Friday, April 10, 2009

Watcher in the Woods

Does anyone remember the movie, "The Watcher in the Woods"?

I do.... vagually. I was only about 7 or 8 years old when I watched it (on more than one occasion) with my big sister, arms linked together, a blanket over our heads, the blue light of the television casting an erry glow in the black room as we shrieked and giggled, scared silly, eyes glued to the screen. I was terrified of that movie but for some reason we watched it again and again. But that was years and years ago.... I forgot about the movie... and the "watcher in the woods".... until...

I was downloading the photos I took last night and the above one of Hawkydog came up....and triggered the long lost and deeply supressed memories of that movie. In a moment I could feel the ghost of those same emotions.... the same heart racing, throat closing, stomach knotting anxiety I had once had as a child, watching a very scary movie.

And in that moment I figured out that "The Watcher in the Woods" is the single and unrefutable sourse of my irrational and acute fear of all things paranormal. Isnt it odd how a single smell, sight or sound can trigger a memory only just moments before had been long lost to time and the other countless happenings of life lived between then and now?

'Ya know?

Just like your first kiss, your first love and your first horse... your first scary movie sticks with you. Do you remember yours?

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