Monday, July 12, 2010

"What's In A Name?"

I have been having trouble coming up with a new name.

A few of the rejects....

"Adventures in Chelsi's Wonderland".... to fanciful
"Adventures with Chelsi"... to boring
"Messy Musings of a Melodramatic Mind"... ?....yah, that's what I said.
"Quest for the Big Girl Panties".... sounds kinky...
The Writter Who Cant Spell... somehow pathetic
"Spell A Yarn With Me" ... sound's like a knitting blog
"No Country for Little Girls"... just sounds creepy.
"Divine Secrets of the...".... oh who am I kidding.
"Diary of a Desperate Housewife, I mean Partner, (but not in a gay kinda way)"... just doesnt roll of the tongue.

There is more. And shockingly most of them are worse.

Seriously though, I'm working on it.


  1. i'm feeling sad cuz i loved your title Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind and when i first saw it, i was instantly jealous i hadn't thought of it first.

    yah, you probably remember that cuz i told you in 2008: ) i just borrowed on your theme a bit, with the crazy.

    ~lytha, horse crazy american: )

  2. Tit, tat & tattle....
    Reflections of a muddled mind....
    Magical Rhythms of thoughts...
    Mystical Minds.....
    Questions & Relections....
    All in a day's thoughts....

    Okay....just a thought....


  3. Ooooohhhh...I like your mom's "Reflections of a muddled mind," Chelsi. That sounds just like kidding...kinda! ; )

    It takes one to know one, right????

    Seriously though, that is a good one.....

  4. LOL....thank you Melanie!!!!! I thought it fit perfectly too and your quite takes one to know one...she comes by this naturally and the fact that you get it too, welcome to the club!!

  5. I like your first one. Sounds playful.

    One also came to mind just now:

    Not So Subtle Nickers and Neighs.

    Sort of fits how you write. Anything goes and you say what's on your mind. :)