Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The English Saddle- An instrument of torture.

Today I had my second English riding lesson....if you could call what I did "riding". While I absolutely loved every minute of it there is no doubt in my mind that the English saddle was designed as an instrument of torture (for the out-of-shape rider). I am not going to claim to have stoically bared the pain- I actually called my instructor "evil" at one point... though of course she is anything but. I am actually thrilled with my instructor , she is really nice, very good at directing me through a problem and blessedly encouraging. I like her- even if she did make me ride two point until my legs burned, my knees shook and my expression became set in a look that can only be defined as, *I am going to die, sweet-mother-of-.... holy shit, I'm going to die! "

Did I mention that I loved every minute of it?


Though I have to admit that at times I was really frustrated with not being able to meet the physical demands of riding.... with being unable to will my protesting muscles into the right position. But it will come with time. And because I rode hard and pushed my body to the limit today, I'm one step closer to getting to where I want to be tomorrow. And that feels good... even if my legs are gettin' fit to stage a strike :)

I am going to see my lease horse, Jewel tomorrow and will be sure to get some pictures to post. I might have to walk to the barn like a eighty-year-old bowlegged cowboy but by god I'm getting on a pony again tomorrow if it kills me!

Till then. Cheers! *downs two Advils*


  1. Wait until you enter the stage of posting without stirrups. hehe

    When do the jumping lessons start!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, if you can walk today LOL! Can't wait to see pix of Jewel.

  3. It might hurt now but wait til you see what great looking legs you'll get from this! Riding in an English saddle is a great way to get it all in shape. Have fun.

  4. True about getting into shape! I actually ride my barrel horse in my English saddle so I can keep some leg strength up! I'm so excited for you and glad that you're back in the saddle again.

  5. You crack me up. I love riding English. But you are right, when it's been a while your body feels it. You'll get it!! And to second what someone else said......wait until posting with no stirups!!:)

  6. I know that feeling. When I learned to ride horses (some 20 years ago) I started with english, and a short couple of years later I switched to western. About 15 years after riding western I went and took a few english lessons again and oh my Lord I was in pain!!! It felt impossible to make my legs do what the instructor wanted them to do!

  7. I sure know the feeling of wanting your muscles to do things they just plain can't do.

    After two years off from riding, the first time I got back on a horse I felt like a toddler, my legs were bumping around and I couldn't hold steady. I took up yoga to remain in shape between riding.

    The best cure? Ride, ride, RIDE!

    Can't wait to see pictures of Jewel.

  8. While my English saddle is extremely comfortable, I totally agree with you regarding the pain! Even though I am in pretty good shape and can ride rough for hours in a Western saddle, just 30 minutes in my English saddle kills me! I feel the burn for days. Can't wait to see pictures of your new pony!

  9. Not to worry - you won't even notice the it all becomes old news to your muscles...

    And the saddle will become more comfortable than a western saddle when you get used to it - sounds hard to believe right? But it will.

  10. Ha ha! You poor thing. I will be feeling your pain soon, I'm afraid. Tried to do some squats this week in prep. Highly doubt that will help.
    Ah, I remember those two-points from my h/j lessons! I also had to post SO LONG without stirrups, it killed me. It does make the legs though!
    If I don't like the saddleseat, I might end up doing some huntseat. I'm staying positive I'll like the SS, though!
    Can't wait to see pics of Jewel.

  11. Just remember that its good exercise!

  12. Must be a cheap English saddle - the kind used to torture riding students ha ha. The REAL English saddles are comfy and plush leather and will cost you as much as a fine couch.

    Keep up the hard work. If you can ride English you can ride anything!