Sunday, November 16, 2008

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday (or at least the hour of it that is left) I know the whole I idea of a "Silent Sunday" is to not write anything...but, oh what the hell! I took these pics of LuLu today...I love the textures and the way the patterns in her coat and the patterns in the wood mesh...

(So....for me "silent"is 67 words!)

And what are LuLu's thoughts on the matter? .....


And btw, I'd like to thank Laura over at Littlekeebler for giving me this award!

(So make it 83!)


  1. Lulu is a honey! I think that she is hoping that you will take more pix of her because it makes her feel so very important.
    And i loved the pix and story of your Poppie,

  2. Love the pictures! Lulu is so gorgeous. What kind of cat is she??

  3. Lulu is a very beautiful cat.

    Congrats on the award too!!

  4. Gorgeous kitty with that "How Dare You" look in the last photo.