Monday, July 27, 2009

Chelsi's Favs- Mixed Bag

Here is a real mixed bag of horses I picked out of dreamhorse. These horses stick with the general rule of my faves (2-12 years old, under $7500, AQHA or APHA, western type horses, located in BC, WA, OR, CA, ID, MT). Keep in mind I know little about bloodlines outside of the reining, cutting and cowhorse world but I like a certain shape and type to my horses no matter what their purpose or breeding. That is not to say that shape is all that matters....but what a horse lacks in eye appeal must be made up for in quality of character or performance. Here are a few that jumped out at me and a few words about why I picked them.


HorseID: 1431796 Dual Ladigos - PhotoID: 443270 -  2010-01-16 Days Left: 173

Someone needs to go pick up this mare!

Dual Ladigos
Solid looking and pretty 5 yr-old buckskin mare, well broke, hauled and seasoned broodmare out of a performing son of Dual Pep and a performing daughter of Tigerote (Doc Quixote x Mr Gunsmoke). She also goes to Jacks Doc Frost and San Zone on the bottom side. This mare's pedigree is stacked and she has the look, color and time on her to make her well worth her $2800 price tag!

Second pick:


HorseID: 1433268 All Ready Rebel - PhotoID: 443577 -  2010-01-18 Days Left: 175

Here is a nice solid looking, 6 year old bay roan gelding that looks like he good do a hard days work and then go show the next day. Out of a nice son of Smart Chic Olena (x Colonel Freckles)- All Reddy Smart and going to Two Eyed Jack on the bottom side, there is nothing wrong with this horses breeding! And with a $3500 price tag I think he's well worth the trip.

HorseID: 1403722 Cals Dually - PhotoID: 439205 -  2009-10-02 Days Left: 67
Cals Dually
Like the movement of this mare in her video. Her sire is a full brother to Dual Pep and a money earner himself and I like Mr. Gunsmoke horses.

HorseID: 1395915 Hot Chip Investment - PhotoID: 425870 -  2009-11-02 Days Left: 98
Hot Chip Investment
I really like the shape of this mares top and bottom line, especially the shape of her neck (nice and round on top and short on the bottom with a fine throat latch). She looks like she'd cross well on a reiner though her breeding is WP.

HorseID: 1368562 forbidden cash - PhotoID: 413872 -  2009-08-30 Days Left: 34
Forbidden Cash
Such a sweet looking gelding with a nice square build and versatile look overall (though a little strung out behind in the last picture), clean lines and a nice color to-boot.

HorseID: 1430188 Hot Irish Attraction - PhotoID: 442481 -  2010-01-13 Days Left: 170
Hot Irish Attraction
Sweet looking mare, pretty, balanced, decent breeding and topped off with a nice personality (at least as shown in the video....though dont know why she's not shown under saddle!)

HorseID: 1347163 Iron Man Miss Fancy - PhotoID: 405280 -  2010-01-08 Days Left: 165
Iron Man Miss Fancy
I have no idea of this mare would win any classes but I love the look of this mare in her video, cant quite say why...I just like her!

HorseID: 1417032 Smart Mister Blue - 3 mos under saddle so far - PhotoID: 441214 -  2010-01-08 Days Left: 165
Smart Mister Blue
This is the kind of gelding I'd call a bit catty looking. You might not like the set of his hock in this pic but his video looks much better (in terms of showing conformation, the training he has on him is a matter of opinion). I like him as a cowhorse type prospect, which you can see in his shape and that is backed up by his bloodlines (Mister Dual Pep, Smart Chic Olena and Gay Bar King).

HorseID: 1422803 ***Kit*** Trail horse Extraordinaire - PhotoID: 438391 -  2009-12-27 Days Left: 153
Here is a gelding you might think is overpriced for a trail horse but these colored, big, pretty, square and very well seasoned trail type horses sell for a pretty penny because they make the perfect baby boomer re-rider horse. He's a good example of what will sell to that market.

HorseID: 1413146 One Dirty Investment - PhotoID: 433816 -  2009-09-09 Days Left: 44
One Dirty Investment
Again I love the topline and neck on these WP horses. They have such a pretty natural shape that makes them look fabulous in the bridle.

HorseID: 1436299 **LARKS SMOOTH SCOTCH**NICE GENTLE MARE** - PhotoID: 445084 -  2009-10-25 Days Left: 90
Larks Smooth Scotch
Here is a (depending on taste) not so fancy looking horse that I like because of her breeding and her simple workman type body. She looks a little upright in her hind end but that could easily be the picture. Rugged Lark shines through in this mare, she'd be versatile. 9 Years old, broke, seasoned broodmare for $600! Who wants to pick up a horse for me!?!

HorseID: 1432834 Vejos,Foxy filly - PhotoID: 443850 -  2009-10-20 Days Left: 85
Vejos Foxy Filly
I like this filly because of her flash color, decent looking conformation, age, size, and training (and the fact that she's not been owned by the same person since a weanling) I think she's worth a look at $2500.

HorseID: 1402841 Jac A Boo Pine - PhotoID: 443471 -  2009-10-19 Days Left: 84
Jac A Boo Pine
This is a cute looking red roan gelding with some of my favorite bloodlines and a magic cross in his pedigree- Great Red Pine crossed on Hollywood Jac 86 and Brenna's Kid in there too. Maybe priced a bit high in my opinion.

HorseID: 1432336 Hallies Skipto - STOUT & GORGEOUS PALOMINO - PhotoID: 442992 -  2009-10-17 Days Left: 82
Halles Skipto
A really solid looking gelding that is well broke and pretty to look at. Another good baby boomer re-rider horse.

HorseID: 1424887 Josie Q Quelow - PhotoID: 439399 -  2009-10-04 Days Left: 69
Josie Q Quelow
Pretty palomino mare that is broke (looks like needs a refresher) but is pretty enough and broke enough to justify her $2500 price tag.

HorseID: 1385286 Nates Silly Donner (Dually) - PhotoID: 421172 -  2009-08-09 Days Left: 13
Nates Silly Donner
Well seasoned 14 yr-old gelding that looks like he'd make a good all-round family horse and is priced low enough to make up for a few extra years (that should add to his value, not lessen it!)


  1. My favorite is Vejos Foxy Filly. I love red roans.

  2. I love those buckskins. Where were you a week ago?! LOL

    I guess Canada is a little far to go, though...

    Ah well, I'm happy with my find. I'll be sealing the deal with a check tomorrow.

    Come over and tell me what you think...

  3. Hmm, I don't know much about QH's, but if I could have any one of those, I'd love Halle's Skipto, Hot Irish Attraction or One Dirty Investment. I'm not particularly fond of the droopy headed look on any horse, but it's all just a matter of taste. I still have a healthy appreciation for a good (big bummed) Quarter Horse!

  4. " boomer, re-rider horse..."
    LOL, Chelsi, LOL!!!!

    As usual, I have commented to myself (on DreamHorse) about most of these horses, and I really like Hot Irish Attraction. I also wonder why they don't ride her in the video though?

    Those WP horses all look nice, and I really like Josie Q Quelow. Her ears may be a bit big, but I think it may be the picture too.

    Great pics, Chelsi! I wouldn't be disappointed if I randomly drew any of these horses names out of a bag. :)

  5. After reading Bad Ways to Sell Your Horse and Fugly Horse of the Day, its nice to see that there are some reasonably priced, trained, decently put-together horses advertised on the itnernet. Thank you for posting these, and I hope these horses find great homes. :)

  6. I love, love, love One Dirty Investment! She could almost pass for Casey! And she's over by Steph! Oh! If only I had the spare cash!