Friday, April 24, 2009

A Mouthful 'bout Bloggin'....

I've been thinking a little lately about blogging... wondering just why it is we do it! Also, what makes one popular, or not.... And what, if anything, it says about a person if their intent is to become popular.

How much ego is involved in authoring a blog? I say ego guardedly- presumptuous might be a better word- the idea that some stranger actually cares about what we have to say! And that some of us actually try to make people care about what we have to say... and that people actually DO care about what we have to say! Even if it just a catalogue of the mundane aspects of our everyday life!

Why do I blog?

The answer for me is that this has always been, and hopefully always will be, an outlet for personal expression and a forum to practise the creative process of writing- how ever trite that may sound!

I have to (and hate to) admit that I do want people to like my blog. I want my readers (how arrogant does that sound?) to feel inspired, humored, intrigued- I want to make you smile or make you think. But most of all, as selfish as this may sound, I want to make MYSELF feel inspired, humored, intrigued and I want to smile and think.... to explore horse, life, and love issues through writing and pictures and through your response as well.

Why do you blog?

I have to (and hate to) admit that I do have that irresistible human compulsion to seek acceptance and popularity from my peer group. I wont deny it! But I try not to let it have any place in this blog.

Because if I allowed the concept of self-promotion to flourish I would loose the "outlet for personal expression and forum to practise the creative process of writing" and instead become consumed with devising strategies to keep you'll interested- like writing short and simple posts on a personal and consistent topic. My blog does not follow the rules of creating a "successful" blog! And I don't care! *sticks tongue out*

But when I first started writing this blog I promised myself that I would never write a post, leave a comment, reply to a comment or do anything at all with the intent to promote this blog or solicit readers to it- I would write about what I wanted, when I wanted, and for as long as I wanted!

But damned if I didnt think from time to time, "Oh no, I cant write that! I touched on that last week." or "Its been while since I did a horse post, better write one today" or even "I wonder why no one had to say anything about that post? Was it not interesting?" And then I remember that it really doesn't matter what anyone else wants or has to say...and it is awfully presumptuous to think that anyone else even cares!

But comments are addictive, aren't they? Let me ask you this, do you think that a gantlet of "followers" and 142 comments a day really makes a blog "good"? Any more so than the undeniably popular but unforgivably bitchy girl in high school was made a good person by the number of girls in her click (groupies)? Is blogging like record sales? Is Brittney Spears a good singer because she's sold millions of albums?

Or is blogging like art, there are no rules (which is also subject to opinion)?

Do you have a blog that you follow, even though you don't really enjoy it? If so, why do you keep going back? Like a bad sitcom, are you addicted to the plight of characters, however meekly formed, poorly acted or ridiculously written? I am and I do!

Personally, your comments and readership is a bonus! Some really fabulous icing on a cake I call creative expression! I love hearing what you have to say! You've helped me out, been supportive, funny and very encouraging! In almost a year of blogging I have yet to receive a single negative comment. Thanks!

But I don't comment on other peoples blogs very often! Though I do enjoy reading my fair share.... I don't for one very good reason....

I could very easily spend my entire day reading, commenting and replying to a hundred different blogs. And I am a self professed extremest, so I tend to limit myself to doing something very little in order to restrain myself from doing nothing but! Like daytime TV, I have to limit myself to just a few select cooking shows or I would get lost in Days of Our Lives, All My Children and Peoples Court.... Oh! and Oprah.... and Ellen too, of course- which would lead towards an expansion in the general vicinity of my ass and proceed upwards from there. Trust me, I cant afford any further enlargements! My chair is still shrinking!

So I dont comment or even reply to the comments left here! Which leads me to my BIG question of the day (I say that like its a regular thing)....



I do not reply to the comments some of you so kindly leave. I read every one of them! Promise. And I LOVE hearing what you have to say. And most of the time I would love to reply to your comment... and I really would love to get my two bits in on your blog too! (I have a LOT of bits!)


I know I could so easily get lost in spending my afternoons conversing with you fine people...and I would turn into a fat(er) albino that never sees the sun or goes outside, or cooks...or goes for groceries (maybe I wouldn't get so fat after all! Now there is my kinda diet!) So as a rule I don't comment...but I have always been REALLY bad at sticking to my self imposed rules so sometimes I do...

Now, if I were a smart little blogger I would break up this ginormously long post and post a section a day for the next month! But I wont. But I really do want to hear your answers to my many questions (if you'd be so kind as to reply!) and I will promise that I will reply to each and every one of your comments... and maybe we can have a conversation? And maybe that conversation will become my next post! And then maybe I will be the first every blogger to have a blog strictly about blogging! (Though I am sure its been done!)

So in summery *embarrassed grin*

1. What makes a blog popular?
2. Do you think it is good, bad, (or neither) to solicit readers/comments?
3. Do you think blogging can be a little presumptuous?
4. Do you care if your blog is successful?
5. Why do you blog?
6. Do you like getting comments?
7. Can a blog be good or bad?
8. Are you addicted to a blogs you dont like? Why?

11. How much time on average would you say you spend blogging (writing, reading, commenting, etc.)? Come on now! Be honest!


  1. Oh, now I feel even more honored that you left a comment on my blog! ;)

    Let's see about your questions...
    1. I have no idea!
    2. I think soliciting readers and comments can be done well and done poorly. It's all in how you do it. Like a list of questions for readers to answer is an interesting way to solicit comments! lol
    3. Definately, but not always.
    4. I consider my blog successful because I have fun writing it. And there are even a couple people that drop by and read it! Bonus! I guess that is my measure of success and I do care that it's fun for me to write, otherwise I wouldn't be here. But if you're talking money making success, then no. I have ads on my blog just to see if I could make any money. I'm not going to push my blog or anything, I just figured Why not? Any money I get in my hot little hand can be put to use somewhere.
    5. I blog because it's fun. It has also given me an outlet to show off some of my pictures and keep the extended family updated on my life. I really enjoy writing and taking pictures and having an outlet for my frustrations and triumphs.
    6. I love getting comments! It's really fun to read what other people think about what I've written.
    7. A blog can definately be good or bad, though that is all in one's opinion.
    8. I have too many blogs that I really like that I don't get time to read, so no time for blogs I don't like.
    9. No preference there.
    10. Most of the time I'm just a lurker, no comments. Often if I do make a comment, it's nothing that warrants a response. Occassionaly if it was a hot topic for discussion or an author I know responds to comments I'll go back and check.
    11. WAY. TOO. MUCH.

