Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Sorry I havent been keeping up with either of my blogs... I've been busy.... or more accurately, my mother has been busy getting ready for a trip and I've been helping her not be so busy by trying to help her out as much as I can...

You see, tomorrow my Mom is getting on a jet plane! And flying to a far away land! Not to return for 24 days!!

For the next three weeks she will be cruising the coast of South America, zip trekking across a rain forests (!!!) and lounging by a pool in the hot sun!

And you know what? She totally deserves it! I just love when my Mom gets to do all the things she's always dreamed of doing... but couldnt because she was stuck raising us punks!

So please send my mom some jingles for great trip and a safe return.


Why do I always feel like singing this song?


  1. Awwww! That's great that your Mom is living her dreams and heading out to experience new adventures!

    And what a sweet daughter to be so supportive of her, too.

    Jingles (and jungles!) for Mom!


  2. To Chelsi's mom...I hope that you have a wonderful trip filled with lots of sightseeing and adventure!!!

    PS-Take lot's of pics so Chelsi can share them with us, or you can do another guest post???

  3. I love Chantal's rendition. You go, Mom!

  4. To Chelsi's Mom- Have a good time!

  5. Oh yes - I am very fond of that song as well.

    I sing it to my husband when ever I leave on a work trip.

    Sometime we even get all romantic if I play it instead of singing it and we dance...

  6. You grab hold and ride that line.

    You've put in your hard time,

    You've raised your babies,

    And kept thinking one day...

    And now your time has come.

    So enjoy your life

    You made it through strife

    And now you can have your fun.

    Have a great trip, Chelsi's mom!