Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girl Crush?

Have you ever had a girl crush?

I think I have....!!

Before I go a head and claim I actually have one....I think I need to look it up in Urban Dictionary and find out exactly what a "girl crush" is, don't you? ....

Lets see..... they say.....

1. feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.

Yah, that pretty much sums it up.

2. an overwhelming sense of awe felt by a girl for another girl elicited by varying causes ranging from deep respect to unadulterated lust. may result in the any or all of the following: general euphoria, prolonged sense of inspiration, desire for intellectual-intercourse with crush, simple sexual arousal, etc

Yikes!!!! Oh no!!! No, no no! That is certainly not what I meant.

3. The admiration one girl has for another. It could be to do with hair, body, make-up, car, clothes, career, talents etc. Completely non-sexual. Girl crushes are generally very short-lived, as girls move on very quickly from trends.

I don't know about you, but I am offended! To make such a general characterisation of a woman and to suggest that we act on fleeting whims of fancy, that we move from one trend to the next without thought or reason, to imply that we lend our adoration so casually....

Okay.... so maybe... just maybe, there might be a smidgen of truth in that....


Definition number four is equally offensive (and unfortunately also somewhat true....)

4. A female who absolutely adores another female in the mostly nonlesbian way and tries to be EXACTLY like that chick and forgets her identity.

Now that we have that cleared up.... I can freely admit that I've had a few "girl crushes" over the years....

Actually, I can distinctly remember dying my hair red at sixteen because I wanted to look just like Kate Winslet in Titanic....

Some days I managed looking like her a little better than others....

I was going to post a picture of myself with a wickedly bad perm (dyed a godawful red) but I just cant seem to put my hands on it..... too bad! *innocent smile* ....

This summer I totally had a girl crush on Jewel. DB took me to see her in concert for my birthday and she rocked my world! This girl can sing!! My personal favorite is a ballad of hers called the Cowboy Waltz....

I mean, come on! The girl has a killer voice, a wicked fashion sense and is married to Ty Freakin' Murray, people! (btw, his middle name isnt really "freakin") How could you not love her?

Todays date, I most definitely have a "girl crush" on Beyonce.

She is drop dead gorgeous, can sing like a mother, act, dance, and at least seems pretty darn genuine to boot! Did everyone see her sing "At Last" for Barack and Michelle Obama? OMG!

But another thing I love about this gal, is that she is bootylicious baby! And pear shaped just like me!

Hollywood and Showbiz are seriously lacking in the healthy body image department and this girl makes no bones (pardon the pun) about lovin' her curves and workin' them out!

This summer... I am totally going to go for this look....

Which means that it was an especially good thing that I got to the gym today.... 'cause white pants and I would not get along too well at the moment!

And this summer I plan on looking fabulous in a bikini! Which is espcially hard for pear shaped woman like us (with chunky thighs, wide hips, curvy waists).....but Beyonce proves that it is possible.... which gives me hope!

Did I mention that she can sing? This song from Dream Girls has really been speaking to me lately and Beyonce does a wicked job of it...

Anyone else want to fess up to having a "girl crush"?


  1. Gwen Stefani -- that girl has taken a quirky voice and fashion-forward style and owned it. I admire her stones.

  2. Welll oookkkk I admit - I have this off and on thing with Brooke Sheilds (sp?).

    Currently I have my hair grown out and back to its naturally darker color so when I do it in the mornings it's style like her hair on LipStick jungle.

    And then for a while I totally had a crush on that girl who stared in Dark Angle (can't remember her name).

  3. I wonder if Beyonce eats Liberte yogurt....hmmmmmmmmmmmm....LOL

  4. Oh, I looovvvveeee that white outfit Beyonce is wearing.

    My girl crush for years has been Milla Jovovich...from the Resident Evil trilogy. It's her legs!! I have always wanted long, thoroughbred looking legs. Alas, I am stuck with muscle-y, QH legs. I've learned to live with it-LOL.
    But I can still stare at her legs with envy!!

    More realistically, I think Hallie Berry is hot. Powwww!! That lady has it going on. Think Catwoman and Storm(from the X-Men).