  2. Patches! Thanks for commenting and you are right, leaving a list of questions most certainly constitutes soliciting comments! lol I did say I was good at breaking my own rules!

    I agree that there is a subtle or not-so-subtle way of going about soliciting comments and I prefer the subtle!

    Glad I am not alone in thinking it is a bit presumptuous... I was a little worried about causing offense, glad you "took it" the right way! The concept not the individual!

    I wasn't necessarily talking about money making as the measure of success... more like that you have a lot of or a growing number of readers that are faithful.

    You can tell that you have fun writing because reading your blog IS fun!

    I am the same about checking back for author replies on comments.

  3. Personally, I like a short comment, not neccessarily on every post, but just once in awhile so I know that someone is reading! lol
    (I have to admit I wondered if you still "came over to my place")

    I don't think it is a must that the blogger posts in her/his own comment section, but it is nice when they reply to a question.

  4. Cnd- I understand... I sometimes do feel guilty for not commenting... Especially at certain peoples blogs that I consider my "blogging buddies" (yours included in that). I just wonder if anyone ever comes back after commenting to even notice if you've replied or not. I probably have missed a direct question here or there and if I did, that would be rude! I am sorry if I have!

  5. 1. Hard to say...
    2. I think it is ok to solicit comments - maybe not on every post...
    3. Yes
    4. Not really
    5. Not sure - I still feel kinda shy about having a blog in the first place.
    6. Yes. I have to admit it is nice to get comments - just to know that a few people read what I write
    7. Yes, definitely.
    8. No - I try and limit my time online, so if a blog is not to my liking after a while, I stop reading. Fugly would be a good example.
    9. Yes, but not necessarily. If I ask a question, it is nice to get feedback. For example, you asked me about Rusty's bloodlines, so I answered that comment. :-)
    10. Yes, if I have asked a question, or if there is some sort of interesting discussion going on.
    11. Hmmm...I really try and limit my time to about an hour a day, maybe 1.5 hours if I'm writing a post. I work on web sites all day, so I don't often spend alot of time online at home in the evenings.

  6. Parallel universe? I was just thinking about some of this.

    1) I don't know.

    2) I guess I don't care if someone does. Although, I see a lot of people trying to drum up readership from posting on fugly.

    3) Oh definitely. Both in person and when writing I have a tendency to come off as condescending. Sometimes I have to work really hard to change the tone and it doesn't always work.

    4 and 5) I only started blogging as a way to connect with my friends in AZ. It never really dawned on me that I would make other "friends" along the way. But I have and hope I can continue to "meet" more. It's really nice to have a network of people from all over the country.

    6) Of course. Although I was surprised when other people besides my friends started commenting on my blog.

    7) Yes. Some are positive, some are negative and most are just like our lives-they have good days and bad days.;)

    8) Not anymore.

    9) Not necessarily. Sometimes I feel like I should comment on people's comments more. I do try to answer questions.

    10) Unless I ask a question, I don't really go back to see if the author commented on my comment. But I do like to go back and read other people's comments.

    11) That really depends. In the winter, I can spend a lot of time bopping around. When the weather is nice, I pretty much just post and I'm off. I try to read a few other blogs as much as I can, but don't really have time or am too tired to comment much. If I'm off for a couple of days though, I get to missing everybody and feel the need to catch up.

  7. 1. Depends. I think people follow the snarkier ones for a different reason than ones that are like journals.

    2. I'm okay with soliciting comments, so long as you're asking a question and honestly care about the response.

    3. Yes, and self-indulgent, but so what?

    4. Mostly no, but sometimes I do. If I have put a lot of thought into a post, and (IMHO) crafted the post well, I feel a bit stung if it goes unnoticed.

    5. The real reason I started blogging is because a career counselor threatened to jam my email and voice mail if I didn't. I wanted to write more, but would go blank when I sat down at the keyboard. Blogging is a great way to discipline yourself to write on a semi-regular basis.

    6. I LOVE getting comments. My small-but-loyal readers spur me to keep going. See #5.

    7. It's all relative.

    8. I used to be. Then one day I decided to pull the plug on antagonistic and snarky bloggers. Don't need it.

    9. Yes

    10. Yes, especially if I have asked a question

    11. Depends, but generally 1-2 hours a day, in several installments. Sometimes less. Sometimes if the weather is icky or I'm feeling lazy, it could be all day!

  8. Laura-

    Thanks for answering my quarry! :)

    I dont have a problem with people soliciting comments but I just wonder about the ones where that is the whole point of the blog.

    Why do you think you feel shy about writing a blog? I totally understand what you mean! I havent felt that much about blogging but when I mentioned that I am "writing a novel" I feel SO shy about it! Like ridiculously shy. I love blogging and other people's blogs and think it is GREAT that people do it, but sometime when you sit back and think of the concept it is a little.... odd?

    I also agree about how nice it is to know that someone read what you wrote.... or else it would kind of feel like you were talking to a wall, wouldnt it?

    I stopped reading Fugly as well. I just decided that I didnt need to invite negative things in to my mind... I REALLY dont like blogs that are negative in tone (we all have bad days and that is totally cool but if the point of your blog is to make negative comments, I think you are putting bad things out into the universe! Dont I sound like a hippy!

    Thanks for answering about Rusty! I did actually go back and read your reply. It is too bad you dont have his papers, it would be cool to know how he is bred. There is a appy stallion in SK named High Sign Nugget that sires some gorgeous Appy reiners.


  9. Great post. Lots of things in there you KNOW bloggers think about but maybe never think about posting on.

    1. What makes a blog popular to everyone is giveaways. What makes it popular to LOYAL readers and people who will keep reading? Content. Your blog is interesting to me because of your knowledge on some breeds, you're beautiful pictures, your animals and your life situations. They are different than mine, and I find that very interesting. With all the blogs I read.

    2. If you post that you have a blog on every single one of your comments to other people, like "hey, come see my blog!" then that's tacky. But then again, how are people going to know to go try it out? I wouldn't necessarily do it. I think people find blogs by looking at other people's comments and going to their profiles. That's how I started. Then I started looking at people's blog rolls.

