Saturday, November 29, 2008

*sigh* My Hero....

I am trying to better understand what makes up as women attracted to our fictional male heroes. The men in movies, books, and tv that make our little heart's go pitter patter. The McDreamy, Mr. Darcy and James Bond type characters that enchant us.....

Right now, I am watching the Witches of Eastwick. What could any woman, let alone three beautiful ones, find attractive about Jack Nicholson's character?

I am starting to understand that it is the perfect balance between the good boy we love and the bad boy we crave.

Do you agree?

Here are a list of 10 common qualities, that we, as women, tend to be most attracted to.




-desired by other women


-leader/admired by other men



-self confident

-strong emotionally and physically

What do you think?
Please comment with as many qualities of your own as you like or suggest fictional characters that stand out in your mind.


  1. Nobody can make me laugh like my husband. I know that he always has our best interests at heart. I trust him with my life.

    So I guess that's a sense of humor, sincerity and trustworthiness.

    But then again, I'm a lot older than you are, and that may have something to do with it. Except for my horse, I gave up bad boys a long time ago.

  2. When I read this the first thing that popped into my scary mind was RICH!
    Honestly though I think responsible and humorous come to mind.

  3. Capability is HUGE for me. I have to trust that the man I'm with is highly capable and can take over in a situation and won't lead me astray. I've been with only 2 men in my life that have provided the sense of security that comes with being able to handle any crisis that may arise, and I get to marry one of these guys in October! The other one? Well, I could set you up with him if you don't mind a bit of crazy lumped in with a ton of cocky! :)

  4. Honestly? The longer I am married to a man, the more I think that I can take care of myself just (I think!)!!!

    Seriously though, you touched on the qualities that come to my mind as well. :)

  5. I like:

    Self Confident

    I also like a man that has morals and sticks to them.

  6. Oh and Problem Solving skills are a big turn on to me - like my man, he can be a regular MacGyver when he wants to be, and can fix almost anything.

    Wish he would apply those skill to his marriage every once in a while.

  7. Obviously I like my bad boys. But My Honey is the first one I have ever had that combined the bad boy aura with intelligence, wit and capability. One of the things I love about my man is that you can take him out of the strip club and throw him in a room of upper crust he is just as at home. Finding someone who is capable of blending in any environment is difficult. Well, okay, My Honey don't blend very well, he somehow always manages to draw a crowd.;)