Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grrr!!! Blogger!!

How anticlimactic is this?!?! All that talk of a new title and format and what do I come out with....a new header and some dark blue background!! *smile* Let's just say I am VERY frustrated with blogger and am disappointed in my header. As for the title I'll get in to that later.... I am running out the door now but will write more soon.


  1. I'm frustrated, too, and I just haven't dealt with it yet...sigh...

  2. I've barely done anything with my blog design because I find it so frustrating. That said, I don't see anything wrong with your layout and like the header. Crazy things could be lurking anywhere!

    As for your title - I swear I was going to suggest that but didn't get around to it.

  3. I feel the same way, I just had to redo my blog because my chosen background was no longer available. Must say though, I'm happy with the outcome. I'm sure with some more tinkering you will be able to find something that "fits".

    Also, love the header.

  4. I love the header, it is great! I even like the blue!
    Don't worry, you will come up with something, it always takes time. I ended up going with plain ole' white, even though I am a more colorful person! But it has grown on me, somehow!

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