    Can you tell I have a thing for women who excel in roles that cast them as intelligent and strong with the propensity to wreak havoc when necessary?? LOL

  5. Steph, you mean Jessica Alba, from Dark Angel. ;)

    I don't have any respect for Jewel. I have very specific reasons though. Jewel is from Homer, Alaska, just a short hour's drive from where I used to live. When Jewel made it big, she touted herself as being from San Francisco and went on and on about how she had been so poor and lived in her van. The truth of the matter is that her family in Alaska is VERY well off, had been that well off her whole life, didn't have to live in her van but chose to, and was a stuck up, rich bitch in high school. More, she didn't even admit to being from Alaska for quite some time. Life wasn't hard for her except that she chose to portray that. I can't respect someone who would deny her roots for so long and pretend to have suffering and be poor when she simply is not nor has ever been.

    /rant. Sorry. I yell at the tv when she's on usually.

    As for my girl crush, it's Angelina Jolie. She's smokin' hot, stylish, and marches to the beat of her own drum.

  6. I am really impressed that we all picked such strong females!!

    Leah Fry- DB has a crush on Gwen. She is really cool and quite the businesswoman too!

    Stephanie- Brook Shields rocks. I think it was really courageous how she was so open about her Postpardum depression.

    Mom! I dont have a clue what you are talking about. There is no Liberte yogurt in this house!!

    BECG- Doesnt that white outfit rock!! I love the necklace. Woman with long beautiful legs just make me wanna cry! lol I'd love to be able to wear the tall boots with skinny jeans...rrr!!! Oh well. At least our legs are strong right? Halle Barry is hot! She works her curves too.

    "Can you tell I have a thing for women who excel in roles that cast them as intelligent and strong with the propensity to wreak havoc when necessary?" LMAO - TOTALLY!!!

    Oregonsunshine- I am SO glad that I am well over my Jewel crush or that would have stomped it out! I hate people that dont own their roots. Angelina is another of mine. She has the whole package... I actually came close to cutting all my hair off after seeing her in the old movie Hackers with a buzz cut.

  7. Ummm,,,the yodeling thing was a little too much for me. Sorry Jewel. lol!

    I do love how Beyonce has those wonderful chunky chunk thighs though. Makes me feel a little more confidant about my own. :)
    But girl, her bikin top is WAY way too small for her. hehe

    Crush? I'm embarassed to say I don't think I have any because I rarely watch TV, especially shows with pop-culture.

    But if I had to list someone it would have to be Audrey Hepburn. I love watching her in old movies. She has such style and grace and beautiful gentleness about her.
    She can be hilariously funny and simply lady-like and polite the next.
    And she has beautiful refined features, too. Her singing makes me want to sing :)

    Ok, so does this choice make me seem old? lol!


  8. I think I've had a few girl crushes over the years......

    Oops Oregonsunshine~ I'm on Team Aniston, (Jennifer)! ;-) Always have been a fan. Jolie is a great actress, though.

    I used to have a huge crush on Faith Hill, she just always seemed so perfect- beautiful, talented, great husband and kids. Come to think of it, I still envy her!

    I'm sure there are others but I'm drawing a blank.

  9. Hooray for pears! Not only do we live near to each other, but it sounds like we share similar physiques. Sometimes I see girls with thighs about as big as my biceps and I wonder what it must be like.

    I'm all girl crush for Michelle Obama these days. She is one sexy first lady who is not afraid to show off her curves.

  10. I had a crush on Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. She was buff! When she was doing those chin lifts. I want to be able to be like that. But I choose cake over carrots!

    Oregan Sunshine, don't forget when Jewel blew us off at the State fair and didn't play. And it was sold out!

  11. Nope, no girl crushes here....I guess I'm too old and out of touch....but crushes on men, that can get me going. LOL

  12. Hmmmm....where do I start??? There have been many over the years...Jamie Lee Curtis, Annie Lennox...Shakira...who would NOT want to move like her??? Ever see he "La Tortura" video??? OMG!!! The guy is pretty darn hot!!!

    Beyonce...not to be a groupy, but she is pretty fabulous! Have you seen her in the "Single Ladies" video???.....

    I am sure that there are more, but those are the ones that jump out at me! :)
    Hey!!! It feels pretty good to be back in blogger land!

  13. OH, I love Kate Hudson. I like how "real" she is. She isn't too girly either.

    Oh, and Beyonce and I have the same exact abs! Yep!! I do believe we do. Whuahahahaaaa!!

  14. oregonsunshine said...

    Steph, you mean Jessica Alba, from Dark Angel. ;)


    Yes that's the one! Man when her show was going - I was in college and wanted to look just like her - did my hair like hers, bought the pant she wore.... yah it was bad.