Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Lazy Afternoon with LuLu, Bitty and Hawkydog

The animals in my household have it pretty rough. As you can see in the above photo. Yesterday afternoon we decided to chill out on the bed and have a little photo shoot... because, to be honest, I had absolutely nothing better to do... and I love my animals....

LuLu is always game to have her picture taken. I swear this kitty was a blond haired-blue eyed supermodel in her past life.

And then there is my Miss Bitty... Misfit, Bitty-Boo, Bit, Bitmyster, (enough?) Bitty has a thing about tails. You see all of her sisters go outside be she does not! Oh no! She most certainly does not. So she has to live vicariously through them by sniffing their tails the moment they walk in the door so she can try to decipher all of the bizarre and wondrous things they rubbed up against during their foray into the (way too) scary (for Bitty) outside world.

While Bitty had her sniff-fix I took some photos of her delightfully deep, soft and downy looking fur!.....

If you think of these pictures in an abstract way (not as fur) they take on a whole different look.... like the one below....
While Hawkydogs fur looks like a photo of a sea of grass bent and blowing in the wind, (shot in black and white).....
Anyone care to take a guess what part of Hawk's body the below photo is of? I loved the different depths and directions of his fur.....

At this point I had focused far to much attention on everyone else and Loo demanded the spotlight again by striking this fabulous pose!....

Actually, last night I was watching Planet Earth (amazing!) featuring a Snow Leopard that reminded me of a big, fierce, wild (and very large) looking LuLu.... Here is Loo evoking her inner Leopard!....

But Loo, she only had to give me one of her dear, sweet, 'deer -caught-in-the-headlights' "???!!!??" looks to remind me that there isnt a fierce bone in this kitty's body!

I love my babies!


  1. What great pictures of your babies! I love the nick-names! We do that too. I did a post about it recently. Life would not be the same if we didn't have our critters!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the blue eyes and Bitty's fur! Very cool!

  3. I guessing that is hawk's belly and part of rear leg...

  4. What pretty babies you have. And such beautiful photos you took of them. Our cats certainly are not that photogenic.

  5. Aw...wish I could spend a lazy day like that! ;) I think that is Hawky's tail/um....curve of the upper hind leg area (I didn't define that very well, sorry! :)
    Great photos!

  6. Rear end?

    Your kitties are just so pretty...and photogenic, too!


  7. Love those pictures. the one of the abstract looking fur looks like a hawk or eagle face to me. Those blue eyes are mezmerizing.

  8. *price is right announcer voice* Congratulations PG and Lisa!!! You have correctly guessed the "Name this Body Part" challenge. Please come to the window to claim your prize. (there is no window, btw..)