Saturday, July 4, 2009

Simple Things Amuse...

Simple Minds....

Sorry.... at least I amuse myself!

I took these pictures today while out with Hawky and Hunter. One of my greatest joys in life is sitting back and watching the animals I love play...nothing lightens my spirit faster....

Hawky ready to lunge at a rope on a stick!

Hunter likes to mock Hawky by running in front of him with the ball... he may be little but that bugger is fast!

I love the above pic ! Straight out of the camera.

Hunter is so intense!

The dogs had a great time. We are filling up the old (and badly in need of repainting) pool just so for the dogs to play in during this hot was in the low 30s today!! They had a blast this afternoon and it was only a foot deep! I think they were just happy to cool down. Both dogs are sleeping at my feet as I type this...totally wiped out. A good dog is a tired dog!

Speaking of simple minds...

God I love this cat!! She hung around the pool, climbed in, sniffed around. Totally oblivious to the wet dogs and water! What a nut!


  1. What great photos. You have some beautiful animals!

  2. HAHA Those first pics are hilarious! Love it! Great pics of the animals!

  3. Wow! Hawky has a very very long tongue! lol!
    Your animals are so fun. And I like how you created such a cute storyboard for them. Your kitty is gorgeous!