Saturday, March 14, 2009

"The best things in life are free..."

But you can give them to the birds and bee's cause I want money! That's what I want!

So I had a bit of a reality check last night. And it wasn't a pleasant one either.

I have been trying to choose a career. Just like you shop for a blouse, or select the perfect apple at the grocery store I've been doing my research, looking at courses and trying to project an analysis of what would constitute my best foreseeable future career choice.

And guess what I came up with?

Nothing. SFA. <-- do you know what that means? Nadda. Squat. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Did you know that hear in Canada we pronounce the letter "Z" "Zed" not "Zee"? True story.

It seems that most of the people I know found their career path by some form of natural progression.... They started as a clerk and worked their way up, upgrading their education as they went....

Or more commonly...

They do what their parents did, their grandparent, or their cousin Fred from Boise who knew a guy, who's girlfriend's sisters kid has an opening.

Or better yet, when you are fresh out of high school with a pure idyllic mind untainted by the stains of society, of the harsh truths of life, money, morals, and business. And you pick something like being a veterinarian with some grand illusion of "helping animals" with no reality check to sway you away from working endless hours, being on-call, dealing with people who wont do right by their animals, having to run a small (or not so small) business, the cost of education, the years spent in school, etc. etc. etc..

But as a 26 year old woman, with a pretty solid grasp of my abilities, aptitude, expectations, and weaknesses, I am finding it near impossible to even decide which direction to look towards.

I have some potential in art, writing, and horses...none of which offer any financial or job security... both of which are REALLY high on my list of NEEDS.

I am pretty much at a loss. I am making an appointment on Monday to meet with a career counselor but I have to say I don't have much hope in their helping me. I also don't have much faith that focusing entirely on education is the right route as these days a degree does hold the same weight as it once did.

I know I should get out there and just do something because that will lead to other areas....

But I feel at a loss.

Any suggestions?


  1. No suggestions. But down here in Oregon, someone was looking for an artist on CL to do a portrait of her dad. I sent an email to her with your website in it. Does that help?

    Sometimes we just stumble upon what we should do. Maybe that's what will happen to you!

  2. What ever you do. Don't be like me and stay in a job for over 21 years when you hate it. ( Well the 1st 15 were pretty good!)
    I love my library job, pays not so hot but the stress is very low.

  3. Girl, I am headed for 40 all too soon, and I still don't really know what I want to be when I grow up. ;) (Taller work? LOL)

    Being a non-conformist, I am going to tell you to do what your heart tells you to. You are smart and talented, and I am sure you will find options out there that will keep your bank balance happy, and leave you feeling like you are on the right path for YOU. Don't waste time doing things you hate- life is mighty short.

  4. Okay Chelsi...get ready!!! Here comes another one!!! (Email that is!!) LOL!!!

  5. High tech jobs like web design often are the higher paid kind of jobs.Artists and outside the box thinkers do well there.
    Good luck choosing. I could never decide!

  6. Here's what I'd suggest - do a career inventory quiz - you can find them online or your career person should be able to help you with one. A couple of thoughts - in Vernon is an excellent horse therapy course - I've considered taking it myself it does the massage, acupressure type thing with a strong emphasis on physiology. Depending on how horsey your area is there can be career demand that way. In Vancouver is an Art Therapy program - you'd work with children doing Art/music therapy. Teaching English/art?? Just some ideas. I know where I am all of those would be viable career jobs. Just some thoughts...

  7. Oh, to be 26 again and faced with such decisions! Interestingly, at 38 I still don't know what I want to be...or I guess I should say there are things I'd still like to be, too. For example, I would like to write books, own a ranch that combines horses with troubled young kids....or work in fashion. All of these things interest me! I think the old "do what you love and the money will follow" is a lovely thought, but it just doesn't work in today's world. Most of us need to have a steady income, especially those of us with horses. I am lucky enough to be good at and love what I do (teaching) but it is also not my wish upon a star dream career. I really should not own a horse....I can barely afford him. If, worst case scenario, he needed some major, major vet care (for example, someone I know just spend $7000 on vet care for a dog) I'd be up the creek and borrowing from family or taking out another credit card! But I think many horse owners are in similar situations. It's worth the sacrifices!

  8. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I've been with the same company for 3 years now, and made some progression through the company in different roles. (I think I'm one of the most cross trained employees we have...) but thats just it. I'm just an employee. At least that's how i feel. I currently struggling over wether to stay with what I know and what's comfortable and *somewhat* secure (aviation is never sevure) or bite the bullet and try something new.... Let me know if your career councellor has any good suggestion!

  9. You could try working for a temp agency for a while - that way you'd get to work for a variety of companies in different industries - maybe you will find something that you like...or at least peaks your interest.