    3. Sometimes yes. Depends on the blogger.

    4. I don't care like, as in, I will cry myself to sleep at night, lol. I care that people are interested in me and my caring is that I think it's really neat someone is interested in my "not as interesting in theirs" life. lol

    5. I kind of started blogging because I hoped I had interesting stuff to say. I don't think that's so necessarily true, and my blog isn't really that old yet, so who knows. I just like to hear myself talk? And no one listens at home? Are those valid? lol

    6. I do.

    7. It can be both, but it's like life, it's what YOU make of it. It's your blog.

    8. No. I try them and if I don't like them, I don't go back. Not everyone can be interesting to everyone else.

    9. It's nice, but not necessary. Sometimes there isn't anything to say back. Just as in leaving comments. Sometimes there just isn't anything to respond to.

    10. I do on the ones that I know leave comments back. But not usually on the ones that don't. I scroll through old comment sections to see if they leave them. It doesn't chance me leaving or not leaving comments though.

    11. Hmmmm. Depends on what I'm doing that day honestly. If I'm not doing anything, I can spend quite a bit of time on there. It I'm busy, then I might not get on at all. I will admit, when I first started reading blogs, I was super obsessive and would go back numerous times throughout the day to check them. lol

    I like your blog. If I were more knowledgable about stuff like you seem to be, I'd probably post more on more interesting stuff. I can only post what I experience.

  10. 1. As someone new to blogging, I find I like blogs that teach me something new. I don't know anything about dressage, or english disciplines, so some of those are fun for me. I also like blogs where I feel like I have something in common, even if the disciplines are different.

    2. I do want people to answer my questions, because I am trying something new. I never thought that having other links was soliciting, they are blogs I like to check out. I leave comments because I thought that was okay...and maybe I thought I had something in common with that person.

    3. I don't ever want to seem like a know-it-all. I just want to share an experience. I don't like blogs when people imply they are "enlightened". If you are enlightened, do you have to tell people?

    4. and 5. Finding a few people to share ideas is success. Yes, I want to get my blog out there otherwise I would just write in my pen and paper journal. But even as time has gone on I find there are a few people I really like and think are sincere, and that is better than "hits" (quality, not quantity).

    6. I like comments. I especially like it if someone had the same thing happen to them, or I make them laugh. That feels good. Is that bad?

    7. If I don't like it, I don't go back. Life is too short and horses are too fun to be irritated with a blog.

    8. I don't go back to blogs I don't like...

    9. and 10. Sometimes.
    11. I spend a lot of time now, as I am setting up a blog and trying to learn how to do it. But as summer comes and the weather is more agreeable, I see it as putting "major" events down and checking others blogs once a week or so. I am just gung ho now because it is new.

    P.S. Yes, I guess this is soliciting, but really,I would never want people to read something I wrote unless they felt like they had something in connection. I just want to have a good time and chronicle my adventures...So if people don't like my blog, I am sure I will be able to tell...and that's okay. I have found some really interesting blogs along the way!I will even try to post this comment without a link!

  11. BECG

    I just wrote a LONG answer to your comment and then lost it when I went to post! GRRR!!! Dont you just hate that! (like someone out there would actually say, "No, I love it when that happens!") lol

    Ok... I'll start over.

    It is funny how often I stop by your blog and find that you wrote about something I was just thinking about! We are often on the same track.

    I dont know if I would want to drum up readership on a site like Fugly's. It was one of the first blogs I ever read (hers and Mugwamps) and I thought it was freakin' hilarious at first but then after a while it really started to weigh on me... I hate the negativity. I still find it really interesting as a study of human nature...especially women! We are a breed of our own! Yowzee!

    I dont think you come off as condescending at all! Knowledgeable, yes. Experienced, yes... A woman with a good head on her shoulders and something to say, for sure! But never condescending. I think that when you have as many horsey hours under your belt as you do, you are entitled to having a firm opinion. I can see how some of the "I know everything there is to know about horses" people might think you sound condescending- but then they tend not to like anyone with a differing view from their own. I like that you dont shy away from speaking confidently and with authority. I dont care for pussyfoots! lol

    Isnt it funny how two people can come to the same place from such different directions! You started to connect with your "real" friends and I didnt want any of my "real" friends to know I was writing a blog at all! I was avoiding the performance anxiety I sometimes get. I wanted the freedom of anonymity.

    Also, I dont have anyone (except Barb, Mom and Big Guys Mom on the rare occasion) that I know in "real" life that comments. Have you met a blogging buddy yet (in "real" life)? I havent but I actually hope to at some point! It is really cool to think that I "know" someone in South Dakota, or Texas, or New York! The global community aspect of blogging is really neat! "Hellllllooooo South Dakota!!" LOL

    The only blogs I comment on consistently are the ones that I first read when I started my blog and who I feel "invested" in... some of you'll I really do think of as friends..and so I feel really rude for not commenting! Most of the time I just cant resist! So many of you have said that you only go back when you've asked a question and I didnt even realize that I did the same thing until now.

    And then I feel guilty for not commenting on anyone who takes the time to comment on my blog. It is vicious circle!

    I noticed that you vary in your blogging time depending on the weather. You really are a country gal! lol

    Thanks for the input!

  12. Leah-

    I agree...though snarky can be an understatement! The journaling aspect of blogging was one that I didnt get at first. I actually had a blogging prejudice! I thought it was kinda silly, the idea that people post what they had for supper for the world to read. I have since discovered that it really is a neat and wonderful aspect of us as people, the need to share and connect...and for the most part it is a really positive thing. So I get it now!

    You hit on a good point there- actually caring about what your readers say as oppose to just trying to generate a number! That is SOOO true!! I guess that is what I was trying to say. Some people seem to really care and want to connect while others drawing people in for the sake of popularity.

    "So what?" Exactly! I agree! But I do find it interesting.

    Blogging is a great way to get yourself to write consistently! I dont really understand your statement about the career counsellor? Were you e-mailing/voice mailing too much and she wanted you to practise writing for a career? If it is personal, no worries! Just curious.

    Getting comments really is fabulous! I love it too! But I wonder what some psycho analyst would say about why we like it. Some people REALLY dont get it. I have talked to people about bloggin that just shake their heads in wonder, the idea is so alien to them... like DB... but I can see how that is VERY true to his personality. Which makes me think that it might be a certain personality type that likes to blog! Just food for thought.

    Thanks for answering honestly about the commenting thing. As someone who doesnt reply to comments I was worried people would shy away from telling me that they find it rude if authors dont reply. I find it rude (for lack of better words), but then wonder if I get started, where it will stop! Answering a direct question would be a good start!

    Thanks for your answers!

