Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Abominable Spinning Lady Results

I was shocked at home many of you thought this spinning lady "went both ways"! Har! Har! (*blank stare*) Ya know... both ways... *nudge wink* whatever.


Of the fourteen respondents (country girl and oregonsunshine didnt actually give an answer:)

3-Started clockwise (then changed)
3-Started counter-clockwise (then changed)
1-Clockwise (no change)
2-Counter-clockwise (no change)
3-both ways

Add to that "clockwise (no change)" my vote. I can not make her change. No way, no how. I cant fathom how anyone can see her go any other way... however, if I scroll down so that just her feet are showing (below the knee) I can make her change direction for a half rotation.

What is it suppose to mean? Well, if you first see it go counter clockwise you are left brained and those who saw her first spin clockwise are right minded.

I found this website that listed common characteristics for left and right minded people. The most primary characteristic in everything I've read is the left minded tend to be "thinking" (logic) while right minded tend towards "feeling".

I found an article that I think really best describes the difference between left and right minded. Click on the links below to go the page (no penile extension products offered... promise.)

Left Minded

Right Minded


  1. Wow. Thats so cool. I only saw it going clockwise, even after staring at it for a good twenty minutes trying to force myself to see it the other way. So I went to read the link you posted. Has someone been stalking me?? Everything in there was pretty true if I though about it, except for maybe the being bad at math. Nice job, and thanks for educating me.

  2. I went ahead and left a comment in the previous post (in case you were still counting :o) I already knew I was right brained, all the way down to the mathematically challenged statement *grin*. Forget the facts and figures; just gimme those Crayolas!

  3. Fun!!!!

    As a social work/psych major, I already knew I was wacky to begin with though...lol!!!!!

  4. I only saw her spinning clockwise. Must be subliminal advertising, because now I have an uncanny desire to go bra shopping.