Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 Stud Fee: $22,500

(Warning: Todays post contains content some may find offensive, more specifically- ephemisms for semem- Get over it.... It's my blog and I'll talk about love java if I want to!)

I was checkin' out studs today...'cause thats just what I do. I'm talkin' horses here... honest. In reining your top sires run anywhere from $3500- $7500... Reined cowhorses are about the same. WP'ers, HUS, Barrel horses, Halter horses, you can get a true Legend for under $7,500- easy..... But with cutting horses that kind of money will only buy you a good, producing, performing and solid stud.... but not a great... No, not a great. 'Cause with cutting horses its all about the blood! If you want to get the Mojo of a true great, a Legend.... you gotta pay, baby....oh, you gotta pay big...

For example, the truly freakish, truly awesome and nearly untouchable High Brow Cat....

I went to his website today and found this:

-"Stud Fee for 2009: $22,500

+ chute
Thank you!
Booked full for 2009"

You might be asking, who in God's green earth is High Brow Cat and why in tarnation would anyone pay $22,500 dollars for his love serum!!?? (I've read one to many Nora Roberts books, havent I?)
High Brow Cat is a phenomenon in the cutting world. You see as in Thoroughbred racing, so much of what makes a cutting horse great comes down to pure and simple genetics. And, when the stakes are high enough (as they are in cutting events) and you have a stud that produces freakishly cowy get with a unique style combined with a sought after flare (as High Brow Cat does), you can demand the big bucks for his baby batter. (Dont look at me like that, I didnt make it up!)

Let me hit you with this stat:

In 2008 his 445 performing offspring won an average of $16,688 a day!

A son or daughter of High Brow Cat won the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity (the Kentucky Derby of Cutting) in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

His offspring have won over $33 Million

So the answer is, people pay $22,500 for his swimmers because they make money, moo-lah, deniro.... And lots of it.
Oh yah, and they look pretty damn hot doin' it too...

Now there just happens to be another Legendary sire that demands a hefty price tag and shares a common name, the great TB sire Storm Cat.
His stud fee in 2007 was a cool half mill ($500,000). Yah.

Like I said, its all in the blood.

And you gotta pay for the good stuff.
Lets leave you off with some video of the only cutting horse that statistically can stand up to High Brow Cat...
The truly awesome, the Legendary Smart Little Lena.... (fast forward to a minute in for some cool footage of him cutting)


  1. I had the opportunity to buy a Smart Little Lena daughter last summer. Unfortunately, she blew out her hoof pretty bad and had some other health issues so I passed on her. I've been kicking myself a bit ever since.

  2. **Whipping Drool**** We have a good friend who is a cutting trainer and he just bought a super nice Freckle's Playboy colt, oh my goodness, talk about nice. I have a thing for Freckle's Playboy. But that Smart Little Lena, dang he sure could get down!! But that High Brow Cat is a bit more expensive than Peptoboonsmal. You are so right, if you want to win you need to have the blood and if you want that you gotta have the money to show for it. But there is nothing like riding a nice finished cow horse!

  3. Yowza - that is quite the price!! I guess you have to pay to compete at those levels...

    Just think, for only $5500 USD, you can get a dose from a double Olympic showjumping medal winner! (Hickstead)

  4. Yes, and Smart Little Lena's offspring, Smart Chic Olena, is a whopping $25000, and has been for several years now. At least 5 years.

  5. I know nothing about this stuff, but I know that I am impressed.

  6. Well, that just depresses me. So close, yet so far away!

  7. Pretty amazing. I don't know much about horse breeding, but I always wondered this: if someone spends $25,000 to breed to one of these guys, then is the resulting colt/filly worth that when they are birthed out of their dam's womb? Or is that just part of their potential worth? Seems like an awful lot of money to spend on something that is a maybe.

  8. Woohoooo! It's so darn exciting watching serious cutting horses at work. Talk about adrenaline!!


  9. Rediculous! I bought a mare for $750 and she's the best I've got. ALso I love Hawkydog (I have an ACD myself)

  10. You didn't forget did you? High Brow Cat is a grandson of Smart Little Lena. Maybe the natural cutting horse ability came from that side of the family. Hmmm?

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  12. I have a Smart Little Lena son and he is bred same ad High Brow Cat, altho reversed. His dam is a full sister to High Brow Hickory. Pedigree name is Site Seeing