Friday, April 10, 2009

Blasted Blooming Bloody Buds of April

I am cursing the flowers.

The F'in buds of April. The bloody green grass and friggin' bloomin' blasted cherry blossoms. Bastards!


Sorry, I had a little outburst.

Every year... without fail... from about April till the end of June, you will catch me scowling fiercely at anything that blooms... you may hear me natter something unintelligible... a string of profanity as I eyeball an offending flower, tree or lawnmower....

Yesterday, I tried to ignore the throb between my eye brows.... The congestion in my nose.... My itchy eyes and lack of energy... I moved about the house sluggishly... trying to deny the obvious...

It is here.

Cursed. Seasonal. Allergies.

Excuse me while I cry. *wipes tear from cheek*

And please excuse me if for the next month or two I become ornery (or more ornery than usual, I should say). And if I swear occasionally for no good reason. Oh... and if I dont post much because I am too busy running around town with a chain saw and a box of kleenex cutting down every stand of Cottonwood, Alder, Rhododendrons, or Cherry trees like some long haired, red eyed, snot nosed logger gone postal!

Sorry. I'll be back sometime in July.

Till then, my friends. *aaaaachhhoooo*


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! And for whatever reason, it seems as if the damned allergy season hit like an atomic bomb this year. I've warned my manager that I may choose to go through the next few months in a Benadryl induced fog. If you want a partner for your chain-saw escapades, I'm in!

  2. LOL, Chelsi, LOL!!!!

    I used to have that problem, but I am now cured. However....I have been so stressed with school, that I have gone and caught myself a nice, lingering cold. You know the kind that lasts for six weeks??? Yep. I have it! :)

  3. Go to your pharmacy and ask them for the saline solution to rinse your nasal cavities. Sounds gross but highly effective. My doctor recommended this for me.
    Just a thought.

  4. Oh I hate allergies!! I get hay fever really badly!! I totally understand!!