Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Horses Cont'd...

Thank you Water_bearer (and BECG) for writing in and clearing up the "Cisco" debacle! I was a little confused on the subject myself as I found it reported that "Cisco" from Dances With Wolves had retired to the Redstone Ranch in TX but also found no account of them....so when I then found a half dozen blogs and random tourist pictures that showed this "Buck" horse (that I think looks right) as being in 1800 Town SD (listed as Justin) I figured he must have been sold there at some point. (I imagine that the rumors BECG heard of his passing were correct).

Heather- I cant believe that I didn't watch Alexander the Great!! How did this happen! It has Colin Farrell (my old fav) and Jared Leto (Hello!! Jordan Catalano!) and horses...all in one movie! Are you kidding me!

I found this clip from the movie that illustrates what is probably the first and now oldest horse story ever told- of when Alexander (age 12) managed to tame the wild black stallion and showed the first promise of becoming one of the greatest rulers and conquerors of all time. Upon returning with the horse, it is said that Philip (his father) told him, " 'O my son, look thee out a kingdom equal to and worthy of thyself, for Macedonia is too little for thee.'"

The clip:

Mr Ed- (Bamboo Harvester) was an American Saddlebred (with a little Arab thrown in for good measure:) died at the ripe old age of 32-33.

Havent we all heard this song from our horses? I know I have.....Mr. Ed said it all!!

*I am sorry but I could not find any info on the horse from Ever After and have never seen the movie myself. I will have to rent it now that I know there is a pretty horse in it!! *

- I looked up info for Dollar but it was a tough search on Google (with a name like that and the amount of stuff on John Wayne.) Did you know that John Wayne or "The Duke" was actually born with the name Marion Robert Morrison! Yikes!!

I did find this clip featuring a classic scene with John Wayne *sigh* and his horse Dollar from the movie True Grit wherein some poor woman is getting quite the spanking! And.... she does not look like she's enjoying it much either! Now....if The Duke were the one administering it... that might be a different story all together! *evil grin*

Cndcowgirl- I loved the Phar Lap movie!!! I am going to do a post on him tomorrow. So stay tuned for more on him. As for Zorro.... Is this the scene you were talking? It is really cool!

Alright, I am sure we could all, given enough time, continue to come up with a hundred more beautiful horses that we admired from TV and the movies. I mean, we’d watch an infomercial for hours if it featured a pretty enough horse, wouldn’t we?

I am sorry that I did not have time to get to all the horses you mentioned.

But I’d like to mention one last movie that stole my heart right from the first moment- the first time I ever watched the trailer even.

Legends of the Fall anyone?

Horses, ranch, mountain sunlight, mustangs….Brad Pitt, horses… Brad Pitt on horses….

I still remember sitting in the movie theatre, barely able to breath, madly gripping the armrest, and blushing scarlet when I watched the following scene for the first time. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything so beautiful in my life….

A music video (I recommend turning off the volume) that features some of the best horse shots from the LOTF.


  1. Wow! Lots of memories here. It's been a long time since I've seen Mr Ed. LOL

    It is hard to imagine John Wayne could have started out with the name Marion. I wonder if he got picked on because of that name, or he started out tough enough no one dared.

  2. LOTF...BEST MOVIE of all time...for a lot of reasons..least of all the HUBBA HUBBA BP. Oh and the horses were amazing as well!

    You must see Alexander is an okay movie with great visuals...plus the fatastic Friesian....

  3. oh and let's not forget the kids...
    Sandy from Racing Stripes. Super cute movie with lot's of horses (Racehorses to be exact...and a zebra thrown in for good measure)


  4. I saw Alexander (two different edits, but there might be more - oh that wacky Oliver Stone), and personally, I think Bucephalus is the best thing about the movie. I also loved the horse in Zorro, and while they're both fine versions of Friesians I cannot believe I didn't mention earlier one of my all time favorite movie horses from one of my all time favorite movies... Goliath aka Othello, from Ladyhawke!

  5. I will have to go rent Alexander now and add that to my long list of movies to see. I loved Legends of the Fall. Just watched part of it again the other night.

  6. The horse in Alexander is beautiful but the movie is not.

    But I guess I would watch again just to see the horse again, I originally watched the movie - because I like the real life story (the movie wonders FAR from being historically accurate.)I was turned off when I figured out what the movie was really about.

    Forgot all about the horse scenes in LOTF - now that's one I should rent again.

  7. This wa a great idea Chelsi! It is funny how horsey people remember movies or TV show's because of the horses that were featured on them. We are all a bunch of crazy nuts, aren't we??? LOL!!!

    Ahhh...so many horses, and so little time! :)

  8. Awesome post on Movie horses! Wow!

    Hey I was totally digging Zorro's horse's saddle. I think it would look amazing on my mare! hehe