Monday, March 16, 2009

The 80's- Its baaaaaaaaaack!!

Is it just me, or does it seem that the 80's are pushing for a comeback?

I've seen some alarming fashion trends that are giving me disturbing flashbacks to my childhood. I was born in '82 after all! Though some could be called "early 90's" trends I guess. Think punk rock, Cyndee Lopper, and the ultra unflattering high waisted, tight ankled jeans...oh and even better, the panties that went with them. Heavy, caked on makeup with funky eye shadow colors, colorful madhouse cut hair...
(Supermodel Agyness Deyn in 2009!!)
....leggings, ankle boots, puffed sweaters and heaven forbid... oh dear lord, they're back... shoulder pads!!! *runs from the computer in horror!*

(New York Fashion week 2009!!! Apparently the heroin addicted model look goes hand in hand with shoulder pads!)

A mishmash of florescent colors, patterns, textures and over sized plastic jewellery. Really, are we going to be forced to endure this yet again? Or will it be allowed to pass by us "little people", to stain only the couture jet set with its metallic cinch belts and acid wash?

(Above: Miley Cyrus channeling her inner 80's Billy Ray)

Above: Nikki Reed lookin' "fly" in a Marty McFly (MJ Fox in Back the Future) inspired hightops!

(Above) Scarlet Johanson sporting a head band, skinny jeans, and sneakers (yes, I said sneakers!) and the boat neck over a tank top look that gave me a flashback to Flashdance.... (this look was one of my personal fav's back in the day.)

Rihanna in hot pink pants (I would have killed for a pair of those in 92!)

Let us not forget the Queen of Fashion (and David Becham's balls (soccar balls, that is! Jeeze! What were you thinkin'??) in no less than an off the shoulder jump suit.

And so long as we are bring back the 80's shouldn't the Barenaked Ladies rules apply? (so what if they were big in the 90s! This is my blog and if I say they're from the 80's in order to make some not-so-funny crack about some poor starving actress in a horrible green dress, that's my business!)

"And if I had a million dollars...(if I had a million dollars)... I'd buy you a green dress (but not a real green dress that's cruel!)"

(Michelle Connely at the "He's just not that into you" Premiere)

But there is one fabulous 80's product I was very excited to see reemerge on TV infomercial last night!

Why it's the MINI TRAMPOLINE!!!! YAYAYAH!!!!

*dusting off my Jane Fonda Work out VHS*

Lindsay Lohan clearly saw the infomercial and is ready to hop aboard donning 80's inspired workout wear!

Okay, I dont know about you but I'd like to boycott this latest fashion trend all together... so...

Do me a favor will ya? Smack me if I stop tweezing my eye brows! Please. Just a swift one right upside the head.

Until then...

*she chants*....

"I will not perm my hear! I will not perm my hair! I will not perm my hear..."


  1. The only one of those fashions I wouldn't mind coming back is high top sneakers. Someone needs to burn every pair of those high-waisted, cinched ankle jeans. I didn't look too bad in them back then, but now it's out of the question.

  2. And what is Lindsey Lohan thinking?? She looks like hell in dark hair, and although I suppose she's making a fashion statement, what the HELL is she saying??

  3. lmao you always crack me up Chelsi! I love it! Not the fashion, just that you crack me up! oi. lol. I have NEVER been a fan on the skinny jeans. Or the plastic jewlery or the headbands.... oh my. being born in early 85 I've lived through some of these fads and grew up hoping they'd never return again. And now look whats gone and happened.... before ya know it we're going to be wearing peasant dresses and aprons 24/7....

  4. I will vote to boycott!!! Either that or run screaming from the room, seriously shoulder pads!!! :O
    Ooooh the horror!

    ps - just an FYI green dress is BNL not Hootie. Although Hootie is always fun to poke fun at (didja know he's trying his hand as a solo artist, country I do believe!)

  5. Okay I've just caught up on the last few posts (I've been a bit MIA the last few days) and instead of posting on all of them (I have no idea if you go back and read the comments) I'll post here:

    1 AJ, tough decision but I think probably the smart one. I know how you feel about spending your own $$. I just bought a new vehicle and its such a good feeling knowing that while Pie could have bought it that it was ME. MY downpayment and MY monthly payments. Hahaha.... MY truck not his! lol

    2 Career path, how'd it go today? You said you had an appointment Monday. Funny how life turns out, I put off going to college for a year, well that was the plan. I had always wanted to be a teacher but at the last minute I realized it wasn't right for me. Never did plan to work in customer service type jobs and look where I am. I think that life leads you to where you need to be.

    3 Matt..... what can I say, I LOVE Matt! His "dancing" (if you can call it that) puts a smile on my face.

  6. There are many parts of the 80s that should be just left alone, I think!!! Although, I secretly (or not so secretly now!) like 80s music!!

    The only one of those celebs that looked half decent was ScarJo - that look is quite normal, in my books. I hope, as you said, that maybe most of these 80s trends will just stick in the high fashion world and leave the rest of us alone!!! lol

  7. Shoulder pads? Again?? Crap!
    I used to have to cut all of those darn things out back then too.

    Skinny pants? Ha! I have hips. Skinny pants did not than and will not now, look very flattering on me.

    Call me tacky, but I think those electric blue, fringy boots Miley is wearing are cute! The rest of the outfit? Huh?? Did she pull it out of the garbage can or what?

  8. Oh, where have you been? My 14 yr old and her friends have been doing the 80's British Punk look for the last year. Actually, they all seem to have a pretty good mix of 80s and 90s British Punk going on. I've been cringing ever since high waisted jeans became the fashion again last fall. Ick!

    As for Lindsay Lohan, I think she's trying to say that she's the new Jane Fonda.

  9. I believe that is Jennifer Connelly. Haha! But I definitely had to imdb Nikki Reed...I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen Twilight. ;) This is too funny.

  10. Palomino Girl, I haven't seen Twilight or read the books either. We're definitely in the minority.

  11. My mom will be happy about the shoulder pads...she loves those things. My modus operandi is to simple pants and simple shirts in neutral colours. Never out of style, but never in style either.

    But the skinny jeans? Heck. If you don't have the body for them, you shouldn't wear them. If you do have the body for them they really aren't flattering. I don't see appeal, but my 10-year-old nephew is crazy about them.