Friday, July 17, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations C-ingspots... please drop me an e-mail at

Thank you to everyone who entered and for all the wonderful comments!

When I was trying to think of a question to put up for entry I didn't put much thought into the question, "What has been your favorite post"... I was just curious about whether the posts that I most enjoyed writing would correlate to those you most enjoyed reading.... I didnt realize it might look like I was fishing for compliment!

But reading your feedback has been truly awesome! All of the posts mentioned were ones that I really enjoyed writing! Which, of course makes me feel inspired to keep writing more! Thanks again!

I'm just going to comment back here.... I love having spell check handy ;-)

Paint Girl- Thank you! Your kitties are beautiful too! I love doing my "favs" because it gives me a valid excuse to horse shop!

Kate- Thanks! I am glad that you found the color genetics post helpful.

Mrs. Mom- Ah the romance post! LOL I was blushing for two days straight after putting that one up! Glad you appreciated the humor... Thank you.

Jacksonsgrrl- Congrats on your one year! The fear issue series was my favorite to write because I really had to dig deep and it helped me understand my own issues better. Thanks!

Kellie- Thank you! Sorry you didnt win the wine!

Lizz- You cant possibly love candy as much as I love candy!...or chocolate to be more specific.

jrosey- I loved writing and taking the photos for my boot post, it was a lot of fun! That post said a lot about who I am. Glad that you enjoyed it. I also love the G.E.B.L.E. posts and will be doing another one next week. Thank you.

Donna- Thank you. I'm always happy to hear that anyone enjoys my "research" posts... I always learn a lot while writing those.

Patches- Thank you so much. Yes, I did do a post about the heart wrenching decision I faced with my gelding. It was a tough one to write about but the support I received helped me soooooo much. My fellow bloggers were so wonderful and it really did make that decision easier.

Laughing Orca- I was so happy to hear that my fear posts helped you and others to address some of the fears they were facing.... those were some really tough posts to write but also therapeutic! Smarties here are like M&Ms only a little different. I have seen the ones you are talking about but never tired them. You'd think with a name so unrelated to candy that you wouldnt need to use it twice! lol

Mom- You are the best!

Laura- Thank you and I did enter your name :) Sorry you didn't win but thanks for your kind words and for commenting anyways. I love me a fine lookin' stud LOL I plan on doing a few more bloodline posts in the near future.

Oregonsunshine- I also loved the posts on Abby, it was a fun story to tell because she turned out so well and nothing beats watching a horse in bloom! I remember that wine-o post! I tease my mom, auntie and sisters too! Thanks!

Rodeogirl- Thank you! This year has flown by!

AareneX- LOL My sister and I used to pull out the red ones from our Smarties at eat them last! It was a great jingle but kind of a weird concept when you think about it! lol :)

Cndcowgirl- Congrats on your one year post! Sorry we missed it. I didnt realize they were either until a few years ago. I've come across quite a few of they dont have Caesars (drink) and their Shirley Temples dont have OJ!!

Andrea- Thanks for stopping by!

Texasnascarcowgirl- I am sorry, but do you know I've never had maple candy or seen it for sale here in BC! I guess because in Western Canada we actually dont make Maple Syrup (it all comes from the East Coast)! I'll have to try to find some now! :) Thanks and glad you like the boots post!

Stephanie- Smarties were my favorite chocolate as a kid, they are a lot like M&Ms...only different!

Cowgirl Rae- Thanks for the props on my header pic...I just loved that picture and needed to find a use for it!

Melanie- Why thank you, my friend! I agree!

C-ingspots- Congratulations on winning and thank you for your sweet comment. Those posts on my gelding were really hard but as I mentioned earlier, the support I received here was truly awesome. I am sorry that you were ever in a similar position, it is so difficult! I am glad to hear that another "reader" found my fear post was a bit like group therapy! lol I think as "cowgirls" it is a bit uncouth to talk about our horse fear issues but not dealing with that fear can really ruin the enjoyment we get from horses. Thank you for your compliments on my other posts as well! That Halloween post inspired me to write a novel!

Andrea- LOL You like that freaky picture of my kitteh! lol Thanks!

Ikkinlala- Looking back on that paint post I'm not sure how it will help anyone but it did help me understand them better at least...though I still find it confusing:) Thank you.

BECowgirls- You are funny! Left over wine! My family has never heard of it either! lol Sorry we missed your one year but congrats anyways!

Leah Fry- Thank you! I am glad that paint post made sense to you too! The breed posts were fun to write.

allhorsestuff- Thanks for stopping by! You'all come back, ya hear? :)

Pony Girl- you are too sweet! Thank you... It is funny taking pictures and knowing you have a place to use them, isnt it? I know that you too enjoy the creative outlet blogging creates. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry you didnt win the wine but cheers to you anyways:)


  1. Whew! I enjoyed reading all your replies to everyone in this post...and I also got a kick out of seeing the little doodles you placed beside everyone's names (um..except for Patches!?) lol! Was there a specific meaning behind each doodle or were they just for fun? Now ya got me wondering why mine was a moon and star. hehe!

    Oh! And I had no idea that you Canadians didn't make Maple Syrup...or Maple candy, what with the Maple Leaf on your flag and all. Wow. You'll have to explain why Canada uses the maple leaf on it's flag someday. I'm ashamed to admit I don't know.

    Congrats to C-ing Spots!


  2. Awww!!! Poor Patches!!! I missed her! I actually was on the phone after writing out the names and doodled a little something beside a few names...because I am a crazy doodler while on the phone and then when I realized...."Oh crap, now it doesnt seem fair to just doodle next to a few names!!" So I added a little doodle to everyones name! LOL The symbols dont mean anything at all!

    Oh...and Canada does produce Maple Syrup!! Loads of it! But I live in Western Canada and the provinces that produce all the Maple Syrup are in the East... so we dont get it cheap out here...basically British Columbia getting it from Ontario is no different than California getting their maple syrup from Vermont!

  3. re: maple syrup. Thanks for the clarification...but I don't think California could ever produce their own maple syrup if they wanted to. Maple Trees aren't very common in California and California doesn't have the seasons necessary for the sap maturity and availability.

    Maybe a better comparison is oranges....Californian's will buy Florida oranges even when they can grow their own. (Is that like comparing apples to oranges...or maple trees to oranges. lol! Ok...I'm weird!)

    re: the doodles. lol! Well I'm glad about that. Of course, I was wondering why I didn't get a margarita glass or a llama head next to my name. lol!


  4. I'll jump in for the Eastern Cdn contigent here. I live in a prime maple syrup region. My cousin makes homemade syrup and it is 10x better than anything you can buy!

    All this maple syrup/candy talk has me craving some pretty bad! lol

  5. Well darn it!!!! Cingspots is very deserving of the prize though. :)

  6. Hot dog!!!!! How much fun is that?? Thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading many, many other posts of yours, but those were definitely a few of my favs! I enjoyed reading everyone else's responses too - keep em coming!
    And...thanks again!

  7. Congrats to C-ing spots! And C, you have the prettiest handwriting (why am I not surprised, you artist, you!) You could design a new font, I swear! :)