  13. So, do you think this post will illicit a lot of comments? ;)

    I started blogging (private for 6 months) to keep in touch with friends and family. I still feel weird at times about being public (a little over one year now), hence the code names, not showing my face often, etc. I realized by blogging that I am a very private person. At times I do a post and then freak out about revealing too much. So then, why do I blog publicly?? I ask myself that often! It's kind of like an addictive rush the fear of riding a roller coaster. And so far, I've never regretted anything I've written or revealed. Since a young child, I was a writer, created and published my own newsletter, wanted to publish a magazine, I was involved in journalism, pen pals, this is right up my creative alley of "publishing" my own little journal, without financial backers and a huge publishing plant, and circulation numbers, hee!

    I have replaced some of my previous ample amount of "TV time" with "blog time." I'd rather be writing or reading blogs then vegging in front of the T.V., so I feel okay about the time I spend blogging.

    I get emails from readers all of the time who I have never seen leave a comment on my blog. I think that is sweet. I have a lot of followers, yet a small percentage actually leave a comment. I try to comment on every blog I read, unless I am at a loss for words (rarely) or just don't have time. To me, leaving a comment shows you were there. This is what is so neat about blogs and makes them so interactive. Sometimes, I do go back and answer questions in my comment section, I don't know if they will come back but if they asked me a question, I'm assuming they will want to hear the answer at some point? Subsequently, the answer may help others reading the post and comments, too. Or, I may email the person, or go back and give them an answer on their own blog. It depends on the question.

    I read blogs that attract me for whatever reason...maybe their life is a lot like mine, or completely different than mine. I like good writing, lots of author photographs, witty, humorous, heartfelt, and educational posts.

    Somebody up in your comments mentioned ads. I am thinking of putting ads on my blog in the future. I think putting ads on your blog is a personal decision. I see blogs that are successful and have been around for years and have no ads. If you can make a few dollars to support your horsey habit (who doesn't need a few more dollars to support their horsey habit??) then why not? I don't think it cheapens anyone's blog. I don't read a blog because a person has ads or not, I read it because I like it. I read big name blogs that make a living blogging, and I read small blogs that have a very, very small readership. To me, it's the CONTENT I'm interested in reading and seeing, not their purpose behind the blog.

    Okay, I could write about this all day, but I really need to go eat breakfast. I felt like I just wrote a post, LOL! Thanks C, for asking these interesting questions, it's great to get everyone's perspective.

  14. Ezra- At least you know that a bunch of bloggers will probably be interested in a post about blogging! LOL

    Thanks for answering my question about popular blogs. I agree! As a rule of thumb most people read blogs that they relate too in some way...90% of my readers are horse people! So that is why I feel pressure to write about horses! lol 99% of the time I LOVE writing about horses because I tend to be pretty obsessed with them in general but I dont like the feeling that I "have" to write about horses... it is my engrained reaction to being pushed in one direction- I tend to go the opposite way (that is why my Mom calls me her "Shopping cart with the wonky can push it any which way you want but it will just go the opposite direction!")

    I have to admit sometime I will comment with a link to something I've written that relates to the post of another person's blog if I think he/she will find it interesting. Like when Mugwamp posted about the pressure for trainers to push their horses to far, to the point of abuse, I posted a link to:

    LOL "I just like to hear myself talk and no one listens to me at home?" THAT might have something to do with it for me!!! I am known as the shy quiet girlfriend of DBs because he talks A LOT!!! Maybe this is my way of getting a word in! I know you were kidding but I am serious! lol

    I agree that not everyone can be interesting to everyone else.. I do read a few blogs that I swear every time I will never go back to but then I always do... but then I've said that about watching Americas Next Top Model every season as well. LOL

    At some point I figured out that some people (intentionally or not) write posts that are open for comment, that are conversational while others write more statements that are not as open to comment. I tend to write statements unless I am purposefully seeking your opinion.

    I am going to say you meant to say "it doesnt CHANGE me leaving or not leaving comments though"... I understand. I guess I do the same, but never really thought about it before.

    I think all of us must vary a lot day by day on how much we blog. I go on kicks where I do WAY too much and then other times I am totally bored with it.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog! I write about things I find interesting and hope you will find them interesting too! As I said before, I think blogs kinda have genres... some or journals and some are more article style. I didnt want a journal style one but I like both types. You are too interesting!!

  15. Jen098-

    I like blogs that teach me something too, even if it is just sharing someone else's life experience unrelated (or related) to horses. We can all learn from each others mistakes and accomplishments, right? Is blogging is just a global way or doing that?

    I understand what you are saying about the comment thing... I didnt mean "soliciting" in such a negative way. I am curious about how and why we do it and I try not to do it (only because it is counter productive to why I write a blog)... each to their own!

    LOL "If you are enlightened, do you have to tell people?" Totally. I think some people do have the kind of personality that when they find a "good" thing they want to show it to everyone! I am that kind of person. In school, show and tell was the best day of the week! Some people just want to share a good thing, while other people tend to want to force feed their way on to others. I guess it is about ones intent.

    "finding new people to share ideas with"... that is a great ideal! And I guess true for me too.... I are not really true anymore... which I guess was the whole idea of writing it in the first place!

    Of course it isnt bad to make someone laugh!! When is that EVER a bad thing! I think it is fantastic to know that someone had a like experience... It lets us know that we are not alone.

    I figure if someone doesnt like your (or my) blog then they just wont come. People come to our blogs by their own free will, last time I checked. IF they dont like it I hope they'd just leave!

    Ahh!!! Dont cut out the link!!! How am I suppose to check out your blog!!! LOL Silly! I LOVE sharing in other peoples adventures... Please post another comment with a link! Come back!!! (how is that for soliciting comments!)

  16. AHCM~ In response to a reply you made to another comment, BEC, I think (see the tangled web we weave? ;) I also am nervous to have my personal friends see my blog. Many of them know I blog, I told them as much, but I have not sent them the link (they haven't asked, actually.) Is this weird? I am TOO embarrassed! None of my friends ride horses and I guess I think they will just think it's silly. How do I get over this?? :) Interestingly, while on my one friend's Facebook page, I saw a link to a blog she had started about her children, and I didn't know it. I guess there are other closet bloggers out there, too? ~PG

  17. Ahh Pony Girl! Where to start!

    First, YES I absolutely am soliciting comments, in the most direct way imaginable- actually asking you all to please comment! (I know you were teasing)...

    I have been wanting to do this post for a LONG time and was really excited to hear what everyone had to say. I really should have broken it up for a week, I've now been replying to comments for an hour and half...but I am NOT complaining! It has REALLY made me think and actually altered my opinion on some aspects.

