Sunday, July 12, 2009

1 YR Anniversary and a GIVE-AWAY!!

Today is the....


271 posts in 365 days! Not bad...

To celebrate I have decided to have the FIRST GREAT ANNUAL GIVE-AWAY!!!

(It's like the annual Ikea sale...only not nearly as exc-thiding (my attempt to write 'exciting' a Swedish accent.)

I'm no Pioneer Woman, so dont be gettin' all excited on me... There wont be any Nikon D-40 cameras or a $250 Kitchen Aid Mixers being sent out! (Dang that girl has some sweet give-aways!!)

Today I am giving a way a 8x10 framed picture of this....

Just kidding. *smile*

Actually, I decided to get together an "I am Canadian, eh!" package!! (Cool, right? .....Hello?)

This little bag of goodies will include a....

A bottle of good Okanogan (Canadian) wine (Or it will if they let me send it over the border?)

Bottle of real Canadian Maple Syrup

A can of Tim Hortons Coffee!

And a box of Smarties (chocolate candies)

I told you not to get excited, didnt I?

I'd love to some of our amazing peaches, cherries, apples, and beaver tails (not real beaver tails!! (*insert really vulgar joke here*).... Beaver Tails are a deep-fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar...yum-o) but I dont think they'd mail well.

If was really going to go all-out Canadian I would include 'The Best of Don Cherry' and a case of beer....but I wont.

But it will be a tasty and fun little Canadian Goodie Bag either way!

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment.

I will draw a name out of a hat... or a tuque on Friday.

Just answer this....

In the past year what is one post (from this blog) that stands out in your mind?

If you cant think of anything just say "Hi!"...or "This is really stupid but I'm commenting anyways because I want that bottle of wine! Give it to me!" Calm down wino! I will enter your name anyways.




If you are Canadian please still feel free to enter! I will just switch out the Maple Syrup, Timmy's and Smarties for some other treat....if you prefer!

Same goes for those who dont like wine or coffee!

This Goody Bag can be made to order!


  1. There isn't one post that sticks out, I actually like them all! But if I had to choose, I like the ones you do with your fav's! As in fav horses! Or the bear one was really cool. Oh, that reminds me, you did one with a really cool cake, it looked so good!
    Anyways, I'd take a print of your kitty, because I think she is one cool cat! Love her eyes! They remind me of my Simba's eyes!
    Oh, yeah, I'll take that case of beer! I prefer Bud Light! Kiddin'!!

    CONGRATS on your 1 year blogging anniversary!! You are awesome!!

  2. Congratulations - that's quite an achievement! I'd love a Canadian package! My favorite post (referenced in my blog yesterday) was the one on horse color genetics that you referred me to. But a lot of them are interesting!

  3. Girl, yer a pip! Happy Anniversary, and I look forward to many more posts from you. You do a grand job with your research, and your writing style is very enjoyable. Keep things coming!

    As to one that sticks out... I don't really have ONE-- all of your posts have been enjoyable. But your "romance" post (where you fessed up your book,) had me in giggle fits for the better part of the day ;)

  4. Hey! Mostly I just read so I guess I'm just a lurker, BUT i will leave a comment to get some Canadian goods--I always say I am going to MOVE to Canada! I liked when you posted about fear least I'm pretty sure that was you! I also liked your 80's movie reviews!!!! I may be coming up on one year....YIKES it has passed so look for me to do a giveaway! Definitely enter...I have NO readers really so you may just win!


    Hi, I've been a lurker at your blog for a while now and really enjoy your writing and humor.

  6. Hi...I'm pretty new to your blog, so out of your most recent posts I'd have to say I really liked the one with your boots and the pics that accompanied it. I also liked the G.E.B.L.E. posts! All your posts are very entertaining though!

    Fun for you to do a giveaway...great idea for the prize!

  7. All the research posts are very informative and enjoyable, I also enjoyed the post about your boots. The photos are always wonderful too!

  8. I WANT THE WINE! hehe j/k Congrats on one year! I might have to steal this idea for my anniversary! ;)

    Trying to remember back to going thru your archives...I think your emotional battle over what to do with your gelding (right? or am I on crack?) sticks out, as well as your getting over your fears series. Also all of the wonderful photographs! You have a fabulous eye!

  9. It wasn't just one post, but that series you did about fear and how to move past it, etc that stands out for me. I think you should just wrap that up and get it published. It's a keeper and might help lots of people, lie it has for me. :)

    Smarties, eh? Over on this side of the boarder, they are cylindrical pastel colored sugary discs. Your smarties look more like M & M's. How weird is that?

