Monday, July 19, 2010

Hawkydog says HE has the best sandbox!

Paint Girl posted some adorable pics of her two dogs going nuts in the"biggest Australian Shepherd sandbox ever" (her new arena.) Hawkydog, never to be outdone, told me I had to post these shots of him going nuts on a stick in the biggest Australian Cattle Dog sand box ever (at the river).

Something tells me that Sadie, Bailey and Hawky would have one heck of a good romp if they ever got together:)


  1. That is just too cute!! Anything that has dirt, sand, mud in it, the dogs have to play in it.
    You know, you don't live too far away from me, we should get the dogs together for a play date sometime, I bet they would go CRAZY!

  2. I love dogs playing...its good for the soul, IMHO! He is so darn cute!! ( : Thanks for the smile!

  3. The canine afflication and obsessin with sticks seems to be an ever increasing problem.

    Lil, our Border, lives and breathes stick play. Our only solution is the throw and throw and throw.

    Great pictues!

  4. What???? No name yet??? I think that you better take that one that your mom suggested. ; )

    And, Hawky dog definitely looks like he is having a great time in his sandbox.

  5. There's a name for you, "From the Sandbox" :)

  6. Hee hee! Great pictures!! I bet Hawky would love to play with Sadie and Bailey! I got your email and will reply soon....been super busy and hadn't even been over to gmail in two months! Sad! :( Glad to hear you are well-- curious to hear your new blog's name! Love the ? at the top...maybe that is your answer?? ;)