about kills me!
    I'm so bored and I crave foods to cheer me up (read: fatty foods) but I'm not do anything that would help burn that fat after I eat it. sigh.

    What are we gonna do girlfriend?