Saturday, January 2, 2010

Carpe Diem


This New Years is really the first time in my life that I am celebrating the end of and coming of a decade. In the year 2000 I was seventeen and with all the Y2k hype and the rest of the shenanigans going on in my life at the time I really didn't have any perspective on what a decade could mean. Now, looking back I'm not at all satisfied with the use I made of those ten years... of all the things I didn't do, like go to school, travel to Europe, adopt and maintain a healthy diet and exercise program, develop my art, writing and photography and show my horse.... among other things...

But there is no use looking back, right? And so I look forward... but that too causes some an anxiety as I realize that the next time I celebrate such a milestone I'll be thirty-seven... in, three years from forty....

....that most of my beloved animals will no longer be with me or on their last legs...

...that my better half, DB, will be pushing towards sixty...

...that the familiar world of this past decade- my home, lifestyle, etc. will have virtually disappeared...

...and that ten years might seem like a long time but in reality it isn't much time at all....

...looking back to that New Years Eve 2000- at myself as I was then- and all that has come to pass and all of that which didn't... that what I most hope to accomplish in the next decade, if I am so blessed to ring in 2020, is to have made the best of the time that I was given... to go to bed each night with the firm knowledge and satisfaction that I used that day to it's fullest.

My life lesson of the past decade is just that... time is of the essence... a decade can come and go before you blink and eye...

My mantra for today, tomorrow, and for all the days to come will be...

Seize the day!

Carpe Diem

And yes, I did watch Dead Poets Society not that long ago!

What is your mantra for 2010 or for the next decade?


  1. The best we can all do is live each day the best way we can and appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives. Try to change what doesn't work or get rid of it. My goals are to stay healthy and have fun with my horses and family.

  2. Good thoughts - I'm more than twice as old as you, and believe me the days don't go any slower as you get older - just the opposite.

    My main goal is to be here, now - which ends up in somewhat the same place as your goal, in the end!

  3. My mantra?

    "Shut Up and Ride."


  4. It is always weird when looking at our age, just last year I said I was only 15 years away from 50. Looking at it like that, it is so different!
    I didn't get much accomplished in the last 10 years either, well, I got back into horses, I have gotten more done in the last year, then in the last 10 years all together!
    Hope you accomplish all your hopes and dreams!
    Happy New Year!!

  5. I'm twice as old as you too, and then some. Yes, seize the day, because, when it comes right down to it, it's any of us have.

  6. Chelsi!!!! I am back!!!! I must admit that I am pretty comfortable with the decisions I made over the last decade, and guess what??? By the time the next one hits, I will be 45 and the mother of an 18 and a 20 year old. Crazy.....

  7. Ha! you are such a young'n!
    I like Seize the Day.
    Mine for this year is DO IT!
    And lets! All of us- Do IT!

  8. All very true and you're a very smart young girl to know all this : )) Hope you and your animals have a blessed 10 years to come.

  9. Oh honey, I'm FORTY and loving it!!

    I wouldn't go back and do my 20's over again for anything. That is just a decade that no one ever seems to be satisfied with.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my 30's. Plan on relishing my 40's and living life to the fullest in my 50's. After that....we'll see if I'm ready to slow down.;)

    What do I plan on in the next decade?...Going to see how far Moon can take me, going to enjoy every single ride on Shooter...and all the others, anxiously await more foals, watch my daughter graduate, spend every minute I can with MH and help him as much as possible, do a little rebuilding on the ranch and I'm even thinking I need to go back and get my Accounting degree.

    I hope the next decade give you much happiness and a sense of fulfillment Chelsi.

  10. Put your big girl britches on and JUST DO IT!

    Really tho' my mantra is a George Carlin saying:
    "It isn't the number of breaths we take that matter.
    It's the number of breaths we take that take our breath away."

    That one hits me in the gut every time I see it....

    Happy New Year.
    Oh. And just get the darn horse. You sound like me 3 years ago. Yes? No? What if? I finally just threw up my hands and decided to live a little. Best decision I ever made....Gave me purpose and oh so much more....

  11. This is the decade when it comes together. I see the pieces coming into focus. I continue to breath life into the dreams and watch them become solid.

    We have made it through a tough time and we are going for it!

  12. It is kind of weird to look back over a chunk of time - like a 10 year period... In 2000 I was 26 and had just been married for a few months. Seems weird to be heading towards 36 now. I'm trying to stop looking back too much also - doesn't seem to help much.

    My mantra lately is "every day is a gift" - I've been telling myself that every morning and trying to do something sort of interesting every day...

    Hope 2010 is great for you!!

  13. My mantra is "live like you're dying". I want to live my life to its fullest!

    Have a great new year!

  14. I turn 30 next month......ugh....I then will be old.....I don't feel like I am 30 though! Maybe I am in denial!! I don't think I have a saying for this year. I haven't made any goals, I am a slacker. Maybe I am in denial of the new year too!

  15. Darlin' you are so young! I am nearly forty. Gulp! A decade from now....I'll almost be a little old lady. LOL! Actually, ten years from now seems really close, but when I think back 10 years, I was a completely different person at age 28, and in a different place in my life. So I'm sure the same will be in ten years.
    I hope you have a fabulous 2010, my dear C!

  16. p.s. time does go faster when you are older, so while it took the last 10 years a long time to get here, the next 10 will come much faster! I hate that!!

  17. Sure makes you think about the passage of time...unfortunately, Pony Girl is right, the years keep coming faster the older you get. I love your new mantra - in the end all we have are our experiences. I live my life as if each day were the last, and I'm so glad I've done that.