Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fjord or Haflinger Anyone?

Alright, lets cover this quickly, shall we? There are two horses that come in a pony size, the Haflinger and the Fjord. They are both never, and I mean never referred to as a pony! Despite their size these horses are surprisingly devoid of the usual "small man syndrome" attitude that usually accompanies smaller animals... (and men...but that is a subject for another day....
Did I ever tell you I once dated a man with a particularly bad case of SMS? Nasty little fellow he was... tried to compensate by using Steroids... which we all know only makes a man smaller in the only area that really counts... sorry... plus the 'Roid rage didnt help matters at all)... Where was I? Oh, right, story for another day....Fjords... Haflingers... got it!

Haflingers and Fjords are both similar in build and type, though one comes in a trademark palomino type color and the other comes in every different shade of dun.

Both can pack a full size adult and are known as being unparalleled in temperament, soundness, dependability and hardiness. And really, what more can you ask for in a horse? Well, besides....

Speed... Who needs it! *waves hand dismissively* Forsooth! When did a fast horse ever get you anywhere but in more trouble at a higher rate of speed?

*blocking Browneyed Cowgirls from commenting*

No, they wont give you no 20 foot stop! But who needs to stop that big when you wont ever be goin' that fast anyways?

So what if they cant jump over 4 foot (actually some do!)... Most of these horses arent even four feet tall! Throw a little punk kid up on top and they cut a pretty cute picture in an English saddle...

Okay, so maybe I need a little different qualities in my horse but overall, for an all round recreational mount that the whole family can enjoy, these guys are the ticket. If you need a good solid, sane, and sound horse that has a kind personality, easy going attitude, and naturally unflappable disposition, either a Haflinger or Fjord will get the job done with a smile.

Of course the exception proves the rule. I am sure there are a few half crazed, spooky as all get-out, 3 legged Fjords kickin' around...but... in general, both these breeds rock. And I mean that in a good way...not like dumb as a rock (I have found a lot of really "quiet" horse are really just a little slow on the uptake, not the sharpest tools in the shed...ya know?) Anyways, *insert stoned out hippie voice* These guys, they like totally rock man!

Because I'm feeling a little lazy (and crazy, apparently) I am going to post a link to some info on both breeds along with a short description, ok-y-doe-kee? Hello? Anyone?

The Fjord- a short, squat, dun colored pony *gasp* that is so hardy it can even haul my fat ass over long distances....thats it... end of story....
just kidding...

The Norwegian Fjord was domesticated over FOUR THOUSAND years ago and selectively bred for over 2000!! (I guess that's about how long it takes us to selectively breed for a sound horse!)

The Breed Registry website states: (click for link)
While the Haflinger Registery states:

- "The specialty of the Haflinger lies, of course, in its unique golden chestnut coloring with a long, flowing white mane and tail. But more unique is the people-loving, willing and forgiving temperament that was established over centuries of living alongside and working with the mountain peasants, serving all purposes for all family members. Haflingers very simply became part of the family.

The modern Haflinger is now found all over the world, active in such varied disciplines as dressage, jumping, vaulting, packing, pleasure driving, CDE, western trail riding, CTE, endurance riding, draft work and therapeutic riding programs. Haflingers hold their own in competition with other breeds, often showing surprising athleticism and strength for their size.

The Haflinger continues to capture hearts and enrich lives as it has for over two centuries. Horse lovers desiring an equine companion that is safe, versatile, dependable, and beautiful have discovered the Haflinger. Intelligence, character, willingness, grace, stamina, athleticism, and long life make the Haflinger a wise choice for everyone."

I couldnt say it better! So I didnt. lol

Lets see a few in action, yah? *Swedish accent* Yah! Yaaahh!!

The reining Haflinger

The Fjord Dressage Horse...


  1. You dated an SMS on 'roids too? I think a story swap is in order! I'll tell ya mine if you tell me yours!

    LOL! That wasn't supposed to sound dirty, I swear!

    I've met a couple halflingers down here. They've seemed like interesting fellows. (Horses now, not men, ladies! Sheesh! Ya'll are dirty minded, aren't ya?)

    There's even one for sale down here that's been for sale for the whole 2 years and a couple months I've lived down here. The issue with him is that he hasn't really been worked with. Maybe if his price keeps dropping, I'll acquire another project...

    In other news, I saw an Icelandic on CL down here. Don't remember if it was for Portland or Salem CL. I found it interesting. And he was priced lower than I expected! Like $2600.

    Just thought it was interesting and that I'd share.

  2. Nice post and pretty pictures.

    There was an adorable Haflinger mare where I used to board; a great kid's starter pony and even won ribbons with the older riders in western and english.

    They say Fjords are "the horse for all reasons." They can do it all. And they are very, very smart!

    Thanks for sharing info about Fjords and Haflingers.

  3. I would love to have a Hafi, but I am not sure what I would do with one. I have heard they are as sweet as can be. I love that one picture of the horse jumping and it's mane all sorts of in the rider's face! I wonder if that affected the next jump at all! LOL!!

  4. I would love love love to have a Haflinger or even an Icelandic (they are also 'pony size' and can even live into the upper 40's! Now that's a nice long lived family horse)

    Problem with all those small horse breeds, is that they are difficult to come by. And usually too pricey for most budgets.

    And the Icelandics that are trained over there aren't handled in the same way that we humans do. They aren't handled like pets and in fact aren't even handled until they are at least 4 yrs old. And then only to ride, drive...and if they don't do well in either, then as food.
    Horse meat is pretty popular over there....

    Maybe I'll get lucky one day and find me a pretty Haflinger....


  5. I love Haflingers!!! OMG, they are just too adorable...and all that hair...LOVE them!!
    I love that pic you've posted here, the jumping Haffy with the red-clothed rider...too cute - again, love all that hair.
    Makes me want to pinch their little cheeks or something!!!
    Oh, if only I had all the money I could ever wish for...I'd have an awesomely huge ranch and have at least 1 or 2 of every kind of horse I love and admire...what fun!!

  6. I just stopped back over here to read your other comments, and laughed right out loud at my comment I left last night.

    I wrote, 'us humans' like we Americans are humans...and Icelandic people...are not! lol!
    How silly of me!

    But I betcha you know what I meant anyway. whew! lol!

  7. You got me thinking, Chelsi......

    I'm doing some horse shopping now....can't say much, just yet. Don't want to jinx anything.

    But I just wanted you to know that this new chain of events is partly your fault. hehe!



  8. We had a pair of haflingers at our old barn and they were the sweetest most forgiving things EVER. The owners were idiots, but those girls tried their hearts out for them. Love the hearts floating around their video too, lol

    I've alwayse loved Fjords. I think their unique mane. We had one in our old barn as well, but it was only there a few weeks after we got there and they left. So we didn't get to know him very well.

  9. About haflingers not being the fastest of horses? I have a 14.2hh haffie and he regularly out gallops a thoroughbred cross. :P

  10. The Grey Fjord in the second picture looks familiar. Do you know his name? he looks very much like my line. 123rockstar@windstream