Sunday, April 12, 2009


I have a thing for necks. On men and horses! Men should have nice strong necks, dont you think?! And horses should too! But I am going to go all Goldilocks on you again and say that in my mind, a horses neck needs to be juuuuuust right! Not to long, not to short, not to heavy, not to light, not to high, not to low, not to.... okay you get the point.

What is considered ideal in style, shape, length etc. of a neck really do vary from breed to breed and sport to sport. I have found that unlike straight legs or good feet, there are no rules when it comes to them. But when judging a neck here are the different parts that I look at individually and then how they relate as whole:

1. The throat latch-

2. The angle of the poll-

3. The overall length-

4. How it ties in at the wither

5. How it ties in at the chest-

6. Shape of the bone within-

7. Length of topline vs. Shortness of the bottom line-

8. The angle at which it comes out of the neck-

9. Overall balance-

Lets look at Smart Chic Olena,

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