Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hawky-dog's Mole Hunt 2009

HI!!! I'm Hawk!! Mom (Chelsi) sent me to tell you about the Great Mole Hunt of 2009!

Okay, are you ready? 'Cause this is how it all went down...

I was out yesterday morning doing my rounds... you know peeing on every corner, scratching here and there...keeping up with those Wiley Coyote bastards that try to steal my territory and hunt my sisters! When out of no where...BAM! I hear this crazy scratching sound!

At first I couldnt quite place where it was coming from....

But just then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this little, gray, moving ball of fluff...like a BALL!! (btw I LOVE LOVE LOVE BALLS!! ). He was sticking right out of the ground! Can you believe that?! I ran to grab him but before I could get a step closer he was gone! Like in a flash he disappeared! Dang that little bugger was fast! Faster than when Daddy throws the ball! Faster than a squirrel even! (btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE squirrels!)
At first I wasnt quite sure how to proceed...so I sat back and thought about it for a minute...

But I thought I heard him scratching away in the dirt again so I eased forward....really...really....


But it was no use! He was gone down that blasted hole again!

Now...if only I could figure out how to shrink down really...really little so I could climb in the hole after him!....

But wait! I've got an idea!

Oh golly! This is the best idea EVER!!
EH! MISSED!!! I'll get you yet my pretty!!!

I just about had him!! I was this close!!... oh man! This bites! Mom says I cant dig in the lawn anymore and he just keeps burrowing deeper and deeper! I'll never get him this way!

But what was that? Did Mom say BALL??? No! Mom we're MOLE hunting!!! ....
But seriously, do you have my ball? Cause that'd be really cool if you did?

Ball or mole? Ball? Mole! Ball, mole. Ball, mole. What's a dog to do? Hmmm.... Ball... Mole!...

Oh! I cant think under all this pressure! Ball!... mole!...

I think I got it!

I got it! BALL!!!!!



  1. This is so neat... Just yesterday I was out working in the garden, I looked up to see where my girls were, making sure I knew where they were... And I noticed something had caught SueSue's attention. She was looking intently at something. I figured she had found a ball and was doing her stare at it until mom comes to get it and throw it. I walked over the berm to where she was and it was a fresh dirt mound. A mole hole. She started scratching at it and was throwing the dirt, much like your Hawk. I had picked up a ball a minute before and decided to offer it to Suess cause I don't know but what moles could do damage to schnauzer snouts. SueSue, too, went for the ball.

    Great story.


  2. This is so hilarious! Love your commentary to go with Hawk. And the pictures are great!
    My dogs have never gone mole hunting, they like to squirrel and chipmunk hunt though.

  3. lmao that was awsome Chelsi! Tika has been sniffing around the mole hills in our yard as well. She hasn't caught one yet.... but she DID catch an innocent little bunny at the barn last week. oops....

  4. Our dogs dig for toads, but they get "got" every time by the nasty taste. Maybe moles taste that bad too.

  5. Ha! Great commentary! Chey looooves mole hunting too! We've got plenty of them around our house, making a mess of the lawn, pasture and arena-to-be so we just let her go to town with them. She tears up the yard a whole lot less then they do! She's already gotten 3 this year and they were HUGE!

  6. Ahhh yes we had the search for the mole routine last night too. They caught it though! Kaiser eats them - Roper just likes playing with them.

    At our place the "go-nut" a rubber donut toy for dogs - is more fun than moles or mice too.

  7. That's pretty darn funny!

    Sounds like everyone's dogs like to do that. Ours too.:)

    I used to sic them on the prairie dogs-but after finding so many rattlesnakes in the holes last year, I don't anymore. Too dangerous. Poor Ute. Now when we drive to the ranch he stares out the pickup window, looking so sad.

    But they do hunt moles in the old hayfield. The grass is so tall that you can't see the dogs in it and then all of the sudden you see a dog boinging out of the grass. It is too funny. Megan's blue heeler was the best at it. He was so athletic.

  8. lol! Fun photo story. Hawky Dog sure is cute!

    Zuni is obsessive about those moles, too. :-D