    Your blog is particularly fascinating to me! When I think about the general concept of blogging I often think of your blog and why I like it so much (as do others). I mean that in a good way, promise! It is REALLY WELL DONE!!! Seriously. Your blog is pretty, well written, interesting, addicting, well thought out and seemingly simplistic while actually being quite complex. Your blog follows the rules of "good blogging" almost to a tee but that is not to to take away from your talent for blogging or personal touch you add to it. Yours also has an interesting mix of using a very personal/intimate/friendly/conversational tone but also keeping a huge part of your anonymity. These are some of the thoughts I had in asking what makes a blog popular. Your blog IS well done and I think you will continue to grow and become more while I understand why your blog is "successful" and I think it deserves the success it has achieved, yours in particular makes me wonder all the more at the concept of blogging because what you are doing does seem simplistic at face value... but obviously it is not that simple or a heck of a lot more blogs would be more "popular". Like "Chronicles of a Country Girl" it seems simple but its not, or is... you know?

    It is also funny that the aspects of your blog you try to keep private actually add to its allure, which makes it more popular and therefore, in a sense, less private (in that you have more people interested in your life). Mystery adds to notoriety.

    I hope you dont mind my...?examination? of your blog and appreciate that I dont mean any offense, quite the contrary.

    I understand what you are saying about "a comment shows you were there"... I guess that is important in a way, the acknowledgment that you read what they had to say (given that you took the time to read it). I aslo agree that the interactive aspect of blogging is neat and wonderful (most of the time). Also about questions, you are right in that a lot of time people ask questions that I want answered so when an author replies to one person he/she might also be replying to many more.

    -"I like good writing, lots of author photographs, witty, humorous, heartfelt, and educational posts." Me too! And that is a great description of your own blog and my other "favs". Those are really key points for me. Consistently is another, I dont keep up on many blogs where the authors vary a lot in time between posts.

    I dont see why anyone would not put ads up! Painters sell their paintings. Authors sell their books! Why wouldn't you make money off your blog if you could? Seems like a no brainer to me and I dont see it as "selling out" at all! As you said, we could all use a little help in the horse budget department!

    Thanks for answering!!

  18. PG- TOTALLY!! Is it not really strange that we are shy about sharing our blog with our own friends but not with complete strangers? I also feel silly and dont tell people I blog or write often...but people ask "So what have you been up to?" And I dont know what to say because have been blogging or writing my book or doing my horse thing so I feel silly saying "Oh, nothing much" but feel like an idiot for saying "oh, writing a book and blogging!" Sure I do other things... I cant think of any just now but I am sure I do! lol

    I guess it is kind of like couples that have met on the internet... they feel like a dork saying, "we met at e-harmony!" lol But really, who cares? Any way you find love is a good way, right? Or find friends? Or figure out that you are not alone with your problems? Or share ideas? Or get help! Or have fun! Why on earth should we feel shy about any of those wonderful? But I do! Silly!

  19. First I have to gather up my thoughts on what you wrote earlier...about how you see blogging and why you do it, etc.

    I started blogging almsot 4 years ago as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family who all live out of state and we rarely see, if only ever few years. Ironically, only a couple of them have ever left comments for me during all these years. If they read something on my blog that they want to comment on......they call me on the phone instead. lol!

    As time wore on, I sort of ditched my other blogs (one just for family stuff, one just for letterboxing, etc) and focused on my ranch blog, which has become sort of a journal for me. I never cared if anyone commented or not. It was a way or me to express myself and to keep track of events so I could look back, etc.

    Then my hubsnad started sending the link to my blog to all his buddies, team members, family, etc....and it became public. I didn't know what to think of that and didn't particularly like it.

    And then I got a few bloggers visiting my blog leaving comments about a year ago....and that was weird. I rarely ever visited anyone else's blog, so I thought, 'hmmm, I'll go check 'em out." and it was fun.

    But then I noticed that those bloggers seemed to fishing for new readers and more comments and it turned me off. That's not why I was blogging.

    But then somehow more bloggers started visiting me. How does that happen, I thought?

    And then I discovered a few blogs that I really enjoyed and found interesting and looked forward to reading.

    And then the comments that were from friendly folks and made me happy that they took the time to visit me....made me want to go visit them.

    And here I am now....a blogger with 128 Followers (isn't that the weirdest word??) and usually 30 comments each time I post.

    It is addictive to get those comments, I admit. When I get less than 20, it's dissapointing, and makes me think, what did I post that's so boring?

    Why do I care? I don't even know! lol!

    I was far far far from popular in school. I'd go so far as to say that I was like a little mouse slinking around the edges of society in public school. Never really a part of any groups, and only a couple close friends.
    All my friends went to other schools or were already graduated.

    Popularity never mattered to me at any time in my life. And it doesn't appeal to me even now.

    I'd have to say that blogging, for me has been a way to connect with others who share the same interests, passions, hobbies and sense of spirit.

    I don't do well in crowds and avoid big public gatherings, so I tend to not meet many people locally. And we live 30 miles from the closest city, so we don't get many opportunities to meet new friends as well.

    I was most surprised with the outpouring of support and caring after I fell off my horse, and throughout my healing. I was shocked when some of my blogging friends sent cards and even packages to help cheer me up. But it made me feel less alone, and I can't even express how special that made me feel.

    So blogging has been a way to connect with others. Just wish that some of them lived a closer now. wah!
    But maybe that's the way it's supposed to be? Connections made without obligation?

    Now to answer your numbered questions (will there be grading?)

    1. What makes a blog popular?(Topics that we can all relate to. A sense of humor. Bringing some personal side to it.)

    2. Do you think it is good, bad, (or neither) to solicit readers/comments?(No. Only if it is done by leaing comments on other's blogs for people to come to your blog. That's bad.)

    3. Do you think blogging can be a little presumptuous?(Sure)

    4. Do you care if your blog is successful?(I guess it all depends upon what I consider successful)

    5. Why do you blog?(See above)

    6. Do you like getting comments?(Sure. But longer, more personal ones are my favorites. Especally ones that share a little about themselves)

    7. Can a blog be good or bad?(Yes it can be bad if it's full of hateful stuff that makes fun of, or hurts other people. And it can be good on all different levels, depending upon their interests and those of their readers)

    8. Are you addicted to a blogs you dont like? Why? (Yes. Because I've made some kind of connection with the people of that blog, or they with me.)

