Friday, April 24, 2009

When You Buy A Horse...

I found this quote the other day....

-"When you buy a horse, you buy that horse's history: the pastures (rich or weedy) where he grazed, the manner (rough or kind) of his handling, the skill (even or not) of the one who has schooled him, even the water (sulphurous or sweet) he drank every day of his life. Horses bear the sins of their handlers with astonishing good grace, but somewhere in that sculptured form every bout of lost temper, every shortcut, every attempt at economy, each little loss of faith in that horse leaves a legacy. We chip and chip away, or we build and buttress, and leave a little of our character on that horse's heart."

- Lawrence Scanlan

Guess what? My Mom is home!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!! I missed her SOOOOOOOOO much! I am sure she will let me do a post on her South American cruise this weekend so stop by to check out some really pretty pics!


  1. Lovely quote. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice quote, and so true. I'm happy your mom is back...enjoy your time together! :)

  3. Very true words. Thanks for sharing.

    So glad you're Mom is home, too. :)


  4. very true quote. Can't wait to see your mom's pics!!

  5. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me why the buck has to stop here when it comes to Casey. He doesn't deserve to be passed around any more. And if I were to do that, I'm no better than anyone else in his past. The buck has to stop here.

    Thank you, Chelsi.

  6. You are welcome! I am glad that you'll enjoyed it as much as I did. I think there is something really profound about that quote.

    OS- I am a VERY firm believer that it is our job to be where the buck stops (that came out awkward!) I dont know if you caught the Shaunti posts but that was a really tough call but I knew that I could not just pass the buck with him, it was keep him or put him down, nothing else made any sense at all!

  7. A very interesting quote indeed....

    A (dog) trainer for whom I have endless respect once told me that every time you interact with your animal, you are teaching it something. Perhaps you teach it to sit and stay, perhaps instead you teach it that you are a mean S.O.B. with a nasty temper.

    It makes me think, often: "What is my mare (or dog, or child) learning from me right this instant?"


  8. I love Lawrence Scanlan - he has a great way of understanding the horse crazy human heart and putting it into words.