Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Blogging Question

Does anyone know how to add a picture to a post without creating extra spaces between the existing paragraphs or other photos?

This has become the bain of my blogging existence! It drives me crazy! Especially with this last post as I was adding more and more pictures I had to keep going back and deleting all the extra spaces! Grrrr!!!

Is this just a fact of blogging life or is there a solution?

Pictures in todays post are of Mom's picks Santiago and Fandango Del Sol!!! Are they not absolutely GORGEOUS!! These two Andalusian stallions being offered for stud at Rothrock Andalusians


  1. Ooh, I know! I hate that too! I haven't figured out how to avoid it, other than uploading ALL of my pics first and then inserting my text wherever I want it.

  2. It's a bane of bloggerville, for sure. If it makes any difference, I think your posts are just great the way they are. And those two stallions are drop dead gorgeous!


  3. I don't think there is anyway around it, if you are using the browser Internet Explorer.
    I use Firefox as my browser now, so what I do is add all my pictures first, than start typing what I am saying, than copy and paste my picture to where I want it to go, as I am writing my post.
    I can't click and drag with Firefox, so I have to cut and paste, but this seems so much quicker than when I had IE, and had to click and drag. Having the Firefox browser also eliminated the need for all the extra space between pictures and paragraphs. With IE, I was always messing with the spacing! So much easier now!!!! I adjust spacing so much less now, it has really helped me!
    I hope this helps!

  4. Oh, and if you need any help or have any questions, email me! I'll try to help as much as I can!

  5. Ok, I am not with it tonight, I don't copy and paste, I CUT and paste my pictures! AHH!

  6. PG, your so funny!!! I think she really does mean copy & paste?!?! Well I copy & paste then cut the original out!! I also use firefox and I upload all of the pictures I want then move them where I want them. The HTML all runs together and it leaves about 1 space between each picture. If you want more you add another space:) Hope this helps!!

  7. I have the same problem with IE and blogger. It's a pain in the butt!!

    I'll have to try firefox now after those other suggestions!

  8. Oh! Good to know! It drives me insane as well!

  9. For my picture blog, I load and edit the pictures into Flickr, then copy their HTML and paste it into my post when it's set to HTML. For my Rides Again blog, I upload pictures through Blogger, they all pop up on the top then I right click, cut, and paste them where I want them. Sometimes I have to delete a few spaces here and there. And then, also delete the space from where the photos were at the top.
    I use Firefox as my browser. Like Paint Girl, when I used IE, I had to drop and drag. I like cutting and pasting better.
    I usualy sketch out the draft of my post then go back and add in the photos. I used to do the opposite, but lately I've been doing the writing first.
    Hope you can find something that works for you, but I think there is always a little spacing issue to work with. I don't mind it too much, makes me feel like I'm really "designing" my post, LOL! :)

  10. The secret....Don't use Internet Explorer. I switched over to firefox. You copy and paste the pictures and you don't get the horrible spacing problem!! Easy as pie. Just always remember after you past the picture hit the space bar and your cursor will move to below the picture where you can then type on!! Very nice! And firefox will spell check for you too! So nice!

  11. Thank you so much everyone for your advice...I am not the "ruler" of this computer (that'd be DB) and I doubt he'll change to foxfire but at least now I know...I plan on getting my own laptop soon and will be sure to use it...until then.... I'll be deleting spaces:( lol


  12. I do what Paingirl does - I use Firefox, as I have blogging so much easier with it.