Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am the Goldilocks of the Horse World

I am the Goldilocks the of horse shoppers. I want things "Juuuuust right"!!! I didn't realize just how fussy I have become about a horse's conformation until this morning. I am not talking about correct or incorrect here, I am talking about the personal preference for "type" in Quarter horse's, something that I have developed to an acute degree...not to long, not to tall, not to angled in the shoulder or height in the hock, one that is "juuuuuust right". Obviously Quarter horses are a veritable breed with such extremes that range from the massively muscled halter horses to the teeny tiny cutters but within each type lies a variety of types as well (ie- Hollywood Dun Its vs. the Smart Chic Olenas).

This morning a good friend wanted to help me out by sending me some horses she had found for sale. All were nice, correct, and pretty Quarter Horses under 15.2HH and stocky in type but in a glace I could tell that none of them fit what I like. What I was struck by is how incredibly critical I am of Quarter Horses and how difficult I find it to find the beauty in types that do not fit my ideal and yet in other breeds, no matter how dramatic in type, I am able to view the overall picture in its simplicity and find that each horse has its own intrinsic beauty.

Some of my friends *ahem* (you know who you are) are more loyal to one breed (the Quarter Horse) than they do not find other breeds "cute" or even beautiful. For example, much to my friends disgust (in good humor of course) I found this little mare adorable!....
She does look like if she had just one more bite of hay she just might explode! She is a particularly fat example of Fjord, a breed known for being particularly hardy and one that I have long admired. One day I would love to own a Fjord. As a matter of fact, when I am a gazillionnaire and can have all the horses I want..... I'd also like a Frisian....

And an Icelantic pony! Have you ever seen one of those little things do their "flying pace" it is amazing!!....
And some type of Draft....

I also wanted to be the first Canadian to import an Australian Stock Horse but some little be-otch in Alberta beat me to it!

I also wouldn't mind having another Old Stock Arabian like my man ol'Rocky...

Mind if I keep going? Good! Because I have always wanted a Canadian Horse!

A mustang.

A Rocky Mountain horse with their unique and beautiful color!

And last but not least....why a donkey of course!

What breed, no matter how lacking in function, have you always wanted to own? Money no object and you can have as many as you want!


  1. Ooohhhh...I saw the Canadian Horse at a horse expo down in Oregon, and I totally fell in love with them...beautiful and versatile!!!

    If I could have anything at all, I would definitely go for an Andalusian...you know, like the one that Russel Crowe rides in the movie "Gladiator?" Also a Friesian (who wouldn't want one of those?), and last but not least, a well bred Crabbet Arabian.

    Honestly though, any breed of horse would do...it just has to catch my eye...lol!!!

    PS- I have a hard time not running out and snatching up horses right now to, and I am even looking at mares...thanks to BEC!!

  2. I think Gypsy Vanners are gorgeous! But that really would be a loooong way down!

  3. I think that you have what it takes to be a Pony Cousin!

    Join the fun and find out if you would "fit in" by checking out this page: Highlight the address; copy it; paste onto your browser.


  4. Well, you might as well be picky about confirmation - you need the horse to be appealing to you and to suit your needs, right?

    Oooohhhh - I would totally have one or two of all those breeds if I was a gazillionaire!!! lol

    I very seriously looked at Canadians when I was horse shopping, since I'm so close to Quebec there are lots around - but most of them were wwaaaayyyy to big for me. The average is around 15.2hh and they are stocky. Beautiful though. *sigh*

    On my list - my all time favourite - Lipizanners (my friend from high school lives in Sweden and breeds them now: http://www.classicaldressagehorses.com/index.asp?lang=1033) Andalusians, Connemaras, Newfoundland ponies (http://www.newfoundlandpony.com/photo_gallery/index.php?limit=16),
    and maybe an Egyptian Arabian while I was at it. I would also love a black and white overo paint aaaaaand a fancy european warmblood of some kind...

    Guess I'd better go out and buy a lottery ticket!

  5. I want one of everything. lol. Fresian too is my all time favorite. But I want all the drafts, Clydsdale, Belgian (since I am part Belgian), Percheron, and especially a Shire. I've always been partial to those as well. I'm with Laurie on the Lipizzaner. That used to be my dream horse. I will say right now though, that my paint mare is pretty special to me, even if I wouldn't mind getting a horse that actually liked me :) and wasn't so dang crabby.

    I say we all move close by each other and have time share horses :)

  6. An Appy

    A Big Old Shire

    A mini that could pull me all around town!

    I too have wanted a Rocky Mountain horse.

    And I also want a Fjord!

    Of course I will stall the mini and the Shire right next to each other. I would get a special small stall gate for the mini so he could see everything.

  7. Ohhh-I want one or two of lots. I just got stuck with the QH/Paint stock horse type because of the barrel racing thing. Oh, I know other breeds could do it, but I don't see any of them at the NFR...well there was that Welsh cross that was there one year-but it is pretty much ruled by the QH's.

