Friday, January 2, 2009


I certainly mean no offence to any man who chooses to wear a moustache with the topic of my blog...... I'd just like to point out that in my mind...this..... my friends...

Is a Porstache !!!!!

Let me clarify.... some men can where a moustache and make it appear quite regal and handsome....

Tom Selleck.... respectable moustache......

Justin Timberlake (in The Love Guru)..... Pornstache !!!

George Clooney (Oh Brother Where Art Thou?) ..... sporting a regal looking moustache

Burt Reynolds.... WOW! Holy Sh- Ok.... Pornstache!!!!!.... or Moustache???... does it really matter?! Holy Dyna!

What is a PORNSTACHE you may ask..... well.... as Wickipedia listed only these:

I consider it my duty to define the Pornstache!!!

Pornstache: "porn-st-a-sh": a moustache that is generally creepy or nasty in nature and/or of a type or style that resembles a look made popular in the porn films of the 1970's/ 80's! Pictures Reference: Brad Pitt 2008 Bom Chicka Wah Wha

Aren't you glad you read my blog? Who else would take the time to define Pornstache for you? You are very welcome! *grin* ......

Did I ever tell you that I once accidentally referred to a mans moustache as a "pornstache" (to his face). I apologized.... profusely! And assured him that it was a very regal and handsome pornst- I mean moustache! Sorry!

Alright, I promise that is the last time I will write pornstache on my blog, ok?...


Whoooops! Sorry....!!


Damn! I am sorry... it wont happen again!

Wait! Come back.... . dont go away mad!!!


  1. Mr. Fry has sported a fine mustache ever since I met him and I must agree with a small painted piece of marble that sits in my kitchen: A kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt.

    I've threatened divorce if the mustache leaves.

  2. It's funny how some guys look completely natural with their mustaches and others? Well, yea...they look like pornstaches-LOL.
    I have seen pictures of my man without his mustache and goatee and he looks about 12. I just can't imagine him without either. My dad...same thing. That man had a magnificent mustache. He grew his after a bad car accident that scarred his upper lip.
    Now my oldest brother? He has the very same mustache, but his looks like a pornstache-LOL.
    I guess it is like women in high heels...some wear the high heels and some let the high heels wear them.:)

  3. LOL. My brother TOTALLY had a pornstache. He was being funny because he was going through the police academy here (first funny reference because of the Police Academy movies, some of my favorite viewing pleasures) and he loves that stupid Reno 911 tv show, in which almost all of them have pornstaches and wear those little 70's jogging shorts. Well, he just had to get a picture of himself like that. It was hilarious.

  4. I have really enjoyed catching up on your blog. I especially liked your explanation of the QH breeding.
    That is so exciting about your deal with McBride QH - i have come across some of their horses and they are great.

  5. Tears again are streaming from my eyes from fits of laughter. This one reminded me of my uncle about 25 years ago. He looked a lot like Burt Reynolds!
    I also have an award for you. You can pick it up here:

  6. Bahahaha!!!!!

    Holy crap! That cracked me up!!

    Great pic of Burt BTW!

    Holy smokes - you get busy when I'm not paying attention huh?

    Also wanted to let you know I did that post you all suggested or at least the first half. Would like know what you think if you can get through it - itss llooonggg....