Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Thoughts on Emotion-

For those of you who dont want to read the below essay I offer you this.....

A Silent Saturday photo.....

On second thought, the above pic is a little to cliche for my liking....I think this suits much better...

Holy Dyna!!! Check out this broad!

**Btw, My Mom was very surpised when yesterday I refered to a woman as a broad. "There was this broad on TV," I said, much to my Mother's amusment! We were actually both quite taken aback that I would use such a term.... **

But the woman in this pinup is most certainly a "broad", dont you think? I mean, check out that eye shadow and blush! She looks like my Auntie MiMi! (... if I had an Auntie MiMi)

I Love her boots though! And I always wanted to be a red head.

....... And that is my 139 word Silent Saturday (that is now actually Sunday).


To those of you who dare read on.... be forewarned!!!! The following is a long and rambling pseudo-intellectual post that wrote this evening..... (Surprisingly) I did not write it while under the influence nor had I recently eaten any mushrooms of a suspicious origin !!!

Here it goes....

My Thought's on Emotion

Two sides of myself exist in a perpetual state of war. The first side being conscious Thought and the second being conscious Emotion. There is in each such a force and divergence of character that they do not often find a common opinion nor seek a mutual goal. My vessel contains two governesses, whom create such angst and inner turmoil within their realm as to never leave me short on drama or humility. For my Emotion finds my Thought shallow and my Thought finds my Emotion foolhardy and each battles for the ultimate control of the action that thought and emotion must together or independently inspire.

Often I feel within, a third- by which I now speak and to whom I most often address as Myself. I am a diminutive spectator sitting between these two bold personalities. Like some arbitrager I seek to find the balance between each without the sacrifice of either. While Emotion provides conviction to Thought’s opinion and Thought tempers the rashness of Emotion, they are not quick to acknowledge such compliments and it is I who most often bears the assault of their conflicting opinions and must find their common ground. It is also I who must suffer the tempestuous waves created by their war, and bare the battering wake of indecision such conflicts inspire. Despite this, for having them both within one harbor I am grateful as I depend on them both, though not always in equal measure.

I am emboldened by the height and range of my Emotion- that within one day she may spawn Rage, Lust, Humor, Adoration, Indifference, Distain and many others. But for all its good Emotion would fetch me little peace in life if it were not for the temperance of having Thought as her counterweight. Thought tends to look loftily and dismissively down upon Emotion- only addressing and reasoning each of Emotion’s minions in order to steer them away from their impetuous course. Judgment, Reason, Introspection, are just a few of Thoughts many working allies. She is strong willed but too often overshadowed by the abundance of my Emotion.

And so I am known as a ditz or a dreamer because Thought is often indisposed with the demands of keeping my Emotion from any brash or illegal action. I am sure that people often find it surprising, much to the chagrin of Thought, that I can be quite intelligent, sharp witted and eloquent in speech when set to any task lacking Emotional hindrance. Those that find me cool or dispassionate are likewise surprised to find such strength of emotion- when either Thought fails to reason Emotion to temperance or when Thought agrees and therefore strengthens the conviction of Emotion. For when that happens, the object of my consideration is often blasted with such strength and force of Emotion as to wonder at the sanity and stability of its bearer.

This story of mine is written by Myself, that objective anchor on which Thought and Emotion’s storms must pivot and whom endeavors to navigate their common vessel to the temperate harbor of her destined future.


  1. This is great Chelsi!!!
    While I think that all people have hidden aspects to their personalities, I think that some people are definitely more complex than others, and that they constantly struggle with the opposing sides that they find in their to speak. (Can you tell that I too struggle with this??? LOL!!)

    I think that people who have had diverse and colorful lives (whether it was/is a "good" diversity or a "bad" diversity)tend to wrestle with this problem more than folks who have had rather "normal" lives (I know, I know...define "normal").

    Thanks for sharing the three beings that make up the person we know as "Chelsi!" :)

    PS-I promise to get that email done soon!

  2. Hmmmm....

    Have you been taking some online Psych courses??

    That's pretty deep for mere musing, I took a few classes in college and not really not far off at all. There is some philosophy in there too on how you view yourself.

    I loved philosophy in college - have you ever read Sophie's World?
    You might like that one.

  3. That is awesome! I had to read it a couple of times, but daaaarrrrnnn is so spot on!!

    I think Melanie is absolutely right, some people are just more complex in their thought process. It is a struggle. Depending on the day or circumbstance a person can be seen as to analytical or even cold about certain things and the next time as too emotional.

    Irregardless, you put the complexity into words beautifully!!