Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meesta! Meesta! You wanna buy my Seesta!

"Mister! Mister! You want to buy my sister!!" (for those of you who could not translate the title.)

Did I mention that I have a sister? No! Well, let me tell you. I was SO excited this evening when I read the first ever comment my sister posted on my blog! She is not the computer junkie that I am, nor does she have even a hint of equine addiction, so I didn't expect that she would keep up on my blog as she has.

Did I mention that my sister is beautiful?! No! Well, let me tell you. She is gorgeous. She has the height that I have always longed for (and the flat tummy too!). She is as dark and exotic looking as I am pink and plump. She has flawless olive skin, a full bow shaped mouth, huge almond eyes of the funkiest amber color and a great smile. Her beauty glows.

Did I mention that she is my big sister? No! Well....Being my big sis', she was always the boss and being the "lil' sis", I was always a real brat. Most of the time I caused her nothing but grief. She didn't know then how much I looked up to her, or how I envied all the "big girl" things she got to do first, like make-up, ear piecing or getting a drivers licence. She was always the responsible one, the babysitter and the one that had my back.

Did I mention that she is goofy, sweet and funny? No! Well she is! I love the way she laughs, the way her face turns red and her eyes stream tears. I love that she cries easily, (even at commercials) and that she can laugh at herself for doing so. She is a goof....She trips, she falls, she cuts herself on things people aught not cut themselves on. She can look at you (especially after a few glasses of wine) and give you this blank eyed, goofy smile that I challenge anyone not to laugh at.

Did I mention that I love her? No! Well, let me tell you. My sister and I did not always get along growing up. "Not always" basically means rarely. We spent a tremendous amount of time together, and subsequently spent a tremendous amount of time fighting. But if there was one thing I always knew, it was that my sister loved me. I knew, because she told me every day. I wish she knew how much I always loved her in return.

One undeniable aspect of my childhood is that my sister was always there, a strong, consistent and loving presence. I realize now how exceptionally important and valuable her strength and guidance was to me as a child.

I have always loved my sister, with all my heart, but am so thankful that as woman, we have found each other as friends.

Did I tell you that my sister was beautiful? Yes! Well, let me tell you again....She is! Inside and out.


  1. That is so sweet! I don't have a sister, just four younger brothers. After reading your post, I feel as if I really have missed something.

  2. That is a real nice post - am jealous I always wanted a sister when I was younger. Some to share the stuff with them that I couldn't really share with my brothers.

    You may not have them, but count yourself lucky.

  3. I love my sisters. I have 4 of them, no brothers. My Dad is a lucky man. Thats what we tell him!

  4. What a lovely post! My younger sister and I were like oil and water as kids. Now we are the best of friends. We are lucky enough to share the love of our equine friends.

  5. Ok, you can not make fun of my cat anymore when you have that photo of Halle! That looks like Boot!!!!!

  6. Oh I am glad to see I am not the only one feeling like I missed something not having a sister! How sweet, what a great post! I'll bet you are just as beautiful, no.. I know you are! Inside and out as well!
    PS I made my younger brothers "dress" like girls growing up?! Does that count! hahahah!

  7. oh did I tell ya that I like your seesta's seesta!!!!! ... a warm loving piece of writting here about your seesta!!!
    family is what life is about...

  8. For anybody who is wondering, the seesta is definetly a gorgeous women and the sista writing about her sista is equally as beautiful. Both with brunette hair, one with incredibly blue eyes and one with golden rich brown. True warm spirits inside and out, there is also a handsome brother with the same blue eyes. I love them all and proud of them for they each indidually have something to enrich the lives of people around them.


  9. Chel,
    I just have to say that I love, love, loved this post!! Not that I don't love all your posts - you are such an amazing writer & you always have me either laughing or crying while I'm reading. You have a gift!
    But the way you described her, was so perfect!! I don't think Fel knows quite how beautiful she is. And you obviously don't realize how beautiful you are as well - those gorgeous blue eyes - I'm glad you pointed that out Linda!!!
    Anyways, keep writing Chel!!