Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Darling Buds of April

A low gray cloud, blown in by some bitter wind,
came to fill the valley around my home,
to turn loose a rain so cold,
it bit and nipped at the earth
and boiled the air into a steamy fog
before giving way to flakes of heavy wet snow.

A darkness, so rich it painted the sky a solemn gray at dawn,
lay weightily over the hearts and souls of the men belows its harbor...
Sinking those who bore the black waters of winter, who had tread towards the light in hope that the lion might not smother the lamb.

Going to bed one steely black night,
with no promise of a brighter morn,
they arose to find a new warm wind had driven the dark over the mountains
and brought to rise a gentle pink sunrise- the promise of a fine day.

This morning, the sun shone down,
laying its golden touch on each and every tender bud,
setting alight the new green grass and filling the air with the smells and sounds of Spring.

The darling buds of April....

Photos and Poem by Chelsi


  1. Exquisite Chelsi! Every thoughtfully written word...and every colorful photograph.

    What a lovely, creative, gentle soul you are, my friend.


  2. All great photos but I really like the ones with the bees.

  3. Wow! Those photos are beautiful! I love the first two!

  4. I love that you included a photo of dandelions!

  5. You wouldn't beleive how excited I was to return from Oregon this weekend and see SPRING EVERYWHERE! It's about friggin' time already!

  6. Great pics and poem C! The weather has been lovely around bizarre, almost BBQ and flipflop weather. Then again, it will probably snow next week, LOL!

  7. Well done on the poem! Pictures too of course - you are reminding me of an old friend I had who also loved photographing flowers...