Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Breed Post

Melanie over at Horses, Kids and Homework has inspired both today's and yesterdays post! The topic of horse breeds always gets the conversational juices flowing. While I am a HUGE fan of the American Quarter Horse there are many other breeds that I love as well! Some for pure aesthetics, like a Friesian...

Andalusian or Lusitano
or a Rocky Mountain horse (for their unique coloring)
while other breeds I respect for their ability to excel in specific disciplines... like a Hanoverian, Oldenburg or Holsteiner (in show jumping and dressage.)

Actually, I used to board my little cutting bred quarter horse mare at a facility that imported and bred Hanoverians... I remember jogging around the arena on my little pony while these gloriously animated and enigmatic, gladiator size horses trotted by me with all the grace of a prima ballerina shashaying by a hobbit.

It gave Ellie and I bit of a complex.. but then we could spin or stop better than they could... so there! *sticks tongue out*
Some breeds like an Arabian...
Appaloosa, Morgan, Thoroughbred...

Standardbred, Welsh Ponies, Drafts and a cross of all of the above I've had enough personal experience with that the draw, while still there, never quite exceeds the interest I have in my favorite, the reining, cutting or RCH bred Quarter Horse.

There are even some other lines and types of Quarter Horses that I'd love to have, like a really nice Western Pleasure horse, a Hancock, running bred, and/or a big ol' Two Eyed Jack rope horse.
Also, their are some rare and unique breeds that I'd like to see in person, like a Criollo...


or Nokota...

And I'd love to ride a gaited Tennessee Walker and Saddlebred, Peruvian Paso...

or an Icelantic in my lifetime...

Actually, a picture of these amazing itty bitty little horses doesn't suffice...

Check this out!

I did ride a gaited horse (other than a Standardbred) when I was 13 or 14 but I don't remember anything but that it was "weird and like, totally cool!"

Of all the breeds, there are but a handful that I would like to own in my lifetime, (besides a Quarter Horse) because I like the ability, temperament, breeding history and the package those attributes come wrapped up in...

Those breeds would be the:

The Mustang...


And Fjord...

These horses often come pony sized but they have a heart as big as any horse and some really neat attributes.

Which horse of all of the above would you most like to ride?


  1. Oh i would love to have a Fjord! My family is of Norwegian decent so I have just always felt like I ought to at least give them a try!

    And you had me sold on Aussie Stock horses.

    Oh Oh Oh - One day (one day at band camp - he, sorry had to do that) at my first Zone show here in Washington, some lady who had watched me warm up my own horse asked me to warm up one of her Saddlebreds - she just came over and said "Dear could you warm this doll up for me? I have two other to get to and he's just a puppy dog, I watched you ride you'll do fine."

    I didn't even think before "SURE" was out of my mouth - my mom just about died. He was this HUGE beautiful black thing. Rode like a couch I wanted to buy him. She was busy but help me get him into a few of his gaits - it was sooo cool! She even stuck a ten in my back pocket after I was done and tying him up.

  2. Oh Oh Oh!!!! If you get the chance, try a Paso Fino!!! I have a feeling you will LOVE the feeling that a good Paso with "brio" will bring you, as he corto's along!!! (I spent a WHILE with a variety of really well bred Paso's and I tell ya what- I'll be getting me several when the time comes!!)

    AND!!! I got to ride some Icelandics too. WHAT A BLAST!! And the Tolt is totally excellent to ride. Feels like you are FLYING!!

    Have fun! I hope you get the chance to ride as many of the gaited breeds as possible!

  3. Mmmm! Andalusians, Friesians, Lipizzans oh my! I think they're awesome and it's not just aesthetics for me.

    My first horse was a Saddlebred. We rode huntseat and western. I still miss him very much. Actually, I think I'm looking more for a bond like I had with him in a horse rather than being breed specific. Just *like* that bond, not an exact replica because, you know, that can never happen.

    My daughter has developed a crush on the Ukrainian Saddle Horse. I don't know much about the breed other than a little blurb and a couple pictures in a book. They're not here in North America.

  4. Put me down for one ride on each. Although if there is not enough to go around I'll try the Andalusian and Lusitano's.

  5. My neighbors have Gypsy Vanner Horses - a rare carriage type breed. They're pretty neat. While I have QH now I miss the Arabs with the big trot. So much fun to ride! There are so many interesting breeds out there that all have their purpose its too hard to choose just one.

  6. I'll take one of each, please!!! lol

    If I had to pick, I would love to ride a Lippizaner - I've always loved the way those horses look. They also tend to be on the smaller side (compared to a Hano or other warmblood). I have a good friend in Sweden that breeds them. I need to book a trip to go see her someday. I think importing a Lippizaner (or trying to find a good one in the US) is something I'll do someday.

    I don't have the balance to ride saddleseat, so the gaited horses don't appeal to me as much. Although, I've heard wonderful things about pasos. (again, smaller horses... :-) I've been lucky to ride arabians, a swedish warmblood and Canadians a bit, so that helps satisfy the urge to ride other things than my old appy!

