Sunday, July 5, 2009

27, here I come!

The above picture exemplifies my twenty-sixth year. Twenty-six was a serious year for me, full of deep introspection, soul-searching, and heavy choices. It was a bit dark and I had to try a little too hard to make it work (like my make-up)... I'm also just starting to see the light...with just a few more steps I could have been basked in it. Just a few. More. Steps.

If the above picture represents my twenty-sixth year, then I hope my twenty-seventh year will look a bit like the following, taken yesterday (the day before my birthday).

I'm not pretending to smile in this picture, I'm simply smiling because I'm happy. Because I am outside, in the bright light of a summer day, with a lovely man sleeping inside and my dog at my feet. I'm safe, feeling no pain, and I have my whole life ahead of me.... And I'm old enough to know that that's worth smiling for. I may be having a bad hair day...and I dont have a stitch of makeup on my face...and I'm in my PJ's.... but I'm not hiding under anything either. I am what I am, what I am. At any age.
Twenty-seven years ago today my mother brought me into this world, through no small amount of effort and no large amount of pain medication. On that note I'd like to say..... Thanks Mom!!! Today's pictures are my virtual flowers to you!!

This evening I found out that I was born on the same day as the great Total Lunar Eclipse of July 6, 1982.
And that George W. Bush and Nancy Regan were both also born on July 6th....but then so was Sylvester Stallone and 50 Cent. I keep good company.

My Mom said that she knew I was a girl from the get go. She's always been really good at guessing things like that. Some women are.

Last week my sister was telling me about how the girls in her office played this game that is suppose to predict whether their pregnant co-worker was going to have a boy or a girl. I am sure we've all heard some folktale, like spinning the wedding ring of an expectant mother over her belly (it will swing in a circle if it's a girl, back and forth for a boy) or even simply how you carry the child, (low for a boy, high for a girl.)

This game was a little different and my Sis said that it had amazing results- it was accurate for all the girls in her office who had children.

I'm curious if it will be accurate for you.

Here's how it works. You need to know the month that you child was CONCEIVED....NOT the month that he/she was actually born.

You also need to calculate what age the mother was when the child was CONCEIVED.

So, lets say your child was conceived in November when you were 25 years old. You'd take the number 11 (November being the 11th month) and add it to your age (25)..

11 + 25 = 36

Now we have to break down the number 36 into a single add the three and six together (3+6=9)

The digit we came up with is 9.

Boys are odd numbers

Girls are even numbers.

So our hypothetical child should have been a boy!

Try it and tell me if it worked!


  1. I love the au natural photo. You remind me of a talented actress on CSI (the miniature killer) and she was also on an episode of Ghost Whisperer.

    With looks like that, who needs makeup?

    And happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday. I am just turning 28 myself on Aug 7th to be exact. My 27th year was hard and trying with some glimpses of vivtories in the mix. I am hoping for 28 to be my year, the year when everything comes together. Hope you have a great year and start it off right!

  3. Happy B-day Chelsi!! You look great, no need to worry about makeup.
    Hey... maybe you should do what I do and buy yourself a birthday present?? Hmm, like a new horse? (I brought VooDoo home the day before my birthday so I say he's my gift to me lol)

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one! And best wishes for your 27th year! I sure had fun with 27 and miss it already! :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope your up coming year will be a fantastic one!! And I have done those things with a pencil and a string to see if I was having a boy our or a girl. They always seem to be right. So weird!

  6. Happy Birthday Chelsi! I hope that 27 is a great year for you.

    The baby game worked for one of my kids, but not the other.

  7. Happy 27th Birthday!
    I really enjoyed my 20's. But I am really enjoying my 30's too!
    You look great!

  8. Baby Game- WORKED!

    Happy Birthday compadre'. I'm July 9th- but I am WAY older than you!

    You are beautiful in both photos, and do you know why? Not the fact that your features are symmetrical or that you have pretty hair or nice eyes- Its the fact that you are a beautiful person inside where it counts and where it shines through every part of you!

    Have a Fantastic year of being 27!

  9. Darling, you are gorgeous!! :) I hope you have a fabulous birthday. I remember my 27th. My friends and I went to Italian for dinner and then...rollerskating!!! It was fun. I wish I was turning 27. I'm hitting....gulp, 39 next year and it's kinda scary, LOL!!

  10. Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes. I had a great day...ended it with a good book.


  11. Baby game - no go here.

    You look content which is a wonderful way to enter 27. Happy Birthday!

  12. Chelsi-
    Happy belated birthday!!!! Hope it was grand, and you are just too lovely, girl... :)
    Here's to 27 (virtual toast)!!!

    Now about that baby predictor thingy, it was accurate for both of mine. Too cool! :)

    Oh, and about those tobacco rings...LOL!!!! That joke made me snort my diet Pepsi out. :)

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  14. Wow Chelsi! You are stunning...with...and without make-up. I've been noticing your new profile pic, and thought wow. But I think I prefer your more natural look even better. Only a true beauty can carry that off.

    I hope you had a truly wonderful birthday. 27 was almost 20 years ago for me. gah! I turn 43 this year. So weird. I don't feel it at all....ok, well maybe my body does. lol!

    I did the baby predictor thing and with my daughter, it was wrong and said she was a boy.
    And it was also wrong for my twinling sons, too. Both! lol!

    And what if they would have been boy/girl twins?

    It was fun to do, though.