Tuesday, January 5, 2010


(Photo of darlin' Buddy boy, my sister's dog.)

Does anyone watch the show Dexter? My sister has been bugging me to watch it for some time now... pushing it actually... like some kind of illegal substance... she said it was addictive but oh-so-good... I just had to try it...

Then, last week, she mailed me Season 1...

And I watched it...

All of it...

In a matter of days.

Now, I'm the dealer... pushing it on my friends, trying to convert them to my cause.

What is Dexter?

A gruesome, bloody, deep, dark and funny television show about a serial killer named Dexter. Sounds fabulous eh? Only it is. Because Dexter, despite lacking virtually all forms of human emotion and morals, lives by "the code"... a vigilanty code that keeps him from becoming truly evil. Oh.. and he also works as a blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department. It's entertaining... really... trust me... why dont you try it... come on...try it...

Go on... I know you'll like it!

Ok... so some of you wont. Maybe even not many of you. But for those who "get it" Dexter is truly addictive. Here is the intro...


  1. I have watched the show, never wanted to, but my Neil always watched it so I kinda saw it and now i watch it as well, kinda catching!

  2. I don't get HBO (I think it's on HBO?) so I haven't seen it. I have always thought it sounded very interesting, but then I like shows like that!!
    I may have to just buy the DVD!

  3. It is a good show...took me a season or two to get hooked...but wait to you see how this latest season ended!!!!

  4. I've heard that it is really great...hmm...I'm just wrapping up a series now, perhaps Dexter will be my next one...

  5. I love Dexter and can not wait for a new season!

  6. Ok, I've heard this so many times before! Alright, so I broke down and added it to my Netflix list....

  7. I have seen it before - but am not hooked. I don't have alot time to watch TV - so shows I enjoy, that push it (and themselves off of network TV) are Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy, and No Reserveations. All are excellent shows with good acting, good plot and good comedy. Even though all are different times in the year I think I would go nuts trying to add a fourth addictive show....

    If you haven't see Sons yet, you really should....

  8. Way ahead of ya, totally hooked!

  9. Dexter is da bomb! It is the only show I watch faithfully! In fact, I wanted to start watching this season and watched all 3 seasons in one week prior to season 4's start! I am an addict... How will I make it till September? Oh Showtime, PLEASE air it sooner!

  10. Dexter is Awesome!! My hubby and I have watched the first 3 seasons. Every night he would ask me 'shall we see what's happening in Dexter's world?' My answer: of course!!! and it was so hard not staying up all night watching. Now just waiting for season 4... impatiently to come out on dvd. No showtime for me :(

  11. That show is crazy good. Season Two..half way through...I don't like Jimmy Smiths character...a little too bizarre...hard to top Lila but he is getting close.

    Other favorite shows I downloaded recently..Californication (love it) and Jersey Shore (so ridiculous I can't stop watching).

  12. Never seen it...might have to give it a try sometime! Right now I'm hooked on Gilmore Girls- kind of random, but I got season one on clearance. I watched it when it first came out, and off and on throughout the next 6 seasons, but never clicked with it. But lovin' it now! Funny, huh?
    Great pic of the doggy!!

  13. I've heard that it is a really good show but I've never watched it. I did watch the complete series of Life on Mars. That's a great show, about a present day cop in 2009 that wakes up in 1973. You don't know if he's dead, in a coma, dreaming, alien, or what?