Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I dreamed I blogged in my Maidenform Bra!

Well I am just stunned at the results of my latest (but not creepy) poll. For those of you who dont know I have this weird little inner voice that has a peculiar obsession with poll topics.... it's like this... I'm doing the dishes when, for the umpteenth time, I knock over the dish soap that DB insists "goes" on the windowsill. I think to myself that most people would think that the dish soap "goes" under the sink and in my desperate search for validation I consider putting a poll on my blog asking, "Where do you keep your dish soap?". But it doesnt end there. I then think this is really a question of "Does your husband have a say in household affairs?" or maybe better yet, "Who is the neat freak in your family"..... or "Do you have a dishwasher?", "Did you grow up with a dishwasher?", "Do you worry about dishwashers being eco-wasteful?", "Do you try to be eco-friendly?" and it goes on from there. It's weird. I know. But once my mind get's to thinking about poll questions it runs out of control.

Hence my latest poll. My question, the last in a series that started with DB complaining about the natural disaster site that is my underwear drawer and that ended with this odd thought about how women do up their bra (back or front). And see! I was right to be intrigued because I would NEVER have guessed that the solid majority (65%) do it up in the front and then slide it around to the back! I would have laid good money on the results being just the opposite. But maybe that is because I'm a "in the back" girl. That doesnt sound right.

In looking for pictures to go along with this post I found a site with advertisement photos from the Maidenform Bra's ad campaign of the 50's and 60's that featured the line, "I dreamed I _______ in a Maidenform Bra!" I think these ads are adorable! Here is a link to where you can order prints of those shown here and many more!
What would you dream of doing in a Maidenform bra?


  1. Too many hooks to try to do it behind my back. Besides, as one ages, it is just harder to REACH around ones back to do such things! But, my sports bra (Enell brand) hooks in front. All eleven hooks!

    Oh, dishsoap on window sill above sing most of the time, never under the sink

  2. Ditto, dish soap goes near the sink, under makes it too far away to reach!

  3. I tend to stretch my bras too much if I try the "in the back" method (and no, that does not sound right, lol). I feel it's gentler to the bra to clasp in the front.

    Dish soap - small bottle on counter near tap, refill larger container under sink :)

    And most dishwashers use less water than even the most water-stingy hand-wash method. I can't cite my source but I just heard about this research about 6 months ago.

    I definitely try to be eco-friendly.

    I love responding to polls :-D

  4. I love to RIDE MY HORSE; OF COURSE in my Maidenform BRA! Hahah! Wouldn't that make a grand picture!Hook in back, slide around front. No wires either-hate 'em.
    Soap dish? That is for the bathroom- dishwashing soap on the counter and that cleans my hands too.
    Love my dishwasher and I don't care.
    More questions? I got answers!
    PS- I love those ads too. I buy old magazines at the flea markets just for the ads~ the Old Western Horsemen are a stitch for the horse stuff, and I have some ladies magazines with victorian corset ads from the late 1800's!Plus as you know I collect photographs of corseted women and kids on ponies. Weird yes!

  5. Sports bras. No hooks.

    Okay, when have to get the fancy boob lifters, I'm a back girl too. (you're right, that is not a good way to put it).

    Dishwashers rock. They save water.

    Dish soap goes in the pretty pump thing I bought years ago, the big bottle goes under the sink.

    I have NEVER been a neat freak. And it shows.

  6. I missed your poll! But I hook it in the front and swing it around! So much easier! I do like it when my hubs undoes it in the back, whuahahahaha!! okay, I digress!

  7. I love polls and yours especially!
    I hook my bra in the front and turn it around. I could never reach around and do it in the back. I am not very flexible!!
    I have to keep the dish soap on the counter next to the sink, my OH prefers it under the sink, but I put a stop to that one. He thinks it's ugly on the counter, but he never does the dishes, so I got my way!
    Have to have a dishwasher, hate hand washing dishes. Hate it!
    Keep the questions comin'!!

  8. I would dream of being several sizes smaller so I could wear skimpy little French tees without wearing a bra EVER again.

  9. You are a funny lady!

    Dish soap - normally under the sink, but the M-i-L bought us a fancy dispenser thingy, so I put some in that and still have the big bottle under the sink...

    Love the dishwasher - make sure it is full to the brim before running it...hope it is not to much of an eco-waste. I try to be eco-friendly when I can...

  10. At 36, I'm still waiting for my breasts to grow - think there is still a chance?? So, no bra most of the time...unless riding of course, then go for the sports model (no hooks) or a support cami.

    Dish soap...right next to sink.

    Dishwasher...mine has a "conserve water" button and an "energy save dry" button that I always use just to make myself feel better.

    Love the ads! Too funny!

  11. You know what's sad? I distinctly remember my mother's bras looking just like those and I dreaded ever having to wear a bra.

    Thank goodness, times have changed and we moved away from the "missiles ready to launch" look-LOL.

    Glad to hear your lesson went well. In a pinch-polo wraps work well too, in lieu of half-chaps. Using vet wrap is too expensive-heehee.

  12. Torn rotator cuff and limited rotation mean I will always go to the front. Once I tried the back and ended up with a semi-frozen shoulder for a couple of minutes - lesson learned!

  13. Hey! Oprah endorses us back girls!! She convinced me to switch. =)

    Oh, and dish soap definitely under the sink. I hate clutter (not that you'd know it from the current state of my home)

  14. Hook in back. Dishsoap sits next to sink. Refill under. Dishwasher. YES!! I have four children(one still lives at home--failure to launch???) and now I have a dishwasher. Sometimes life just ain't fair. And, I dreamed I went to Australia in my maidenform!! Cause its warm there.

  15. LOL! You are just THE BEST, Chelsi! I can usually count on you to get me chuckling!