Saturday, November 15, 2008

Speaking of an era of Romance....

Ironically, after my post yesterday, this evening one of my favorite movies will be on TV..... a movie that captures the romance of a lost era...

......that speaks to the heart and soul of every and any hopeless romantic and that could shatter to pieces the of hardest emotional armors!!
My friends...The Notebook
I LOVE this movie....

The fashion....

The beautiful scenery.....

the romance,

The passion....

...and oh....oooohh! The drama.

I think this is the kind of movie that you either love or hate. Which was it for you?
Gotta go...the movie is starting:)


  1. One movie I am yet to see, but have been dying to! My honey isn't the chick flick type, and he is usually the one to pic a movie up on the way home as he gets home from work earlier than me. And at that I'm usually out in the barn until bed time. I'll have to have a girls day one of these rainy days (although today was nice and sunny, the blankets even came off the ponies!) and add this flick to the ones I have seen.

  2. I liked that movie, but the ending kinda got me. Loved the costumes/hair.

    Oh - by the way - I gave you a silly little award over at my blog. Check it out when you get a chance...

  3. Sorry, I'm going to rain on the parade! Never saw the movie because I disliked the book so much! I have read about 4 of N.Sparks books and I think that they all are the same. He has a formula that "tugs" at the heart strings and I dislike feeling that I'm being told how I should feel. Does that make since?

  4. Good book, good movie, and in the word's of Mrs. Mom..."nuff said!!!" LOL!!!

  5. C-ingspots- glad I am not alone!

    Natarojo- You HAVE to see it!!! But make sure you are in the mood for some corny romantic mush! and to know be hyper critical of cheesy lines or predictable stories! I said I loved the movie, I did not say it was good! LOL... With that being said, i have watched it a half dozen times!

    Laura- Are the costumes not out of this world! They make me want to be one of those crazy ladies that walk around dressed up like that to go to the grocery store (even if it is not in fashion!)

    Aunt Krissy- I watched the movie before reading the book. I hated the book. I dont like N.Sparks as a writer at all and was shocked that it was so bad (sorry to those who liked the book!!) The movie was so visually rich and the stars had such strong chemistry (they fell in love in real life) that I think it makes up for what is missing from the story. If you watch the movie, be sure to put the book out of your mind, they did not stay true to the book at all (IMHO)

    Melanie- sorry, I didnt like the book at all...but that is common dont you think? When you read the book first, you hate the movie or visa versa. Like I said above, the visual aspects of the movie, the music, costume, the beautiful scenery, all makes it good for me...not the story alone.

  6. I had never seen it until last night. It was on the Family Channel and I guess they cut the bathtub scene. Either that, or it happened when I ran out to feed the horses during a commercial.

  7. ABSOLUTELY loved this movie...own it and could watch it a hundred more times! Such a sucker for cheesy romance!

  8. Hmmmm...

    I have the book and have been thinking about giving it a shot - after everyones comments here I think I will watch the movie first and see how it goes.

    I read "message in a bottle" ?? Was that what it was called? Liked the book - liked the movie, but haven't tried any of his other stuff.

    A girls days sounds fun, I don't have many people around here to do that with though. Most my horse buddies live literally hundreds of miles away, my best friend lives in Wyoming - and my girl friends around here are not the "girls day" type.

    So I don't get to do that very often - unless its with myself.

  9. I have to tell you a funny story. My two girl friends and I saw this movie at the theater when it was first released, one afternoon, none of us had read the book. So we had no idea about the story but we were sobbing uncontrollably at the end (like, trembling chin sobbing.) I remember walking out of the theater, going home, and crying off and on for two days (I know, I have issues.) But seriously, we were all three completely WIPED OUT emotionally after seeing it.
    I just watched it again on t.v. last month, it was equally good, but I didn't cry as much, LOL! :) Great acting, great time it!

  10. The Notebook.......
    I bawled the first time I seen it. My 17 year old says its her favorite movie. I still get teary even though I know whats coming. The ravigages of altzhimers, the love story........On Golden Pond is one of my favorites too.

  11. Ok OK its to eary to make a good effort to spell hard words LOL