Thursday, July 30, 2009

HOOOOOOOOT !!!!! And flower pics.

That post title is suppose to say hot!

I realize it might look like hoot (like an owl) but this heat wave is anything but a hoot! (ha. ha. *blank stare*) We're breaking records here in the Pacific Northwest.... you know... BC, WA, OR.... those coastal places that are suppose to have a moderate climate...not too cold in the winter, not too hot in the summer. Forsooth! (Yes, I actually did just use the word "forsooth"...and no I am twenty-seven.... not seventy-two.)

Why is it that sitting here, sweating, dripping, hot.... all I want to write (in the classic Wizard of Oz cackle) is..... "I'm melting! Melt-ing!!"

But I wont (didn't I just?) instead I'll show you these macro flower pictures I took yesterday....

Flowers that some how or another have managed not to melt in the searing heat of the hot summer sun...

(All of these flowers are from the beautiful hanging baskets Mom bought me for my B-day.)


  1. Lovely that your mom bought you all those beautiful flowers!

  2. fabulous pictures. I wish I could say that I feel more cool and comfortable having viewed them...but no. Still hot and cranky.

    Maybe I should scroll the page back up and look again.

  3. What lovely pictures! We had our heat wave last week - heh heh. Enjoy...

  4. I feel for ya'll having to deal with the heat b/c I know you have humidity also. We have a dry heat here in West Texas, it hits 90-100 during the summer all the time. Doesn't get cool untill November/December, we have no idea what snow looks like and on the off chance God does let us see it the schools get shut down for 1/4 inch of snow. hahaha
    I cannot stand the humidity, when we travel just 2 hrs east I'm ready to die. So, go sit by a fan and take more of those great pics!

  5. Just breath taking pictures! I love them!

    Hope your summer is going well blog friend! I have run short on computer time this summer so my blog is taking it in the shorts - so to speak.

    I may not be able to go back and comment on everything I've missed - but I will read as much as I can.