Saturday, November 1, 2008

Body Dysmorphic Distorder

I am certainly not trying to make fun of a very serious condition.....but.....I think that my Hawkydog may have body dysmorphic disorder. DB and I have always had a running argument about what constitutes a healthy weight in our dogs. He likes him fat and has trouble determining when they have gained weight...Now, in all honesty, I REALLY aught not to complain about that, seems how it just may apply to how he views my weight fluctuations! But just because I am fat, does not mean that I tolerate my animals being fat....which is a whole different psychological that has me feeling just a trifle pathetic at the moment....hmmm.... The dog! The dog is fat! The problem is that while I may buy the food, DB is the one that actually feeds the dog. About a year ago I put Hawk on a really low cal diet after he weighed in at a hardy 72 pounds. The perfect weight for Hawkydog would be just over 65. He did fairly well on this diet until a few months ago when he started to really back on the pounds. I complained and tried to make DB see the light but he insisted that Hawk was not that fat and that he had not gained weight more than a few pounds. We made an over/under bet (and fun little wager *wink*) about whether he was above or below 75 pounds. Poor DB didn't stand a chance. Wanna know how much Fatty weighed in at? 83 pounds. Eighty. Three.

Our dog is a freakin sausage. So, Hawky has been on put on a very strict diet that has left him with the firm belief that we are in fact trying to starve him to death and his usual exercise has been increased ten fold. Well, apparently, DB is not the only one who failed to notice that he was not quite as small as they one were.... leading me to question if Hawkydog may have case of body dysmorphic disorder....

Because he clearly does not fit in this bed.

Or in this chair.

Its okay don't need to look ashamed. Its not your fault your Daddy made you fat!

"Hey, Mom! Why don't we go and check out what's in your closet! Huh! Still hanging on to those jeans from high school...Ha! Keep dreaming. Who has the disorder now?!"

"I love you even though your a fatty too!"

Ouch! Hawk, that hurt. That really hurt.


  1. Our golden retriever X rottie really packed on the pounds.
    Then I found out why... Pie had been feeding her twice as much at each feeding as he was supposed to :O

  2. We have trouble keeping our dog's weight down too. They are definitely like people, in that their metabolism's are all different too.

    He is a handsome boy, even if he is a bit!!

  3. Hey now- Jo The Wonder Nanny Dog saw this post, and wanted me to pass along to Hawky the following thought:

    She too weighs in at a lovely, solid 80 pounds. Even though she is only half ACD, she says that she and Hawky have NOTHING to worry about. Winter is setting in afterall, and they need to have some extra love handles to insulate them from the cold.

    RIGHT. Like either of our dogs has to fend off the cold outside!!

    Hawky sure is a handsome fellow, and I can see why Jo is smitten with him! ;)

    I gave up on the pre-baby clothes. Broke my heart, but the baby is now two years old, and reality hit-- one 11 pound child and one 8 pound child, and my body has not, nor does it plan to, forgive me anytime soon. I may loose weight, but my abdomen will NEVER be the same again! ;)

  4. OMGOSH!! What a CUTE dog!! Is he a Cattle Dog or Kelpie? I have a Kelpie...she's the best!

  5. Hey now - I am siding with dog. I think he looks healthy! LOL

    Poor hungry dogie - you're such a mean mother to want your dog to live a long and healthy life! Wink wink.

    Bet ya he looks at you with those big dogie and your resolution melts before you know it.

    One of my friends put her mini ausie on a diet and the poor thing walks around the house staring at her empty food dish - I can't help but throw some extra kibbles in it when she's not looking... just looks so sad and hungry... - dogs play us like fiddles ya know and they are so good at it.

    Liked your ghost story! Read it in one sitting instead of reading part one and waiting for part two - that drives me nuts waiting once I've gotten into a story...

  6. He is SUCH a cute dog! I want one of those cattle dogs one day! I love his tail! :)