Tuesday, March 17, 2009

writing a book

I am in the process of writing a book. That very sentence scares the living crap out of me, like there is no way little old me could write a novel... like on paper.... with words.... a plot... and characters! Though "writing" in a present tense verb would be a gross overstatement as I've havent been writing at all in the past month or so. For various reasons I've found myself at hampered in my progress.... But I am still dedicated to the greater project. Its gonna happen. Eventually.

Late last year I decided to write a book, which sounded great, in theory. When I sat down to flesh out a storyline, I found myself a little at a loss for where to begin. What did I want to write about? Where should it be set? Should it be a romance, mystery, sci-fi or adventure, or all of the above? Who was my haroine? How do I write a book? What was I thinking? I'm not a writer!

I was lost before I'd even begun- overwhelmed by the scope of a project I hadnt yet even started. But I knew there was two things I wanted to write about, whether they fit into the project or not- The first was about my Poppie's house. I wanted to capture the sites, sounds and smells of it, lock it forever in words, forever in time, so I'd never forget. The second thing I was really interested in writing was a love scene. You see, I've read a many books of many different genres but I am not embarrassed to admit that my favorite part of any novel is when two characters that you love finally come together to make love. I am a hopeless romantic, afterall.

I hit a bit of a hump in the road so tried writing about events that actually happened as a way to get the juices flowing and as my Poppie has inpsired one of the main characters of my book, I look to him as a sourse of entertainment and inspiration. Many of my memories of my Poppie are ones that where we were in his boat, out on the water where he could share him vast knowledge of whatever was infront of us. Poppie was never short on conversation, but then, he knew when to just sit back and enjoy the moment too.

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