    I think I may have to consider a visit to Cananda now. I must have a beaver tail. Yummy!

    ps: Happy Blogaversary!!!!

  10. like: not lie.
    Border: not boarder

    Me thinks I type faster than my brain can think. gah!


  11. Okay,,,,,So as your mom I can hardly allow myself to qualify for any prize especially since you being my daughter is the best prize one could ever have! Congratulations on your one year honey, Love you.....

  12. Congrats on the one year anniversary! Don't enter me in the draw, seeing as how I can get all of those Canadian goodies right here (minus the wine, probably...)

    I think my favourite post(s) were the ones on reining breeding and studs...!

  13. Happy Blogaversary!

    Favorite post? The ones on Abby. All of them. But, I have a fav comment you've left me too! Rather fitting for your giveaway. I remember that you called Mellie, Steph and I "winos" when I took a pic of my wine rack for Mellie. It still makes me laugh!

    Speaking of which, if Steph doesn't stop by on her own (RL stuff going on), can I enter her as well? She needs cheering. And maybe an awesome bottle of wine to drown her sorrows if winning doesn't cut it.

  14. Wow one year CONGRATS!!! Where did the time go? You have such a uplifting blog, I just love reading them all.

  15. New reader here, and of course I want the wine!

    Does it help if I sing the "when you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last" jingle? I grew up on the 'Murken side of the Canadian border, but y'all had better evening television (and better commercials)....

    security word: peezinio trying to figure out just what THAT could mean!

  16. Congrats on your blogiversary!!

    I, errr....missed mine.

    You've also managed a great number of posts, I'm just coming up on 200.

    Weird about the Smarties, I never knew they were "Canadian"

  17. Happy Bloggiversary!

    I actually haven't been here before today, found you through "A year with horses." I've added you to my list now though. :)

  18. Congrats on the 1yr!

    My fav blog was about your boots. I just loved that one.

    I'll make a trade with you. I love, love, love maple candy and I cannot get it here in West Texas. I'll send you something made from Texas if I could get some maple candy! haha

  19. Congrats on the 1 yr - what are smarties? They look good.

  20. Ohhhh!, pick me, pick me

    Gotta love a blog with a pic of spurs on the header.

  21. Funny how a contest will amke people come out of the woodwork, eh??? LOL!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed many of your posts, because they are so honest and heartfelt.

    I probably enjoyed our emails the most, as we have shared some funny stuff! :)

  22. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!! I remember 3 that distinctly come to mind. Very early in my blogging, you had somewhat of a renegade horse that you were trying desperately to come to a decision as what to do with her. You were heart-wrenchingly torn as what was the right thing to do with this horse. Pulled at my heartstrings because I felt your pain and had been in a very similar position. Another favorite of mine was definitely your series on fear and how you worked through it one step at a time. I found it immensely helpful and very insightful, probably for a lot of people. I had no idea how very common fear was, especially as we become somewhat "aged" as riders. And thirdly, I loved your spooky story written somewhere around Halloween if I remember correctly. I always enjoy the immense amount of research that must go into your well-thought-out posts. Keep em coming kiddo!! I'm a fan!! I also enjoy your good taste in horses too.

  23. OH Happy One Year Anniversary!! How exciting!! I think I would love that cat picture in a 8X10!! LOL!! YOu crack me up!!

  24. My memory's short, I guess - the one that stands out to me is the one about the different types of paint horses (and thanks for that, by the way - maybe I'll be able to remember them now).

    Congratulations on a year of blogging!

  25. Thanks for the comments!! Sold the bugger!!!! Also, I find the color posts very interesting - I'm a bit old school so anything outside of the standard colors is above and beyond what I know about. Ever thought about doing a post on genetics and which colors are more dominant and why? lol - Just a thought.


  26. Congrats on the Anniversary!

    I forgot mine. And the 100th post one too.

    Wine? How funny...did ya get the email I sent about what to do with the leftover wine? Leftover wine? Never heard of such a thing-LOL.

  27. I like the breed posts you've done. I even bookmarked the recent one about paints because it was so helpful.

    Happy Anniversary and bring on the wine and coffee!

    WV = fluddlet
    A little fludd

  28. Funny, did not know you were havin' the contest (congrats by the way of a year of fun bloggerville stuff!) but, I saw your comment at Lythia's place and decidied to click your profile picture to see who you were~

    I do want the Wine!
    So I shall return to get to know you!

  29. Congrats on the anniversary, C! What an accomplishment! I think you have a wonderful giveaway- Smarties are my favorite!
    I love all of your writing! And your artwork! And your photography! Keep up the good work-cheers (raising a glass of that Canadian wine I'm going to win ;) !!