Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its really NOT funny!!!

I know that we shouldn't laugh at the below video but Miss Katy Perry seems to take it all in good humor! There is just something about a practically perfect celebrity been lowered to the grade of mere human that makes for good humor! I don't know why but this video sent me into quite the fit of giggles!

Hmmmm... maybe it is time to lay off the marshmallows again? *wink*

I promise that tomorrow's post will be free of any youtube videos! Actually, tomorrow I had a few planned....! But Saturday will be free for sure! Only... well... Yes, Saturday. No youtubes. Promise. *fingers crossed*


  1. Sweetie, I think you're getting cabin fever LOL!

  2. I like how the commentary after the video was in spanish! I've always thought Miss Perry seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor. Other celebs who would have handled this well? Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Pink. Celebrities who would have not handled this well: Barbara Streisand, Oprah, and Kanye West. ;)

  3. Having a hard time getting it to play, grrrr.....

  4. Must have been some good cake. LOL!