    Anyway, my wish list includes:
    An Arabian-I would prefer a bright sorrel with a very flaxen mane and tail and a narrow blaze. If it has socks it either has to have two or all four(my grandpa had one just like that, that all of us kids loved to ride).
    A Friesian-I love that big, thick neck and their manes and forelocks. I would settle for a poor man's Friesian though(A Morgan/Shire cross)-I rode a couple of them for a friend of mine and everyone thought they were Friesians.;)
    A Peruvian Paso-No color preference there. But boy would I enjoy watching the looks on the faces of the local cowboys when I headed out to help move cows riding one of those-ROF!!
    An Appaloosa-A red leopard one. Preferably with somewhat of a mane and tail.
    A nice Mule-I almost bred my old mare to a Jack one time, but chickened out.
    And for Megan-The cutest dapple grey Welsh pony I could find. They are just such tremendous little jumpers-she would love that.

    About now you are thinking how strange it is that I could care less what color any of my QH's are, but have such specific color requirements on my "wish list". I guess if I had to own just one or two horses-I would have to be very particular.

  8. Soo many horses soo little time!! I would really have atleast one of each! Maybe two...hmmm! I too have a strict out look on how my Quarter Horses should look, but find others adorable, without knowing a lot about their breed standards... A little off point, b ut I recommend a donkey for entertainment value, I have two and they are a constant source of entertainment!

  9. Nikker- Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have to tell you that I was never much of a donkey person (I didnt dislike them I just didnt have any desire to have one) until one day I was driving down a farm road and saw a little baby donkey running circles around his momma in the field. This little critter was just so full of joy and you could almost hear him say "Weeeeee!!!" as he galloped around up and down the hills. OMG I could have just died he was so cute. I could not stop laughing...this went on for at least 5 minutes. Ever since I have wanted one!

    Melanie- Some Canadians are more drafty, some stock type and some are just plain nasty but most are really beautiful. I have always wanted one. And they are SO versatile! Andalusians scare me ever since I did a clinic with two, they are too expresive for me...in horse language it is like they are yelling when I like horses that whisper. If you stuck Russel Crowe on one...I might just change my mind ;)

    Leah- I love the romantic quality of Gypsy Vanners! They are so bold. It is funn you would say, " but its a loooooog way down" b/c I was just saying that to a friend who is buying a draft. I like my ponies for that reason:)

    Saddle Mountain Rider- I am TOTALLY a pony cousin! Love you blog and stop by all the time.

    Laura- I use to want a Dumbblood..whoops...I mean warmblood until I was in a warmblood barn for too long. They are so freakin beautiful to watch. I use to jog around the arena on my little QH and they would go dancing by me with such grace that I felt like I was riding a donkey but I like the catty mind of little horses better. New Forest pony would be cool!

    Ezra- I like the time share idea! I love drafts, they are just sooo sweet.

    Stephanie- An appy! lol I had no idea! ;) Fjords rule! I am suprised at how many people want a draft! I had to lol at the mental image of the shire and the mini. I always said (though I know it is SOOOO mean that if I ever gained another 100 pounds I'd have to take up driving minis!) MEAN!!

    BECG- I have never heard of a "poor mans friesian!! LOL that is tooo funny! I was thinking of putting a Peruvian on my list but after getting the mental image of going to cut cows on one I had to stick it back in. lol Oh and a MULE!! They say that if you can train a mule you can train anything. They can be really cool. My arab had four white socks and a big blaze and flaxen mane and tail...plus a little coon tail and roaning on the flank! Now that is bling! Welsh ponies are gorgeous and wickedly athletic!

  10. That's funny because I do the same thing. Quarter Horse's are my number one, and I am very critical of the conformation of my and other QH's.

    But I have this wish list of other horses that I just want for fun and they don't need to be "my ideal":
    Draft Horse (to ride because that would be so cool)
    Shetland Pony
    American Indian Horse
    Tennessee Walker

  11. I know this is an older post of yours, but that "draft" you have there caught my eye. I'm about 95% certain that it's actually a Fell Pony. They're exquisite movers and have really been breed up nicely in the UK.

    Ms. I

  12. I would LOVE to have an Appaloosa(or an Araboosa- Arabian/Appaloosa. I came up wit the name)

  13. May I use that image of the Canadian horse for a layout on 'Howrse' please?

  14. Anon- I am sorry but I am not the right person to grant you the right to use it. Thinking about it now I'm not actually sure I have the right to use it but this blog is not used for profit in any way so I think that changes something. Regardless, good luck finding an image:)

  15. ...happy to hear that you too wanted to import the Australian Stock Horse breed into Canada. LOVE THEM!!! Yup I am that girl who imported them ;)You must stop by and check them out sometime...coffee is always on.