    9. DO YOU PREFER A BLOG WHERE THE AUTHOR REPLIES TO YOUR COMMENTS? (Most of the time).(It's nice, but it's not that important. I know they read all the comments, including mine. And sometimes they'll visit my blog and leave a comment answering any questions I might have asked...or send me an e-mail. I always enjoy that.)

    10. DO YOU GO BACK TO A BLOG WHERE YOU HAVE LEFT A COMMENT TO SEE IF THE AUTHOR HAS REPLIED? (Sometimes, if I've asked a question and are hoping for an answer. But not always, unless I'm expecting a reply to something I've said)

    11. How much time on average would you say you spend blogging (writing, reading, commenting, etc.)? Come on now! Be honest! (Don't scare me!!! Gah! I don't really want to think about it. After my injury and surgery I know I spent hours and hours...most of the day reading blogs because that's all there was to when I got tired of reading and watching TV. Blogging is way better than TV, I must admit. I watch less than 2 hours of TV a week now.
    I would say that, on average now, I spend only a couple hours a day on blogging, usually in the evenings, and in the morning)

    How about you?

    Great post Chelsi. I like your ponderings. Always have.

    And I do love it when you pop into my blog on the rare occasion and leave me one of your friendly comments. It makes me smile, my friend :)
    But if you only lurk...or come by every so often, I'm fine with that, too.


  20. Chelsi -- the career counselor told me to start blogging because it would give me a direction to write. Being a basic lazy ass, he kept asking me if I started blogging yet. When he kept hearing no, he said that if I didn't start one by that weekend, he'd jam my email and voice mail boxes. I knew he really wouldn't, but it was funny enough to get me started.

    This has been an illuminating post, to be sure.

  21. I started writing out a comment, then I noticed you had summed it all up in questions! Teehehehe! So here are my answers:

    1. What makes a blog popular?
    -I like to learn something from a blog. I have horses, so I tend not to read horsey blogs that are just a diary about day-to-day life about someone's horse...but then there's always the exception to the rule of course! Also people who leave their topics open for discussion. Or that leave you thinking about their post for the rest of the day.
    2. Do you think it is good, bad, (or neither) to solicit readers/comments?
    -Hmm, now I can't give a straight yes or no answer on this really depends on the situation.
    3. Do you think blogging can be a little presumptuous?
    -I think different people blog for different reasons. For some it's just a diary, and they don't really care if people read it or not. Then you have the people who crawl for attention. I steer clear from those blogs!
    4. Do you care if your blog is successful?
    -I would love to have a blog that hundreds of people follow, but I'm not going to change the way I blog to try and achieve that.
    5. Why do you blog?
    -Two is it's like a farm diary, I can look up things that happened much easier than if I looked up in my personal diary. The second is because I know a lot of people live in cities and have no idea/wrong ideas about life on a farm, so I enjoy sharing things that people may not know.
    6. Do you like getting comments?
    -LOVE comments. Any comment is a good comment! =)
    7. Can a blog be good or bad?
    -Of course in some cases a blog may be bad, those name and shame blogs can be harmful but people seem to like them anyway. Most blogs seem harmless though.
    8. Are you addicted to a blogs you dont like? Why?
    -I wouldn't say I'm addicted, but I do occasionally wander over to those name and shame blogs mentioned above. I really don't think they are necessary, but not much I can do about them.
    -If I ask a question, yes. The 'thankyou for leaving a comment' comment, is a bit scary.
    -If I left a question, yes I subscribe to future comments.

    11. How much time on average would you say you spend blogging (writing, reading, commenting, etc.)? Come on now! Be honest!
    -Varies a lot...probably a maximum of 1.5 hours per day?

  22. I'm baaaack. Apparently your blog called to me like a sweet sirens here is my link. As I said, I am new to blogging. I like to write to an "audience" real or imaginary, in order to make sense of whatever goes on in my day.

    I like fugly horse, in small doses. I never realized until I read your post that replying to high hit blogs gets your own coverage. I mean duh! I really need a Blogging for Idiots book.

  23. Lisa- Wow! Now I really dont know where to start. I can tell by your blog that you really do enjoy doing it and that you do it with an open heart, which is why I think it has such a loyal following. You said... "And then the comments that were from friendly folks and made me happy that they took the time to visit me....made me want to go visit them." That is how I feel as well and why I feel guilty about not commenting on others blogs especially when I really do want to but just dont have the time.

    I really wish they hadnt used the term "Followers" it has such a negative connotation. "Loyal Readers" or just "Readers" would have been better.

    You said, "It is addictive to get those comments, I admit. When I get less than 20, it's disappointing, and makes me think, what did I post that's so boring?" I KNOW!! What is with that! Comments shouldnt act as a rating system! I love getting them but dont like it when I let myself think of it as a measuring stick for a good post or a bad one.

    Being a "stay at home girlfriend" LOL I dont get the opportunity to meet new people much either. Meeting new friends is hard! I can relate to what you are saying and agree....which is why I like the social aspect of the blog, just wish it didnt involve sitting at the 'puter so much. Plus I share this computer with DB, so I am often limited depending on his I like to pay attention to him too!

    Yes, the questions were scored and I am happy to report that you received an A+ with a big gold star on top! LOL * a big dorky high five*

    I agree with what you said about a blog being bad when it is "bad if it's full of hateful stuff that makes fun of, or hurts other people"... I dont get that.

    I am glad I am not alone in reading blogs that I dont like. I just dont get why I care! Like watching a car accident its just too hard not to look.

    It seems like there is a pretty strong consensus on the commenting issue. Most people moderately prefer if the author replies to comments but only really cares if a direction question is being asked. I find the social aspect of blogging hard to balance... I want to connect with people and become a part of their blogs and visa versa but then I dont want to invest the time needed to do it. If I could pick just 5 blogs to read and comment on I could handle that but then I would feel rude for excluding someone who commented on my blog. There is a certain etiquette to blogging that is unspoken, isnt there?

    As for blogging time, I actually spend a couple of hours a day! I read most of the blogs on my roll and LOLcats (LOVE THEM) and Pioneer Woman. It usually takes me an hour to write my posts, depending. I have never been a big TV person but I say it has cut in to my reading time (books) and A LOT of my horsey internet time (sale ads, stallions, trainers, standings etc.) I dont know if that is a good thing or not.

    I do love your blog and lurk often. You have a special energy to your writing that brings light where ever it goes... thank you for your comments, you always make me smile as well.



