Thursday, November 6, 2008


My animals are honored members of our family. They are not toys. But one of them just happens to be labeled as such. We didn't recognize this until LuLu was almost a year old. This cat has just got to be one of the prettiest, sweetest, and stupidest cats I have ever met. She makes your heart swell with love and will "talk" to you if you talk to her. I say, "Lu's a Booo! What are you doing, a Booo?!" and she says, "Meow!" and looks at you with her big blue eyes. "Whats a Boo doing!? Are you confused?" And she says, "Meow!!??" and then flops on to her belly and rolls around all the while talking to you and purring fiercely...she is a doll...but is by no means a TOY!

Can you see the TOY written in the tabby markings on LuLu's side? Here is a hint....


  1. It looks more like a bullseye to Not that I would ever think of using an animal as one obviously. I will keep looking harder.

  2. ok, ok. I was focusing more on the dark colors looking for toy, not the light. how funny you would notice that. I'll have to study my animals to see if they have anything cool like that.

  3. Oh too cool! But she surely sounds like a wonderful wonderful kitty!!! Thx for sharing her with us. :)