  7. Just look at what we've!!!!!! I absolutely adore Andalusians, and they should have some cow sense too, right??

    As far as gaited horses go, we have had two TWH, and I was not impressed (they were my grandfathers' and sisters' horses). They were both beautiful (and kind of resembled your Canadian Horse) but I personally found them to be uncomfortable after awhile.

    Paso Fino's and Iclandic's are an experience too, but I tend to go for breeds that are multi-purpose. I mean, you could ride HUS, WP, Dressage, and trail on one of them, but let's be realistic, right??? LOL!!!

    Also...I hate to sound snobby, but I want a breed that is popular and recognized in the show arena. Of course, several of those breeds have been bred unsound or menatally unstable, so I guess this leaves me in a quandary!! :0

  8. PS-I LOVE old style Saddlebreds too, with their long, straight faces, and their upright necks. There is just something about them.....

  9. In my youth, I lusted after Andalusians. There was a lady in the Hills who raised some beautiful ones. I always dreamed of breeding my black mare to her stallion so I could have my very own Azteca.
    I dearly love Arabians and 1/2 Arabians. I owned a 1/2 Arab for awhile and just loved covering the country on her. She was a plain bay, not exactly what I wanted, but by golly, she was 1/2 Arab!!
    I rode a Peruvian Paso once. That was incredible.
    I find all the breeds fascinating. If I didn't need a specific type to accomplish what I really like to do competitively, I suppose I would have accumulated a rather motley crew of assorted breeds by now.

    I became rather facinated with the Australian Stock Horses after you posted about them...did a bit of research and low and of their foundation stallions was an imported Oklahoma Star bred stallion named Jack Hammer. Our Oklahoma Star bred stallion has Jack Hammer on his papers. I've been meaning to do a post on just gave me the incentive.;)

  10. I was wondering if the Australian Stock Horse would get a mention, I wasn't sure how well known they are overseas. But good girl!! =)

    I always have been and always will be an Australian Stock Horse girl. They are such alrounders I can find whatever sort of horse I need without stepping outside the ASH breed.

    My mare is part Quarter Horse, and I have always dreamed of riding a fully trained QH around an arena, spinning and stopping. But that's still pretty close to the ASH, so I'll venture further. I'd love to see what a gaited horse would feel like, but it would probably take me a while to get used to it!

  11. Well I love all the baroque breeds, I currently own registered multi-gaited baroque Spanish Mustangs and have owned both Paso Finos and Peruvian Pasos in the past.

    Obviously I love gaited breeds. I've ridden several including the Standardbred, Rocky Mountain Horse, TWH, MFT ect.

    But put gait with Spanish baroqueness and Yowsers!!!


  12. Oh a Fjord! They have such great temperaments!
    And their manes are cool looking!
    And I'd love to have a big Drafty- and drive it all around!

  13. Great pictures and cool breeds! Hmm.....I guess it'd be fun to ride something totally random and less common, that I might never get to ride again. Like a Saddlebred, a Peruvian Paso, an Andalusian.

  14. Ooohhh! Our friends have a Icelandic and we just visited them on Sunday, and while sadly, I didn't get to ride, my friend/neighbor Val got to ride the Icelandic tolt! I even got a brief video of her, too.
    I'll post it in a couple days for sure. Those Icies are just so darn CUTE! I want to just hug 'em and brush their thick manes and tails.

    And with my bum knee, I wonder if a shorter horse would work better for me than my 15.2 mare.

    The Fjords have such pretty manes and tails, too.

    I know this'll sound nuts, but I've always wanted to just SIT on a Clydesdale or Percheron. lol!

    Great post Chelsi!


  15. I do like Hanoverians but they arent my favorite to ride, I ride a variety of sport horses including Hanoverians, oldenburgs, holestiens and a stable full of Arabians. I'd ride the hanoverian though!

  16. Your choice of photos is outstanding. Absolute beautiful quality.

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  19. I reckon a horse I would love to ride a beautiful Hanoverian or a delicate Arabian.

  20. Quarter horse are of course my favorite (hunter style, medium build). My little gelding is only 14.25 hh
    My favorites are as yours, also asthetic, The Andalusian is my next favorite, followed more reasonably by the Morgan and then the Kentucky Mountain Horse (so closely related to the Rocky Mountain Horse... just smaller ;-):

    the above is the same size as my quarter horse ;-)

    but something I have always wanted to see... the Akhal Teke.

  21. Well Hello fellow horse lover! I love the photos, and am reminded of my youth, when I had time to dream about the most beautiful of God's creations- the horse. I was lucky enough to love a 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Quarter horse buckskin outlaw named Sierra. Sierra was on her way to the meat factory, when I met her. My cousin let me keep her because we developed a bond. No one else had that bond with her. She wouldn't perform for anyone other than I, until she was old and not so opinionated. My rides with her were so special. I would love to ride her again. Unfortunately, I outlived her. It is sad that the horse's life span is so much shorter than ours. Although there are some very beautiful horses on your post, and it would be great to experience all their assorted gifts, there is just nothing like the communion between horse and rider that happens when you both love each other. Also, it has been my experience that the Arabian horse has a loyalty that is hard to beat.