  24. Leah- Thanks for explaining that....I did think, "Now that is an odd comment for a career councellor to make!" LOL

  25. P.S. I wasn't implying I thought your blog was one of the "enlightened" blogs in the negative way I was saying. (In my opinion) there are some people that seem to think they have such a profound relationship with their horse they kinda lose touch with (my version) of reality. More power to 'em, I just have seen enough of "the dark side" of animal nature that I have a different view. Maybe I am enlightened. Hmmmmmm. Probably not.

  26. Jen098- YAYAY!! Your back! lol Thanks! I will pop over as soon as I can. I wonder if they do make a "Blogging for Dummies" book? I just googled it and sure enough they do!

    LOL WOW! I totally am getting it! I need help too... (not suggesting that you do...I just understand how confusing it is sometimes, not knowing "the rules" lol)

  27. Gecko-

    You seem to have a pretty good handle on what you like! Me..not so much so...

    I seem to have every assortment of blog genres going... I like the horse journals but I also really like Mugwamps because I learn something. I like BECG cause she always has something goin' on with some horse or two... or five(lol), Stephanie because she does the show thing and I get insight into that and then the journal types too, like Melanie's or Lisa's, Cndcowgirl and a dozen others. All of the above are fabulous people as well. I'm not excluding anyone, just giving an example, anyone I have on my blog (besides one!!!!) I think are written by nice, caring, open hearted people that just want to share their lives, stories, and ideas and connect to other horse lovers around the world.

    I agree that soliciting comments can be a gray area... more so now than when I first wrote this post. Also that some blogs seem to scream "look at me!! Listen to me!!! I'm important!!!" and I steer clear of those too.

    I wonder if all of us would walk hundreds of readers or if some of us would stop blogging if the readership became to big? Seems like a very small percentage would think having a ton of "followers" would be a bad thing... or is that just me?

    Cool answer about why you blog!!

    Does anyone not like comments? lol..

    I had to laugh at your answer to number nine:

    You wrote:

    -If I ask a question, yes. The 'thankyou for leaving a comment' comment, is a bit scary.

    LMAO... I DO believe that may have said that a few times in this post alone! LOL.. I do mean it though, honest! I have asked for peoples opinions before but never left a list of questions and actually asked you'll to answer them! So I really am appreciative that you did because it was not a simple question and I really wanted to discuss the issue of blogging with the people I "know" (as oppose to going to some blogging forum).

    Thanks for commenting, Gecko! LOL

  28. Fugly was funny for awhile (and still is sometimes, I'm sure), but then it crossed over into just plain meanness. I actually found myself deciding not to post certain pictures because I was afraid if she got hold of it, I or my friends could become a target of that nastiness.

    I would never comment on someone's blog because I thought it was the hip place to be. I am, however, a regular commenter on blogs whose authors rarely, if ever, comment on mine. Oh well.

    And yes, to me, leaving a comment says, "I was here." There are times, though, when I read but don't comment.

    I always try to keep in mind why I blog in the first place: it's about the writing. That I have connected with a few people is a bonus and a blessing. My life is what it is. Some people will like hearing about it, others will be bored. No one's opinion, no lack of comments can change that. I just keep going.

  29. I know this doesn't belong in this section, but I saw this on your profile...OMG how can you not like sheep!? I love sheep, and no, I don't mean in the "velcro glove" sort of way...I have two right now. They make me laugh, they are so crazy. I wish I could have you meet my sheep so we could attempt to change your mind! (My parents have a small flock who receive a lot of attention and are very attached to their "shepard" so maybe that is the difference?) Have you had a bad sheep experience?

  30. I know this doesn't belong in this section, but I saw this on your profile...OMG how can you not like sheep!? I love sheep, and no, I don't mean in the "velcro glove" sort of way...I have two right now. They make me laugh, they are so crazy. I wish I could have you meet my sheep so we could attempt to change your mind! (My parents have a small flock who receive a lot of attention and are very attached to their "shepard" so maybe that is the difference?) Have you had a bad sheep experience?

  31. I just had one last comment that I forgot to add in mine (don't feel pressure to comment back, lol). I personally think that some of those blogs that get like 100+ comments on their blogs (that are an every post occurrence) are just not as personal. I don't feel like I'm getting to "know" those people. I still read because they are knowledgeable or entertaining, but I never comment because I know those people will never know, or really care probably, who "I" am that is reading their blog. I like the personal-ness and closeness of blogs that are either smaller or the bloggers comment on comments. :) I'm just selfish I guess :)

  32. Okay, I am a bit late on this post and I think it took me longer to read the comments than it did to read the blog post. But to do a quick answer to your questions.

    I started blogging to keep in touch with family and make a journal record of what my family does on a day to day basis. Somewhere in the mix I found a few bloggers that I just can not NOT read their blogs. I feel like they are my friends and I love to and have to see how they are doing. I actually get concerned if they don't post.

    It's kinda like a wonderful world of pen pals!! I used to be obsessed with Google Analytics. But I haven't even looked at that for the longest time.

    If someone new comments on my blog I will make sure I go over to their blog and thank them for coming over to my blog. I will leave them a comment. It takes me a while to really "like" a blog and to actually add it to my Google Reader list. I read a lot of blogs and I try to comment on all the blogs I read. I don't really care about commenting back.

    As far as commenting back in the comment section? I don't ever do it and I hardly ever check back. Unless it was a hot topic or heated issue and I want to see what others have said.

    I have no idea what makes a blog popular. I know I used to LOVE the PW and after reading her blog for a's just the same old stuff over and over again, so I just go over there to see when she has contests. Shallow...I know....!

    I don't care if my blog is successful. I love the new friends I have made and I love that I can show my family who lives 2000 miles away from me what my kids and I are doing and how they are growing like weeds!

    And I don't mind if the author of a blog doesn't comment on my blog. I will comment because I like their blog. If they don't like mine, then that is fine.

    Normally if you comment on my blog I will return the favor. But I don't get that many comments. I get between 6 and 15. Depends on what I write about. Because really, who cares that my kids dyed easter eggs!! LOL!! So those posts are a lot less popular than my horse posts. But I write for me and my family.

    I also publish my blog for a hard copy of our family journal.

    And I spend a lot of time reading blogs. Maybe 2 to 3 hours a day. But I don't watch tv any more. I enjoy reading about what my friends are doing. Well, my blogger friends.

    But this is a super long comment!! Man oh man!! But happy blogging. I come over to your place to read about great QH blood lines and to see what the next fun for sale horse might be. I also love your humor. I also think you and I have a lot in common when it comes to horses and tastes in horses. But that is just my opinion. So, I like to read what you think about horses.

