Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple Womans Daybook

I have always really enjoyed Chronicles of a Country Girl's Simple Womans Daybook posts and so I thought I would try doing one today. I hope she doesnt mind....

Here it goes...

Outside my window it is a black and cold, moonless night. The sky is clear and I am sure there are a thousand stars, but I can not see even one of them.... because when I look out the window, I can only see my self, my home, and the warm yellow glow of my living room, reflected back at me.

I am thinking that I might have pushed going to the barn again today in the snow... and I might have made myself sick again.

I am thankful for my Bitty (kitty) who is keeping my lap warm as I write these words.

From the kitchen the chocolate cake I "accidentally" bought last night is calling my name...

I am wearing black yoga pants, a purple cardigan, and a fuzzy warm fleece bath robe... and despite the space heater blowing warm air on my feet, I'm still cold and feel feverish.

I am creating more trouble and anxiety for myself by over thinking things again... as usual?

I am going to resist the call of the chocolate cake. I must. I will. I... Oh who am I kidding?

I am reading Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility...again and trying not to see so much of myself in the insensible Marianne... and trying to be more like the prudent Elinor. Did you know that my great Aunt's name is Elinor?

I am hoping that tomorrow I can go to the barn and I wont be sick. And that the chocolate cake was low in fat and calories... and a major food group.

I am hearing the movie "Step Mom" playing on the TV (with Julia Roberts and Susan Surandon). I'm not going to cry this time. Promise.

Around the house many a creature is stirring... Lu's-a-boo, Halle, Hawky-dog, Hunter-dog, Bitty-Boo... and probably a mouse...or two. (Dont worry Barbie, I'm just kidding! I can hear you squealing from here!)

One of my favorite things is chocolate cake. I am sure that just one little wee piece couldnt hurt a thing, right? My Granny always said "A little bit of a good thing, is always a good thing." Or something like that.

A few plans for the rest of the week will hopefully include many hours at the barn and riding.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Is of a portrait I did this Christmas for a nice lady who lost her dear cat. Because I am thankful that my lovely kitties are alive and well... though I miss the lovely cat I lost last year, my Besi girl. (in color below.)


  1. Chelsi, step away from the cake! I can let cake sit on the counter until it's ready to be tossed. My food Frankenstein is ice cream. I try not to buy it, but sometimes Mr. Fry brings it home. I'm weak.

  2. I am pretty sure that chocolate is a food group. Just ask most of the female population of the US. Yep! A food group!

  3. Love that drawing girl - I just love your stuff!

    That kinda sounds like it would make a good writing exercise too....

    Just saw your post below will comment on it if I have time - scrambling to do some blogger catch-up...but you found some nice horses, like that batch better than the last batch...

  4. Mmmmm chocolate cake.... I've got one last peice of cheesecake in the fridge I can just hear screaming my name!

    I've been meaning to take part on the Simple Womans Daybook, but like just keeps getting in the way...