Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cowboy Poem

I was over at Pony Girl's blog and after reading her compelling (and well written I must say) post on rodeo, was inspired to put up this poem for you all today. It is one of my favorites from the movie 8 Seconds (based on the life of legendary bull rider Lane Frost). The movie is a must see but it is the poem is what stuck with me.

(sorry if I dont get every line right)


There is a hundred years of history

and a hundred for them all

gathered in the thinkin' going on beneath his hat

The cold flame burns within him

till his skins as cold as ice

and the dues he paid to get here are worth every sacrifice.

All the miles spend sleepy' drivin'

all the money down the drain,

all the "if I's" and "nearly's"

all the bandages and pain...

all the female tears left dryin'

all the fever and the fight

are just a small down payment on the ride he makes tonight.

Its guts and love and glory,

one mortals chance at fame

his legacy is rodeo

and cowboy is his name.

-Baxter Black


  1. I like it - very nice. I am very fond of Baxter Black.

  2. Great poem. If you hadn't said it was one of Baxters I might have thought it was Chris LaDoux!

  3. Sweeet poem!

    And that photo screams out 'HELMET!'



  4. I was over visiting BrownEyed Cowgirls blog and seen your blog name and thought I would pop in and say hi!! And what's funny is I too yesterday was over at Pony Girl's Blog and I was compelled to write my own blog on rodeo LOL!! So I guess she was an inspiration for us both!! Love them poem!!!

  5. Great movie and a great poem! :)

  6. I love Baxter Black. And I'm with Vaquerogirl, sounds like shades of Chris LeDoux.

  7. I remember that poem from the movie, but had no idea it was written by Baxter Black. Ya learn something everyday!! It's a good one.

  8. I love this poem, thanks for sharing it! I JUST saw this movie on Valentine's Day this year! It was great....I always loved Luke Perry, thought he played the character well. So sad at the end. Have a great weekend...I'll email you soon! ;)