Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is it!!??

When DB phoned from the big city to say that he was bringing me home a little something, I was of course, very excited.

When he said that he had bought this "little something" from La Vie en Rose (a lingerie store) I tried to sound enthusiastic but secretly, my heart leapt into my throat.

As most women know, men tend not be particularly good in the sizing department and lingerie just happens to be, if you are anything but a size two, *ehem* something that needs to fit juuuuust right to look good.

So, was I was happy when my DB arrived home with a little blue bag under one arm? Yes! I knew that regardless of what it was or how it fit, my DB would make me feel beautiful.

As it would turn out, he did quite well, though the item he bought is actually a little small.

Would anyone venture to guess what that "little something" was???

Ahah! But I have posted some pictures..

Now, I know this looks a little scary....

It is very fuzzy and very pink!! Oh my!

But it does have a little embroidered butterfly on it... this is good! But whatever could it be!!

Fear not....

For he bought me slippers!
Pink, fuzzy, warm and very comfortable (though just a tad to small) slippers!! To top it off, he also bought me a caramel apple from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (my fav!), ensuring that I will not be slipping into a size two "little something" anytime soon! But guaranteeing him a big smile and an even bigger kiss! What can I say......
What a man I have..... What a man!


  1. Whooohooo!! Rock on DB! ;)

    Sure makes life GRAND having guys like ours eh? ;)

  2. Your slippers sure beat my green wool socks! also your cat has very pretty blue eyes.

  3. A friend of mine is assitant manager at our La Vie En Rose.
    Her hubby looooves to tell other guys where his wife works. lol

  4. ooooo I need a niec new pair of slippers. The puppy has made her attempts at killing my current ones.

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! My favorite! My sister is a welder and does all of their display cases, etc, at their shop downtown. Every time she goes out there to put in new things she brings back goodies!

  5. Aww, how nice! In that first picture that was showing all of them, I thought they were on your legs. I was like hmmm, like fuzzy bloomers??? I'm so weird, I'm sorry. Chocolates and slippers :))

  6. Ahh that was thoughtful.

    Count yourself lucky kid - I can count the times Chris has picked me up something jus because he was thinking of me on one hand (excluding our first year together) so you are very fortunate to have such a sweet heart!

  7. Oh and btw, I see you have added Hunter-Dog to your side bar. I don't think I have heard of him yet? Where'd that cutie come from?

  8. Whew - I'm relieved for you! Slippers are good. I know how I would fret if my hubby brought me a little something from the lingerie store...but fuzzy, warm slippers AND a goodie!? Give that man a kiss for me too, would ya??

  9. YAYAYAYAYA!!!! They go perfect with EGGNOG!!!! You cute little snuggle,fuzzy foot girl!