Monday, December 1, 2008

Cutie Patootie

As you all know, I like to horse shop! And I have quite the cyber stable in my favorite file! So I thought I would share a few with you today. Every once and a while I come across a horse that seems to fit the bill perfectly, age, training, looks, breeding etc. but for some reason they do nothing for me. Other times, a horse doesn't fit the bill at all, and yet there is something about them I am inexplicably attracted to.

Here is one of my favorites.
He is a gelding. Strike one. He has no reining, RCH or cutting training. Strike two. He is not well bred. Strike three. He is nicely conformed but not exceptional in any way. He is bay (non colored) and not conveniently located (8 hour drive away). This gelding should have been a quick click, two second glace, and click back to the list kinda guy. But he found his way into my favorites. Why? Because he is a cutie patootie!!

Check out the video. You can skip right over to the good part by scroll to 3min 45sec in.

Cutie or what?
Here is another...this one is a QH x Draft mare. Unbroke. But just look how stinkin' cute she is!


  1. I am in looove with that bay horse!
    My "drawbacks" are that its a gelding. Bay is fine but I don't like white on the legs. And the tiedown on a horse that really didn't look like he needed one.

  2. Just curious, but why would you not want a gelding? Well, besides the obvious of not being able to breed him?

  3. Hmmm...could the reason why you like the bay be because he looks kinda like another horse you were fond of?

    No worries - I am a pro at doing that! Find something kinda black and with white feet and I am all over it. I will even doing it without realizing it until later.

    I love geldings - I know some people prefer mares but I have found geldings to be more consistent in competition and over all easier to show. And as a bonus if you are seriously competing you do not have to Regumate them to keep them from going into heat.

    I could talk my head off about the positives of geldings to all of my friends that are "mare people" and I will never convince them though and that's alright you are allowed to like mares - they need people to love them too.

    Of the 3 I've had I have only liked my Gracie.

  4. My husband HATES our mares. Anytime they throw any fuss, he blames it on their gender. I always say ok, which horse was it that kept bucking me off?? NOT the MARES. He said he would never own another mare, but I wouldn't be so sure, they are just so much more expressive. Yes, cranky sometimes, but I think any horse can be.

  5. You have such good taste!!! That bay sure is a cutie. Love that big, thick hip. But then, that gray mare is super cute too.

    I must be one of the few people who don't care what sex they are. I just like a good one. I did prefer mares when I was younger, but I think I was lucky that the ones I had were never "mare-ish". I've actually only ever had one in my life that was a pain when she is in heat. Now I have a gelding who is a royal pain in the butt. He acts like he is in heat, permanently.

    Keep on showing us your favorites though...cause you make me drool every time.;)

  6. I've always bonded more with the mares. And IMO when you've got a good bond with a mare they will try SO much harder for you than a gelding.
    Then again I've never had mares that where "marish". And I do think that a lot of people automatically blame poor behavior on hormones when its a mare. I've seen gelding that are/were waaaay worse behaved and the behavior would just be ignored.