  33. Andrea- I think it would take about an hour to read all the comments... you are not alone, they are long and full of great ideas. Welcome aboard!

    It is cool that you print out your posts and use them as a family newsletter! What a great idea! I know what you mean about how difficult it is to stay away and how I also consider "blogger buddies" real friends and I worry about them when they dont post and hope it is because they are busy with good things in life.

    Blogging is a bit like pen pals isnt it? I never thought of it that way.

    What is google analytics? (I'll probably google it here in a minute:)

    I really enjoy PW as well but am not nearly as in to it now as I was the first month or two. It is another blog that seems so simple but is really well done and has such a huge following that just boggles the mind. I enter her contests too! She has some pretty wicked give aways:)

    It seems that a lot of us have had blogging really cut into other forms of entertainment like TV. I think that is a really good thing!

    I havent been keeping up with my sale horses lately. I dont have any horses in my life right now so I dont have as many threads to follow that come from being around the barn and interacting with horses and especially horse people. I am ALWAYS happy to know that someone has smiled because of this blog. I wish I could write about my personal horse experiences more! I just am not in the mix enough but hopefully that will change really soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  34. I’m really late to this one, but here goes.

    1.I used to think a consistent theme makes for popular blogs but I think people like variety too. I’d say good writing, reasonably frequent posts, and something that provokes thought or discussion at least some of the time.
    2.As others have said, I think it depends on how it’s done and the reason/utility of it (e.g., starting discussions)
    3.Yes, it can but isn’t necessarily so. I blogged for almost a year before anyone commented. I admit I post more frequently now though!
    4.“Success” for me means that there is sharing of ideas, having fun, seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, learning…that kind of thing. In this sense, I do care.
    5.I wanted to share food. Dogs are a big part of my life, so naturally it figured in. Then, I discovered horse blogs and figured I’d post some of my horse encounters too. The reason has evolved. I am a researcher and I used to love creative writing but now only get to write journal articles or statistical reports. Blogging has allowed me to start writing for pleasure, although I haven’t been all that creative yet!
    6.I love comments! I really enjoy hearing the similarities and differences between people all over the world. On the other hand, it can feel like responsibility. I feel a little self-conscious about what I write sometimes. I also often want to comment on other blogs more but it’s difficult to find the time!
    7.In the eye of the beholder…
    8.It’s nice but not necessary. If a comment asks something, I think it’s nice to follow-up. I also think it’s hard to keep track sometimes, what with having a real life and all. I know I miss stuff.
    9. Sometimes. I am usually more interested in other people’s comments, unless I have a specific question. I am not a huge commenter but I read a lot.
    10. About 2 hours, less now that it’s not uber cold and snowy outside!

  35. I don't mind if you analyze my blog. {Must be my psychology background?} ;) In fact, I actually enjoyed it, it was interesting to get the perspective of someone outside of my family, LOL! And you said such nice things, oh goodness- I feel VERY undeserving! Anyway, I'm sending you over an email, too! Have a good week!

  36. Most interesting comments here! All that i have to say is that i love to read the blogs of horse lovers who live in different regions than i do. The difference in weather and surroundings fascinates me. Other bloggers lead interesting lives, write cleverly, or have an outlook on life that brings me back to read more. I also enjoy blogs that have pictures of cats who have words written on their bodies. (Hi, Lulu!)

  37. I know I am late to the game, as usual - but here you go BTW good post gal!

    1. I am not 100% sure
    2. I don't think it is bad, one could be obnoxious by doing so repeatedly though....
    3. Can be - to what extent depends on the writer.
    4. When i started I didn't care at all - maybe I do a little now, but enough to effect my writing or blogging habits.
    5. It's a writing outlet - also I blog about things I wish i would've known when I was just getting to know horses and show world, in hopes I am helping someone...when I was younger I would've killed for that information.
    6. Love comments
    7. Depends on the reader - everyone has likes and dislikes.
    8. Not really - if I don't like it I don't read it.
    9. Ummm no- it took me a while to figure out that some people do that, so as a courtesy, now I will head back to those blogs and check for a response. When I tried it I liked it, but I tend to be inconsistent with replying to comments.
    10. See above answer...

  38. Ruckusbutt-

    Consistency "technically" does make for a more popular blog, as well as frequent posts. I like ones that provoke thought over discussion...but both is great!

    I agree that getting a conversation going is a great reason to "solicit" comments.

    Of course it is easier to keep going with writing when you know that someone is listening, more motivation I guess.

    I think blogging is a fabulous place to write creatively because it is so open- no rules! You can write about whatever inspires you the most. At one point we had four dogs and I loved it! Now we just have the one but are thinking of buying some pups soon... I will probably post more on the dogs when we have more! Btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE food!!

    You said, "I love comments! I really enjoy hearing the similarities and differences between people all over the world. On the other hand, it can feel like responsibility. I feel a little self-conscious about what I write sometimes. I also often want to comment on other blogs more but it’s difficult to find the time!" Ditto!! That is how I feel too!!

    I find it hard to keep up on comments as well and remember which blogs I wanted to go back too and for what reason:) I have enough trouble remembering my purse!

    Most of us seem to have our blogging time effected by the weather.

    Thanks for writing in! It is great to hear all these different ideas about blogging!

  39. Ezra- I agree that some of the big blogs are not nearly as personal. Smaller blogging feels like a two way street, you are having a conversation...of sorts! But the big blogs it is more of a one way street.

  40. Saddle Mountain Rider- It is really cool to see how horsemanship and husbandry can vary from region to region! I love looking behind the subject of the picture and checking out the barns and fences and the type of grass or feed. LuLu looked at me blankly (as she always does) but she heard your hello! LOL "Dont hate me because I'm beautiful!"

  41. Dont worry, most people havent been able to answer this one.

    The people that seem desperate for comments are the only ones who annoy me.

    While I agree that some writers are presumptuous, it was more the concept of blogging in general that had me wondering.

    I think you can tell when some people write for their readers as oppose to for themselves. You do it in a good way, like a big sister who is trying to help us out and shed some light on the confusing world of horse shows and others...but I have to say I love your stories best!

    I am surprised how many of you said no to reading blogs you dont like! I am not alone but not the majority, that is for sure!

    You do tend to be very consistent at replying to comments! I check back on your blog too, maybe because I know that you will almost always reply.

    Thanks Steph!