Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thelma or Louise- Which one are you?

So I was sittin' here this evening nursing a head cold, swaddled in a blanket, sipping tea, and flicking channels when my Mother, (who has a cold as well), calls to say she is stopping by. I was very happy to see her but even happier when I realized that she had brought me one of my favorite treats (a coconut, honey, and almond cake square called a Bee Stinger) which I had mentioned I was craving earlier in the day. My darling mother drove an hour out of her way to bring me one! (Thank you Mom, you are the best! You made my day!)

So we settled in to have a snack and watch some TV when I happen across one of my favorite movies of all time (that had just started)- Thelma and Louise. Mom commented to me that her and her friend had, on a road trip to Palm Springs, taken to calling themselves Thelma and Louise (only "they didn't find Brad Pitt"). I replied, "Haven't we all pretended to be them at some point?" She laughed and hardily agreed. Mom headed home but Thelma and Louise is still playing so I was left here to think of what we had said and how in a woman's friendship there is very often a Thelma and very often a Louise (in terms of personality type.)
Which one are you?

Louise (Susan Sarandon) and was the street wise, strong, Independence, no-nonsense woman who has more than a few ghosts in her closet.
Thelma (Geena Davis) on the other hand has been married her high school sweet(ass) and tends to see the world through rose colored glasses. She is good hearted, sweet, and sincere, but naive and weak at times. With the help of Thelma, and the quagmire of their circumstances, Louise learns how to stand up for herself, step out of her husbands shadow, and have a little fun!

One could pick this movie to death or have a little rant about the overtly feminist, Bonnie and Clyde cliche, glamorization of their sociopath, criminal, or suicidal behavior....

...but personally, I look past all of that to the story of two woman and friends, who when faced with a desperate circumstance, let go of the conventional to do something truly reckless and wild!...

Which I think speaks to the heart of most woman. Haven't most of us, at one time or another, felt overwhelmingly and desperately stuck? Burdened with the expectations of society and the demands we put on ourselves? Haven't we all wanted to....in the ultimate expression of our inner termoil.....just let go and.....blow some shit up!!

Mind you, I've never blown a semi up before... but its been a near thing... I've settled for breaking a few plates or throwing a clock radio.... oh.... and a bread box (once).

Of course, I have to admit that part of my love for this movies comes down to just a few beautiful minutes... which oddly enough, might not be the scene you were thinking of! You naughty thang you! I bet you were hoping I was going to post the clip of Brad Pitt (JD) and Geena Davis' (Thelma) love scene! You know the one... where he stands up, sticks a hair dryer in his pants and inspires Thelma to do this....

(please excuse the Swedish subtitles)

Oh yah! Actually, the scene that "gets" me is when the cops haul Brad Pitt into the police station and we get to see him as a bad ass (instead of the polite, soft spoken southern boy he pretends to be while seducing Thelma)....are you surprised that I like the bad boy scene instead? You're shocked, I'm sure!

Now... I have to admit that I came very close to doing a post on the Bachelor! I didnt watch the show but I did happen to catch the dramatic season finale...

But I refuse to do yet another post on a reality TV show.....

I am not going to....

Oh damn, I just did, didnt I?

Okay... so I will just say.....

What an ass! (the whole lot of them)


  1. lol some of your posts are so commical I love it! This is a movie I haven't seen in a really long time, I think it's time to hit the video store!

  2. hehe. I don't watch the Bachelor, but I did view a snippet off Yahoo this morning from the finale. How stupid :P Bah!

    As for who I am most like, I'd have to say, I'm not that simple. I think I'm a mix of both Thelma and Louise. And i often depends on what situation I'm in, too.

    What about you?

    Great post yet again!


  3. You are a riot... :-)

    I'm the more practical sensible one - whichever that is. I forget already and I just read your post!

    I found that movie on sale on a shopping trip to the US. The Walmart cashier carded me because it is rated R - I'm 33!! lol.

  4. I used to be Louise. Then my high school sweet(ass) decided he was in love with a bi-sexual woman who had pig jowls! (But The Marine never benefitted from that little tidbit! And she eventually left him for a woman!)

    Now, 7 years later, I can safely say I'm Thelma. And I've had the privilege of helping some other Louise's out there.

  5. Haven't seen that movie in years! I'm a Louise!

  6. When I think of Thelma and Louise I think of my best friend and myself. ZBut the wierdest thing is I can never pinpoint either one of us as either Thelma or Louise, character-wise. Sometimes I'm Thelma and she puts her foot down and brings me back to earth. Then sometimes I'm the serious one. I'd LOVE to do a Thelma and Louise style road trip one day, just without the stolen money, abusive husband, err...hold ups, oh and I could do without the dying part too. But Brad Pitt can stay, as long as I'm Thelma! ;D