Thursday, July 2, 2009

Skoal Ring!

(Me with ALL my babies...from Left to Right (as I called them) ... Bo-beena, Bo, Hawky-dog, and Cisco-buscuits)

Over the past few weeks I've posted two polls. The first was the question "Do you own a dog?" and the second was "Have you ever tried chewing tobacco?"

I asked the first question because I wanted to get a feel for how many people out there in bloggerland own a dog. Dogs are a HUGE part of my life and have been for many years... as a matter of fact my DB and I have had as many as four dogs at one time and plan on adding another three dogs to our family in the near future! As such, I hope to write a lot more about my dog adventures and hoped to engage you to share some of your own...which is why I wondered what percentage of you have a dog or two...or three. I truly do believe that dogs are the most fabulous, wonderful and amazing creatures on earth, I could live without one...but I sure the hell wouldn't want to!

Now, the "Have you ever tried chewing tobacco?" question had no such deep or intrinsic meaning. I was simply listening to Gretchen Wilson's song "Skoal Ring" (which I love) and go to wondering who on God's green earth could actually enjoys chewing that shit! Oh, and btw, "I could live without anything-"....including..."a man with a skoal ring!" I had a boyfriend who chewed, so can say firsthand that while that little gray ring on back pocket is most certainly cute, there's nothing tasty about it!

(Music starts about a minute in)
Which is why I must finish with this (warning: mature content) joke....

Prior to her trip to Texas, Lola (a New Yorker) confided to her co-workers she had three goals for her trip to the Lone Star State:

1. She wanted to taste some real Texas Bar-B-Que.

2. She wanted to take in a bona fide rodeo. And..

3. She wanted to have sex with a real cowboy.

Upon her return, the girls were curious as to how she fared.

Lola said, "That mesquite BBQ is so good, the meat fell off the bone! And I went to a real rodeo. It was crazy! Those guys ride wild horses and bulls! It was crazy fun!"

Then her friends asked....

"Well tell us, did you have sex with a real cowboy?"

To which Lola replied:

"Are you kidding? Hell no! You should see the size of the condoms they carry in
their back pocket!!!"

Sorry... it's not that funny.... *snort* But I like it.


  1. ....snort.... LOL.... my Dear Honey used to chew many moons ago and long before I knew him.... good thing he quit too, I don't kiss boys that chew. NASTY, I learned that little lesson in HS, AND the ones that spit in a popcan....AAAAGGGH! GAG!

    Thanks for the chuckle today.

  2. Ha! I love that joke! It's a classic! lol The boyfriend used to chew and I'm just SO glad he stopped. Ick!

    Dogs are definately great to have around. I don't know what we'd do without Cheyanne, even when she does tear up my flowers. :) They have so much personality and are so much fun!

  3. LOL! What a silly song, too. And the joke. hahaha!

    No a skoal ring does not turn me on. ewww. lol!

    Thanks for the giggles, Chelsi,